February 27th, 2006


Triangulating Prions

thanks again to DarkSyde: two new Lemur species @ science blogger Afarensis (see: Australopithecus afarensis, aka "Lucy") — good quotes, good stuff & a good science news feed - "The Prion Anomaly" caught my eye. reading about PRION wondered if it was related in any way to H5N1 & found more interesting links at Above Top Secret News Network: Tamiflu & cyclones. just in case you don't go past the fold, think this comment extremely relevant: "The way I have come to see what's happening is this - We have changed our environment - substantially, chemically, and biologically - and now it's changing us - something that is necessary for our survival. We are part of the environment - a component and inextricable part of the larger system - and need to be in harmony it. Microbes (and prions) are the 'mediators' between complex life and the environment, or larger system. So-called 'disease' is simply transition, painful as it may be."

UPDATE :: after digesting this (no pun, honest), think key point from tamiflu article mentioned above is this: There has been human-to-human transmission. What everybody is watching for is SUSTAINED human-to-human transmission. And in Viet Nam/Cambodia, there have been "clusters" of infections that would indicate a sustained human-to-human transmission. But it hasn't been confirmed. see: WHO pandemic phases.

What about the pandemic risk? (WHO) A pandemic can start when three conditions have been met: a new influenza virus subtype emerges; it infects humans, causing serious illness; and it spreads easily and sustainably among humans. The H5N1 virus amply meets the first two conditions: it is a new virus for humans (H5N1 viruses have never circulated widely among people), and it has infected more than 100 humans, killing over half of them. No one will have immunity should an H5N1-like pandemic virus emerge. All prerequisites for the start of a pandemic have therefore been met save one: the establishment of efficient and sustained human-to-human transmission of the virus.

good link explaining evolving WHO verbiage:

By early 2005, these clusters account for almost one third of H5N1 cases. In Indonesia, the number of H5N1 patients in familial clusters grew to about two thirds of cases. The initial 15 clusters were described in a recent CDC/WHO publication. At that time, WHO changed wording in their characterization of the H5N1 outbreak. They had indicated that there was little evidence for human-to-human transmission. This changed to little evidence for efficient human-to-human transmission, acknowledging the growing number of familial cases which involved human-to-human transmission. Recently, the size and number of these clusters grew, and WHO again changed their description from a lack of evidence for efficient human-to-human transmission to a lack of evidence for sustained human-to-human transmission. Although this terminology suggests the increased frequency has been noted by WHO, public comments and media reports still leave the impression that human-to-human transmission of H5N1 is rare or non-existent. This impression is particularly misleading at the present time because a genetic change has been noted in H5N1 from the index case in Turkey.

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a para-interrogative guide for the neoteric transmuter, tinder, tinker & totalist


An art movement begun in 1961/1962, which flourished throughout the 1960s, and into the 1970s. Characterized by a strongly Dadaist attitude, Fluxus promoted artistic experimentation mixed with social and political activism, an often celebrated anarchistic change. Although Germany was its principal location, Fluxus was an international avant-garde movement active in major Dutch, English, French, Swedish, and American cities. Its participants were a divergent group of individualists whose most common theme was their delight in spontaneity and humor. Fluxus members avoided any limiting art theories, and spurned pure aesthetic objectives, producing such mixed-media works as found poems, mail art, silent orchestras, and collages of such readily available materials as scavanged posters, newspapers, and other ephemera. Their activities resulted in many events or situations, often called "Aktions" — works challenging definitions of art as focused on objects — performances, guerilla or street theater, concerts of electronic music — many of them similar to what in America were known as Happenings.

