May 29th, 2007

Route 66

medean astro-schyzy

Date of photographic plate showing Chiron: 18.10 1977; 9.08am UT, Palomar 33N19/116W53 Discovery date: 1.11.1977: 10.00am PST, Pasadena, 34N8/118W8 [+] [see also: 18.10.1977 at 9h08m30s]. Chiron's official discovery date is 18-Oct-1977, the date of the photograhic plates. however, since we know when Kowal actually made the discovery (01-Nov-1977), i've checked both dates. on 18-Oct-1977, SUN & PALLAS are conjunct & by 01-Nov-1997, MEDEA forms a square w/ FORD & a pentagram w/ CARTER.

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