September 23rd, 2006


cats & dogs

back volunteering for cat/dog shelter at petsmart. immediate shower when done. spent most of the day playing with kittens & cleaning up shit ... time. went. fast. tattooed sherry & tattooed daughter amber were great. sherry said she was a bitch & she is, but kewl. couple weeks ago Deandre thrust this kitten in my arms asking me to take care of it, even though it wasn't his. someone moved out & left it behind. finally got to know Jen better than saying "hi" fumbling cart & kitten into laundry room. humane society up the street was my option. no no! they'll kill it! Jen & several neighbors said. luckily, Jen's roommate already has a dog & she agreed to take the kitten & find it a home. unfortunately, she couldn't so we started looking for shelters. several phone calls later, unfortunately, no shelter openings. apparently pomona, one shelter person said, isn't pet smart — might have to go out of the county. objective: volunteer & drive 50+ miles to convince shelter owner to make opening for cute but abandoned white-orange kitten. it worked! taking kitten with me next saturday. sadly, Jen told me Deandre left his white cat behind & nobody can catch it :-(. & there's that abandoned siamese in the parking lot.

crikey, my throat is sore & seems like it's closing up. allergic to cats? really?

now that the kitten's on her way to finding a home there's one more weekend challenge: dad. can't find the operating state or the ...... hodology. which, finally writing this, fucking amazes me.


infinite cømmentary

gotta laugh every time one of those NASA press conferences have the shuttle model with orange external tank & two rocket boosters. rocket boosters = exploding testicles. orange thingy = penis. shuttle ... well, doh it's white. think if i, um, massage this enough i can, um, squeeze some kinda (if somewhat coitus reservatus) pornographia entry to re-inaugur-splatterate IT's comment boxes.

they're back!