In Latin and other languages, "Fluxus" literally means "flow" and "change." Similarly, the related English word "flux" is used variously to mean "a state of continuous change," "a fusion," and "a gushing of fluid from a body." {more}{wiki}



Expressing some startling new lines of thought with refreshingly straightforward clarity, Galloway reminds all of us why thinking about networks and their protocols is so relevant to our time. From FTP to fluxus or Deleuze to DNS, these are the connections that need to be made between the models competing to be our reality. —Douglas Rushkoff, author of Media Virus, Coercion, and Nothing Sacred

Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature

Umberto Eco (1984, 80) claims that there are three types of labyrinth: the linear, the maze, and the net (or rhizome; cf. Deleuze and Guattari 1987). The first two correspond to Doob's unicursal and multicursal, respectively. To include the net seems inappropriate, since this structure has very different qualities from the other two. Especially as the net's "every point can be connected with every other point" (Eco 1984, 81); this is exactly the opposite of the fundamental inaccessibility of the other models. Amazingly, Eco also claims that the labyrinth of Crete was linear and that Theseus "had no choices to make: he could not but reach the center, and from the center, the way out. . . . In this kind of labyrinth the Ariadne thread is useless, since one cannot get lost" (80). It is hard to believe that Eco is speaking of the labyrinth where Theseus, famously, was the first to find the way out, and only because of Ariadne's thread. This was the same complex labyrinth where even its maker, Daedalus, was lost. Doob (1990, 17-38), on the other hand, citing Pliny, Virgil, Ovid, and others, shows that the literary tradition describes the Domus daedali as a multicursal labyrinth.


Asteroid #2169-TAIWAN (natal|transit)

TAIWAN conjunct KEESEY {00PI41Rx}, ENIF {01PI58}, HOUSTON {02PI37Rx}, HYPERBOREA {02PI49Rx} & VERNAL_POINT {05PI11}:

[NATAL|{8::1}] ~ #2169-TAIWAN {01PI07RX} • "Terraced Bay"; formally "Formosa" (Portuguese for "beautiful")DECLINATION: 13º16'50.1314"S ~ ANTISCIA: Libra 28º52'53" • DISTANCE: 93º50'9" FROM ORCHIS @ [SADALSUUD] • SACRAL CHAKRA {Svadisthana (Waning 225º)} • Compass Rose: SW by W 236º15' @ 32 PATHS OF WISDOM ~ Path #5: RADICAL INTELLIGENCE ~ The FIFTH PATH (Original #5) is GEBURAH (Severity) = V The Pentad (Sinks) • 49-STAR TIC MATRIX: [[ ZONE :: THREE {Earth} - MESH-tXP: 03/05 IXIX ~ ticX 5 = ((:)) ]] — PRIME SERIES [4]-[78]-[140] :: PRIME NUMBERS [7]-[397]-[809] • EON PHASE: 10 (Phase Arc 90° ~ Waxing Square) Liberation, Decisive Break or Action, Equalization, Ascending • SUBDECADANCE [34 ~ PISCES 00°-09°] MESH-37: TUTAGOOL (Yettuk) : The Tattered Ghoul ~ Net-Span 9::1 : Decadology {C/TP-#7 MN+ [7H]} Amphidemon of Punctuality; 4th Decademon; The dark arts, rusting iron, tattooing (one-way ticket to Hell) • GOË-ANGELICA ~ #34-FURFUR :: #31-LEKAB [Day Demon :: PISCES 00º–04º] (info :: v1.0) • WING OF THE WINDS: {(–)} Angel of Severity: VMD + IH (Vamediah)—HƒVIH • FUTHNORKING GNOSIS: PITCH {Cth-2} MESH-43 NUTTUBAB ~ S-Rune {SÔWILÔ :: 255º7'7" +14° Yildun Libration} The Sun (Alfrodull = glory of elves); {Fascist Symbol sometimes confused or used interchangeably with Eihwaz, used on Schutzstaffel badge (SS, Protective Squadron, "blackshirts")} • BARKER SPIRAL :: Tutagool {1+9::2+7} : PI 01° : #7B00E2 : 412nm • TARO: ATU IXX SUN [C8] • 91 PARTS: 10th Aethyr, ZAX (Aethyr of the One With A Great Name), PART-[2/29] COMANAN (He who knows how to manifest); Location: Germania - Probably includes both Germany and Holland (but not Friesland - see … (61)); Tribe-[7] • DE QUINQUAGINTA PORTIS INTELLIGENTIAE :: CLASSIS QUARTA : Continet Coelorum Ordines, & vocantur ab Hebrais OVLM HGLGLYM, id est, Mundus sphoerarum: qua sunt ~ PORTA [32 ~ SADALSUUD : 23AQ29] HGLGL HKVKB Coelum Mercurii • GENETIC CODE: UGU • SICLE RITE OF MA'AT :: [1][3][5][7]

