August 18th, 2008

smoke by jemppu

AO-23 62 DAYS

AO-23 = 62 DAYS.


080729 Antilochus      16 ar 49'50.1153   0.0144883   24°39'17.4791
080729 Edwardsu        11 ta 22'23.6321   0.2836036   21°49'22.1488
080729 Hispania        12 ta  1'26.1022   0.2653089   23°22' 3.9898
080729 Hemingway       18 ta 31'53.6837   0.3034652   18° 4'21.1601
080729 Mexico          16 ge 32'21.4206   0.2933572   19°42'13.2976
080729 Boulder         11 le 42'47.5233   0.3574825   16°13' 2.0694
080729 Cuba            29 le 34'38.3599   0.3155104   10° 4'45.4744
080729 Dominiona        6 vi 42'43.0068   0.4031187   12° 2'43.7605
080729 House           15 li 42'58.6406   0.2692970   -1°42'26.1097
080729 Martina         15 li 55'31.5147   0.2182638   -5°49'21.3441
080729 Ascendant       17 li 23'20.0000   ---------   -6°49'39.0000
080729 Baptistina       1 sc 25'24.8509   0.3349453  -16°45'17.8230
080729 Sobers           6 sc 17' 8.4778   0.2624074  -19°32' 2.0686
080729 Aristides        6 sc 51'27.6480   0.1714709  -11°18'53.6896
080729 Aquamarine       3 sa 22'32.9165   0.0545587   -8°13' 2.2895
080729 Fay              2 cp 45'30.1098  -0.1478513  -36° 5'45.3388
080729 Osc.Apog.(Druj)  4 cp  3'45.0964  -1.3855370  -27° 4'22.8878
080729 Toussaint        4 cp 30'37.2841  -0.1530751  -19°55'40.3211
080729 Uchino          19 cp  2' 9.9762  -0.1841074  -17° 3'31.1784
080729 Imum Coeli      19 cp  5'19.0000   ---------  -22° 4'51.0000
080729 Purple Mountain 20 cp 12'51.8334  -0.1972554  -11°52'40.8965
080729 Smiley          20 cp 35'30.2770  -0.2005088  -26°42'12.1327

{1} #16019 Edwardsu :: Discovered 1999 Feb. 12 by the Lincoln Laboratory Near-Earth Asteroid Research Team at Socorro. Edward Joseph Su (b. 1984) was named a finalist in the 2003 Intel Science Talent Search, a science competition for high school seniors, for his physics project. He attends the William G. Enloe High School, Raleigh, North Carolina. Talent found: top science students chosen in 62nd annual competition - 2003 Intel Science Talent Search : 62nd Annual STS (2002-2003) - Finalists: Edward Joseph Su ("studies a fundamental physical property of carbon nanotubes-sheets of graphite rolled into cylinders nanometers wide. Ed's work investigates the interaction between electrons and vibrational energy known as phonons in single-walled carbon nanotubes. These nanotubes have unique electronic and mechanical properties that make them ideal materials for constructing extremely small electronic devices, causing some researchers to believe they will replace the semiconductor industry's silicon-based electronics in the future. First in his class at William G. Enloe High School in Raleigh, Ed earned a perfect 1600 on the SATs"). #1600 Vyssotsky, named for American astronomer Emma Vyssotsky (née Williams; married Russian-born astronomer Alexander Vyssotsky in 1929); joined University of Virginia faculty in 1923 & worked at McCormick Observatory.

Sabian Symbol: A quite youthful young couple is walking down a busy street, stopping to peer into every window with joyful glee.

Tropical Storm Edouard (Louisiana & Texas) :: 080803 ~ Tropical Depression Five forms southeast of Louisiana coast @ 21:00 UTC; 080803 ~ Tropical Depression Five strengthens into Tropical Storm Edouard @ 22:00 UTC; 080805 ~ Edouard makes landfall near Port Arthur, Texas @ 12:00 UTC; 080807 ~ Edouard dissipates @ 03:00 UTC [+]. #50 Virginia, #62 Erato, #235 Carolina, #283 Emma, #452 Hamiltonia, #736 Harvard, #1763 Williams (named for Ken P. Williams, British mathematician/writer; can also represent Tennessee Williams), #2556 Louise, #2597 Arthur, #3031 Houston, #3153 Lincoln, #13622 McArthur, #35352 Texas.

