April 16th, 2006


Cycle #17 (The Crossroads)

rethinking initial gates from first cycle: ENOCHIAN GATES #368-409 & ABJAD SHIELDS #221-#180 (0101).

been working on a long post all weekend. put the headset on about an hour ago & heard Stitched Up by Herbie Hancock [1], featuring John Mayer: It was later in the evening / That the facts and the figures got turned around / True, there was a woman / Yes, she did advance my way / And I can't be sure exactly but I swear I saw her say my name / It was the right time / She was the real thing / I had to walk away.

at the time i was listing all the things i was thinking about. the first one i listed, & the primary one, is "sensitivity to initial conditions" (Chaos Theory). listed several more & came back to Cycle #17 & POCAHONTAS skipping EON-16, the Quincunx (Crossroads) while i seem stuck there. thinking about paradigm shifts, hodology & whatnot. so i was going to briefly explain the ENOCHIAN & ABJAD gates (involuntary/voluntary + evolutionary/involutionary). after checking my notes, have no idea what i was thinking when i set this up. all may be well, but i'm double-checking.

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