November 5th, 2006


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 • 484 Gates (22 is the Square Root of 484, Based on 22-Letter Alphabet (Enochian w/ Extra Letter))
 • 784 Shields (28 is the Square Root of 784, Based on 28-Letter Alphabet (ABJAD))
 • 256 Impulse-Entities (16 is the Square Root of 256, Based on 16-Kanji Characters (Daimoku))


AQ 159 = 1013 REGRESS = ABLE DANGER = AMDUSIAS (Amduscias governs twenty-nine legions. His true form is as a unicorn, but appears as human form when summoned. He will give concerts if commanded, & is accompanied by the sound of trumpets and other musical instruments. Trees also bend to his command) = BOY LOVE = BUDDHIST = DELERIUM = DESTINY (Mektoub means Destiny) = EJACULATE = EMERGENT = ERNESTO (First hurricane, fifth named storm of 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season) = EPOPTEIA = INDIAN RED = NITHHAIAH = PERPLEX = TELEPATH = WHY NOT? (Logiques des mondes).

1013 REGRESS [PRIME][23° Cancer] 23° A serious little study group, a literary club, has met for social and intellectual fellowship in some member's home.

HEB 1013 = (170th prime) = AYSh-BShTh (Man of Shame; 2 Samuel 2,3,4 [+]) = GThYM. (Two Winepresses [+]; see HEB-453) = OYN. RGL ("Fuller's Fount", Job's well; see HEB-363) = GYShN. (Cloddy; see HEB-363) = BAThIN. (Day Demon of 3rd Dec. Virgo :: The Eighteenth Spirit is Bathin. He is a Mighty and Strong Duke, and appeareth like a Strong Man with the tail of a Serpent, sitting upon a Pale-Coloured Horse. He knoweth the Virtues of Herbs and Precious Stones, and can transport men suddenly from one country to another) = ThGIN. (Caps, crowns, diadems).

Literature for The Man of Shame (1915) [+]: Original Literary Source ~ "The Shadow of Roger Laroque" by Jules May [+][+].

Abstract: English poet George Herbert's [+] verse 'The Pearl' opens with a reference to learning imaged as a wine-press. Yet the wine-press is and was not in Herbert's day a standard image for learning. The image for learning was traditionally associated with the crucifixion, which Herbert uses in his poem 'The Agonie,' where God is 'pressed' to produce sweet wine from the law's sour juice. The issue therefore arises of just what it was that lay behind Herbert's application of a normally sacred image to an essentially worldly occupation.
- - - - - - - -
Identifying the one 'That cometh from Edom' as Christ, Andrewes goes on to interpret his stained garments ('His colours', 'this tincture'(7)) in two quite traditional ways. There were, Andrewes says, 'two winepresses' - 'the winepress of redemption' and 'the other winepress of vengeance'.(8) [+]

I Know the wayes of Learning; both the head
And pipes that feed the presse, and make it runne;
What reason hath from nature borrowed,
Or of it self, like a good huswife, spunne
In laws and policie; what the starres conspire,
What willing nature speaks, what forc’d by fire;
Both th’ old discoveries, and the new-found seas,
The stock and surplus, cause and historie:
All these stand open, or I have the keyes:
                 Yet I love thee. [+]

1013 - Sophie Germain prime, centered square number, Mertens function zero; Integers Containing Many Embedded Primes (Primeval Integer = 1013, No. Primes Contained = 14).

google :: regress + deleuze

[+] Insects and Incest : From Bergson and Jung to Deleuze ~ By 1961, he has affirmed Jung’s development of Bergson’s theory of instinct, in the context of a theory of masochism. Masochism is presented as a sexual ritual for bringing about a regression to the archetypal image of the mother, for whom pain is suffered. For Deleuze in this essay, if there is a ‘death instinct’ in masochism it is because instinct itself involves a regressive reactualisation of a particular archetypal image. ... Masochism brings about a regression which repeats in reverse the prohibition of the father : the law of the father no longer prohibits incest, but now promises the castration which the condition of true incestuous sex with the mother. It engineers a reversal in value of the fantasy of incest, so that incest is now experienced (following Jung) as a symbol of rebirth. The idea that sexuality is intrinsically regressive was essential to Deleuze during the period up to and including Différence et répétition. It is not just masochism that is regressive, but sexual intercourse itself is regressive, if we take Deleuze’s references to Ferenczi’s Thalassa seriously. So I ask the reader to leave behind the world of contemporary theory for the duration of reading this essay !

[+] Withered Fields: The Logic of Sense - Three ~ Still, as i mentioned (and Deleuze references it too in this chapter) that Meinong posits a similar notion of sense and our willingness to allow Meinong's "sense" to stand in as a black box until we learn more about it ... we will grant the same allowance to Deleuze. So far he has only determined a few of the things it is not. Now, Russell attacked Meinong on similar grounds that i might go after him, that the notion of "sense" isn't really doing any work. Russell contends, however, that the proposition can be grounded by one of the proposition's internal elements ... the denotation.

[+] Disambiguation Blog: The Paradox of the Inexpressible Incorporeal Event of Stuttering ~ the 'paradox of regress, or of the indefinite proliferation': "Sense is always presupposed as soon as I begin to speak; I would not be able to begin without this presupposition. In other words, I never state the sense [incorporeal event] of what I am saying. But on the other hand, I can always take the sense of what I say as the object of another proposition whose sense, in turn, I cannot state. I thus enter in the infinite regress of that which is presupposed." (orig. ital., LoS, 28)

[+] Phenomenology, Poststructuralism, and the Cinema of Time ~ A consequence of this double structure of sense, of sense understood as meaning-event, is that there is generated an infinite regress. As the boundary or frontier between things and propositions, sense is not to be identified with either side; consequently, sense is neither the expression or proposition itself, nor is it the object or state of affairs referred to by this proposition. As a result, to refer to the sense of a proposition one will need a new name or proposition, but the sense of this proposition will itself be neither the proposition or the object (i.e., the original sense that is the reference of this new name); thus to refer to this sense will require another proposition, and so on ad infinitum. This regress results in an infinite proliferation of sense, or, as Deleuze puts it, there is "the name which denotes something and the name which denotes the sense of this name. The two-term regress is the minimal condition of indefinite proliferation."

google :: regress + etymology

[+] Rachel Barney, Names and Nature in Plato's Cratylus ~ Socrates moves beyond etymology when he arrives at what B. calls "the third stage of naturalism"--that is, the mimetic account of how names function. The etymologist explains one name in terms of others; but those names in turn become explananda, and the question of where to stop becomes urgent. At a certain point the etymologist feels the need to posit prime names--prôta onomata.3 (B. rightly points to Sextus's infinite regress problem, in his criticism of etymology at Adversus Grammaticos 241-7.)