TAIWAN conjunct ENTERPRISE {03AR43}, JUBJUBBIRD {04AR05}, HIND {04AR22} & TRUE_NODE {04AR26}:

[16-TRANSIT|{8::1}] ~ #2169-TAIWAN {04AR06} • "Terraced Bay"; formally "Formosa" (Portuguese for "beautiful")DECLINATION: 0º42'54.5878"N ~ ANTISCIA: Virgo 25º54'21" • DISTANCE: 126º48'42" FROM ORCHIS @ [DENEB KAITOS] • HEART CHAKRA {Anahata (Waning 270º)} • Compass Rose: WEST 270º0' @ 32 PATHS OF WISDOM ~ Path #19: INTELLIGENCE of all the ACTIVITIES OF THE SPIRITUAL BEING ~ The NINETEENTH PATH (Original #24) Netzach to Tiphereth = ATU XI LUST = LEO = TETH • 49-STAR TIC MATRIX: [[ ZONE :: THREE {Earth} - MESH-tXP: 04/06 IXIGOOL ~ ticX 6 = :(:) ]] — PRIME SERIES [5]-[79]-[138] :: PRIME NUMBERS [11]-[401]-[787] • EON PHASE: 13 (Phase Arc 120° ~ Waxing Trine) Stimulation, Determined Activity, Developing, Kernel Issues • SUBDECADANCE [01 ~ ARIES 00°-09°] MESH-30: NAMMAMAD : Mirroracle ~ Net-Span 8::2 : Decadology {C/TP-#1 MJ+ [1C]} Cyclic Chronodemon of Subterranean Commerce; Shadows Surge-Current; 3rd Decademon; Voodoo in cyberspace (cthulhoid traffic); Completion as final collapse (heat-death, degenerative psychoses); Emergences (and things washed-up on beaches) • GOË-ANGELICA ~ #1-BAEL :: #1-VEHU [Day Demon :: ARIES 00º–04º] (info :: v1.0) • WING OF THE WINDS: {(+)} Angel of Mercy: QThH + AL (Kethahel)—IHVHƒ • FUTHNORKING GNOSIS: PITCH {Cth-4} MESH-34 MOMMOLJO ~ L-Rune {LAUKAZ :: 288º5'39" +14° Yildun Libration} Lake, Water, Waterfall, Ocean (see bath-day) • BARKER SPIRAL :: Nammamad {7+3::5+4} : AR 04° : #6D0000 : 775nm • TARO: ATU VII CHARIOT [W2] • 91 PARTS: 13th Aethyr, ZIM (Aethyr of Application), PART-[3/39] DOCEPAX (He who names only great names); Location: Cilicia - "up in the mountains beyond Cathay where the Children of Nimrod dwell"; Tribe-[7] • DE QUINQUAGINTA PORTIS INTELLIGENTIAE :: CLASSIS QUARTA : Continet Coelorum Ordines, & vocantur ab Hebrais OVLM HGLGLYM, id est, Mundus sphoerarum: qua sunt ~ PORTA [38 ~ DENEB KAITOS : 02AR40] HGLGL HRQYO Coelum firmamenti • GENETIC CODE: CCA • SICLE RITE OF MA'AT :: [1][3][5][8]

{The Air of Earth Path: Guardian: FABGIROOHIMSAIUS}