{2} (h/t DarkSyde) :: groundhog effect? ~ Fay has been nicknamed "The Joker" by Jeff Masters at the Weather Underground for a reason: she's about the quirkiest, most unpredictable storm I've ever watched develop ~ Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog [+][+][+][+][+][+][+].

Dictionary of Minor Planet Names - Lutz D. Schmadel - Page 415 :: #4820 Fay 1985 RZ. Discovered 1985 Sept. 15 by CS Shoemaker and EM Shoemaker at Palomar. Named for Fay Gillis Wells, charter member, historian and guiding spirit of the Ninety-Nines, an international organization now numbering nearly 7000 women pilots from 35 countries. She was the first woman member of the Caterpillar Club, having jumped from a disabled aircraft to save her life in 1929, and being the first American woman pilot to fly in the Soviet Union. Still active at the age of 86 [Gillis died 02-Dec-2002], she continues to spearhead the recognition of the contribution of women to aviation [+][+][+][+][+][+][+].

Fay is out-of-bounds & conj Druj. Sabian: The human soul is visualized as hovering spirit eager and receptive to the lessons to be learned from life.

Capricorn 19° (Imum Coeli + Uchino conjunction) essentially describes 29-July chart :: Sabian: There is no service in the church but rising full and clear come the voices of a hidden choir in rehearsal. AstroLab: Capricorn - industrious, practical, disciplined, and works for solitude and personal integrity; 10th House (House of Career) ruled by Saturn - area of life dealing with career, social stature, and destiny; Saturn is disciplined, respectful, and solitary (Jupiter=Expansion | Saturn=Contraction). 29-July Chart: Capricorn is the 4th House (House of Home) ruled by Moon - area of life dealing with imagination, fantasies, inner feelings, and domestic life. Sabian symbol for #4950 House (which can also represent Pakistan) - The storms of the winter have washed away the boat-landing; some happy souls at the beach resort are building one. adding: #13117 Pondicherry.

Tropical Storm Fay (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Florida, Gulf of Mexico, Haiti (H), Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands) :: ........... #804 Hispania (H), #298 Baptistina (H), #1583 Antilochus, #2319 Aristides (H), #2516 Roman, #3656 Hemingway, #10806 Mexico, #10921 Romanozen, #11094 Cuba, #24899 Dominiona, #29457 Marcopolo, #31190 Toussaint (H)...

 •  "A tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on August 7 without any significant convection, with an associated low pressure area moving southwestward away from the coast." [+]. note: i think tropical wave FROM E CUBA TO N COLOMBIA is the Lesser Antilles {map} [what calls "lead wave"] aka 92-L (Fay); tropical wave E OF THE CAPE VERDE ISLANDS is 93-L (CV is off the western coast of Africa).

hard time sorting thru techno jumble... don't ask me what an "invest" {definitions} is either! keyword: "tropical wave" (Tropical cyclogenesis) & NHC was looking at several 07-Aug. Disturbances 92L, 93L a threat to the Lesser Antilles Islands — 92L, "The Joker", Fay. Twin Trouble in the Tropics: "A pair of waves crossing the central Atlantic are being closely monitored for potential tropical development". "Energy and commodities markets have been watching the Virgin Islands system and another system in the Atlantic since August 11". [+][+]. google @ 11-Aug/12-Aug for news reports of twin/double wave. however, 93L, "NHC has given the reasonable forecast that there is a medium (20-50%) chance that this system will be a tropical depression by Sunday morning. Most of the computer models track this storm well north of the Lesser Antilles Islands, recurving out to sea" (15-Aug).

 •  92L impacted several countries as a tropical wave (Lesser Antilles, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico) ... Jeff was right to call it "The Joker" — see Trickster archetype.... not sure on track order... Tropical Storm FAY forms over Dominican Republic ~ 500 PM AST FRI AUG 15 2008 ...TROPICAL STORM FAY FORMS...SIXTH ATLANTIC STORM OF THE SEASON... REPORTS FROM NOAA AND AIR FORCE RESERVE HURRICANE HUNTER AIRCRAFT INDICATE THAT THE LOW PRESSURE AREA OVER THE MONA PASSAGE BECAME A TROPICAL STORM AS IT MOVED INTO THE EASTERN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC {archives} ... Haiti, Cuba, Florida Keys, Florida.

