October 25th, 2006


freudian slip

So my explanation of the claims of gematria would be:

- pseudo-scientific methodology

- biased sampling of the literature

- co-incidence. Anyone with a background in statistics can tell you that there is such a thing as pure co-incidence. A photograph was once published in a British newspaper of three cars whose registration plates varied only by one letter each, were parked in the same direction, on the same street, of the same colour and year. And yet they were owned by people in totally different parts of the country. [+]

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AQ 153 (9) 827-220 REWIRE = MUMFORD


astroschyzy cycles two chart pentagrams 220 & 827. 220 cycles through 484 ENOCHIAN GATES (ascending) 827 cycles through 784 ABJAD SHIELDS (descending). 220 = Permanent; 827 = Temporary. 1362 + 1 = 1363 (IZU). make #1362-GRIQUA, #682-HAGAR, #1363-HERBERTA Cycle #40's Subdecadance Queens. remove one asteroid on 827 List & re-wire to 220 List. doable, but have to figure how {scratching head}.

who gets rewired?