 •  why is this giving me a headache? checking timeline, on 07-Aug (day before 2008 summer olympics & Ossetia crisis) NHC looking at several tropical waves &mdash they're not looking at a "twin wave" yet. reports of double tropical wave threat start appearing in the media as early as 11-Aug — same day Moon conj USA Ascendant & Quaoar. 15-Aug, Tropical Storm Fay forms over Hispaniola — an island consisting of two nations, the Republic of Haiti & the Dominican Republic. Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492. also on 15-Aug (mouse over the [+]), TIME article link - "AO-87 US GYMNASTS LAND A 1-2 PUNCH" at Women's Gymnastics Individual All-Around Final. still working on them, but dates for timeline: 080807 ~ NHC reports tropical waves forming @ 12:05 UTC; 080811 ~ Media begin reporting on Double Tropical Waves; 080814 ~ Tropical disturbance 92L over northern Lesser Antilles & Puerto Rico; 080815 ~ TS Fay forms over Eastern Dominican Republic @ 21:00 UTC; 080818 ~ TS Fay makes landfall in Matanzas Province, Cuba @ 09:00 UTC; 080818 ~ TS Fay makes landfall in Key West, Florida @ 19:00 UTC; 080819 ~ TS Fay makes landfall in Cape Romano, Florida @ 08:45 UTC.

maybe what i'm trying to explain with all these entries, colorful links & whatnot is... during these 62 days fiction becomes reality & reality becomes fiction. forecast looks pretty good. well, at least that's what it looks like to me :) - but i'm no authority! just got this clunky computer running windows 98 in my mom's basement & all...

{3} Movement to impeach Pervez Musharraf :: The movement to impeach Pervez Musharraf is an August 2008 attempt by the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), the Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N), Awami National Party (ANP), and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam to force Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf out of office... Musharraf, 65, announced his resignation, in a 1 p.m. televised address to avoid impeachment. "Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, under pressure to step down before he is impeached, will address the nation at 1 p.m. (0700 GMT) on Monday, an official in the president's office told Reuters" [+] ::: 080807 ~ Movement to impeach Pervez Musharraf; 080811 ~ Pakistan National Assembly declares Musharraf unfit for office; 080816 ~ Pakistan's ruling coalition give Musharraf deadline to resign; 080818 ~ Musharraf resigns @ 07:00 UTC.

don't think any asteroid named for anything related to Pakistan. searching Dictionary of Minor Planet Names found two refs: (a) #1613 Smiley named for Charles Hugh Smiley, "led 14 solar eclipse expeditions, in Peru, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Pakistan, and the USA, and did much work on the study of the Mayan calendar" (p128); (b) #6581 Sobers named for Garfield St. Aubrun (Gary) Sobers, "West Indian cricketer, considered by many as the best all-rounder of all time. As a batsman, Sobers scored 8032 runs in 160 Test innings, including 26 centuries and 365 (not out) against Pakistan in 1957-1958". Afghanistan happy with Musharraf's resignation; Pakistani stocks rally after Musharraf resigns; Musharraf resigns as Pakistan president ("After viewing the situation and consulting legal advisers and political allies, with their advice I have decided to resign," Musharraf, wearing a sober suit and tie, said near the end of his one-hour address. "I leave my future in the hands of the people").

Sabian Symbols :: (Sobers) A queer craft equipped with special machinery is the base of operations for courageous divers of the deep sea • (Smiley) Excitement thrills the grandstands during the relay race as each runner springs to place with eagerness.

{4} wait a sec... anthrax. when did that start?

checking my notes: first heard about this 01-August :: ANTHRAX CASE CLOSED! Nothing to see here, move along folks... move along (Lance Bearer) & Midday Open Thread (BarbinMD). 2nd links to Greenwald's definitive, in-depth look on same day. Greenwald links to Willman's Apparent suicide in anthrax case (Ivins was 62) ::: 080729 ~ Bruce E. Ivins commits suicide.

Bruce Edwards Ivins


alt.obituaries :: Scientist Set to Discuss Plea Bargain In Deadly Attacks Commits Suicide ~ Maryland's chief medical examiner, David Fowler, said Ivins was admitted to the hospital Sunday [July 27, 2008] morning and died 10:47 a.m. Tuesday [July 29, 2008] at Frederick [Maryland] Memorial Hospital. The cause of death was listed as an overdose of acetaminophen, the active drug in Tylenol, which causes liver failure over several days. Fowler affirmed the death was ruled a suicide, based on doctors' reports, the condition of the body and recent events in his life ::: 080727 ~ Bruce E. Ivins found unconscious, admitted to Frederick Memorial Hospital; 080729 ~ Bruce E. Ivins dies @ 14:47 UTC; 080729 ~ Chino Earthquake @ 18:42:15 UTC. #1247 Memoria, #20608 Fredmerlin, #41943 Fredrick.

Bruce: A Norman name, but etymology from Brix (place in La Manche, Normandy) is now considered doubtful ["Dictionary of English Surnames"]. Originated in Britain with Robert de Bruis, a baron listed in the Domesday Book. His son, a friend of David I, king of Scotland, was granted by him in 1124 the lordship of Annandale, and his second son Robert founded the Scottish House of Bruce. Bruce: De Brus is Norman in origin and translates to `of Bruys,' Bruys being in France. Robert the Bruce's family came originally from Bruys. The name was corrupted by the Scots to Bruce and The Bruce. Interestingly, the Scots tended to call important men by their surname with the determiner the added. Therefore, one hears of "The Wallace," among others. One source also notes that Braose is a French place name which likely means `muddy' or `from the brush thicket.' #335 Roberta, #455 Bruchsal, #511 Davida, #521 Brixia, #876 Scott, #1256 Normannia, #1625 The NORC, #2430 Bruce Helin, #3428 Roberts, #4957 Brucemurray, #5004 Bruch, #5035 Swift, #5262 Brucegoldberg, #5408 The, #7396 Brusin, #8690 Swindle, #9127 Brucekoehn, #10189 Normanrockwell, #11679 Brucebaker, #17826 Normanwisdom, #20472 Mollypettit, #21903 Wallace, #27719 Fast, #51599 Brittany, #86279 Brucegary.

RMR-1029 :: #1029 La Plata ~ la ciudad de las diagonales ("city of diagonals") — capital city of the province of #7850 Buenos Aires, #469 Argentina. USDOJ: Amerithrax Court Documents {AO-62 UNSEAL GRANTED 0806 : #55 Pandora}. Asteroid #1596-ITZIGSOHN :: #1029, #7850, #469, #1596, #55 & all asteroids at Itzigsohn entry represent RMR-1029 ~ #1569 Evita, #1571 Cesco, #1581 Abanderada, #1582 Martir, #1588 Descamisada, #1589 Fanatica, #1608 Munoz, #1684 Iguassu, #1688 Wilkens, #1779 Parana, #1800 Aguilar, #1801 Titicaca, #1821 Aconcagua, #1970 Sumeria. 080806 ~ Anthrax documents unsealed.

LA PLATA {22SG12Rx} 171º16'41" from ZERO POINT @ EON-18 Protection, Test of Fitness, Viable Qualities, New World Order - LA PLATA is 0º48'45" from QUAOAR/PLUTO midpoint 172º5'26" - EON-18 on 29-July chart ranges from Harrington to Wallace.

{5} Was an innocent man executed in Texas? :: Cameron Todd Willingham was just 23 when he was convicted of setting a fire that killed his three little girls - 2-year-old Amber and 1-year-old twins, Kameron and Karmon. Willingham told police he tried to save his girls, who all died in the 1991 fire at the family's Corsicana, Texas home, but fire investigators say clues at the scene told them he'd actually set the fire. He was convicted of arson homicide. But today, some leading fire investigators around the country say the old method of determining whether or not a fire was arson is outdated and unreliable. Pour patterns on the floor are no longer considered proof an accelerant was used, they say. There is a newly understood phenomenon called "flashover" that can cause such patterns without an accelerant ever being introduced. These investigators say for years arson determinations have been based more on folklore, than fact. Hunches handed down for generations. So is it possible fire investigators in the Willingham case, who believe they found pour patterns on the floor and three points of origin for the fire, got it wrong in the Willingham case? That would mean on February 17, 2004, the state of Texas may have executed an innocent man. Innocence Project Submits Two Arson Cases to Texas Commission and Requests System-Wide Review ~ #145 Adeona, #490 Veritas, #2933 Amber, #2980 Cameron, #3163 Randi, #3667 Anne-Marie, #3811 Karma, #6546 Kaye. 080815 ~ Texas State Forensic Science Commission decides to review Willingham case [+][+][+][+][+][+].