February 18th, 2006


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searching for reality principle, found this:


SciFaiku (science fiction haiku) is a form of poetry invented by Tom Brinck in 1995 and inspired by the Japanese haiku. Scifaiku explores science and science fiction themes. They are based on the principles of the haiku but are free to deviate from its structure. For example:

Next time you hear
crickets fiddling, watch out
for tiny spaceships.

    —Yvonne Aburrow

Brinck wrote the The SciFaiku Manifesto in 1995 in which he declared of the principles of scifaiku. See The SciFaiku Manifesto.

Scifaiku follow three major principles — minimalism, immediacy and human insight:

 •  Minimalism follows the haiku model, and like much English language haiku, the spirit of minimalism is to have a single concept (or often a comparison of concepts) presented in uncluttered, direct words. While traditional haiku consisted of 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, respectively, scifaiku may be somewhat shorter or longer according to the principle of minimalism and understanding the necessity of longer technical terms, e.g. anisomorphism.

 •  Immediacy is the use of direct sensory perceptions to give a sense of being in the moment. Concrete, rather than abstract, terms are used. Metaphor is rarely explicit though often implied.

 •  Human insight comes from the idea that this is in fact the purpose of much science fiction: to understand ourselves better through exploring possible futures or speculative realities.

asteroid #12477-HAIKU named after Japanese poetic form, discovered 04-Mar-1997 by Spacewatch at the University of Arizona.

050827 Haiku           24 sc 45' 1.0708   0.3937469  -17° 2'58.3965    2.104661814

{hopper asteroids}


That Old Black Magic

Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!Sir Walter Scott (Marmion. Canto vi. Stanza 17)

{Marmion} epic poem by Walter Scott about the Battle of Flodden published in 1808 ... The poem tells how Lord Marmion, a favourite of Henry VIII of England lusts for Clara de Clare, a rich woman. He and his mistress, Constance De Beverley, forge a letter implicating Clara's fiancé, Sir Ralph De Wilton, in treason.

{Battle of Flodden Field} fought in the county of Northumberland, in northern England on September 9, 1513, between an invading Scots army under King James IV and an English army commanded by Thomas Howard. It ended in a bloody defeat for the Scots. This conflict began when King James declared war on England, to honour the Auld Alliance — an alliance between Scotland, France, and Norway which had its origins in the Orkneyinga saga and the colonisation of Normandy ... Although principally a military and diplomatic agreement, the alliance also granted "dual citizenship" in both countries. Thus, its influence also extended into the lives of the Scottish population in a number of ways: including architecture, law, the Scots language and cuisine, due in part to the Scottish mercenaries participating in French armies. Scots also greatly enjoyed having their choice of France's finest wines.

{P&O shareholders back Dubai bid} The deal with the Dubai government linked firm will create the world's third-largest ports group. Shareholders voted 99.5% in favour of the 520 pence a share offer, according to P&O chairman John Parker. It means victory for Dubai Ports after a bidding war which saw its rival, Singaporean port operator PSA International, withdraw from the race.

That old black magic has me in its spell; That old black magic that you weave so well; Icy fingers up and down my spine; The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine; Baby down and down I go, all around I go In a spin, loving the spin that I'm in; Under that old black magic called love.That Old Black Magic

Collapse )

what, me worry?

i've let this steep in my consciousness for awhile & was going to add a comment to it when i read this. so ... decided to write a separate post.

first. how is the World Trade Center related to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey? oh, here are previously withheld PANY&NJ documents released under a federal order (we can thank the Gray Lady for that).

btw, PANY&NJ has its own police force.

second. "World Trade Center in New York City ... was a complex of seven buildings designed by Japanese-American architect Minoru Yamasaki and leased by Larry Silverstein from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey ... Constructed in the early 1970s under the auspices of the semi-autonomous Port Authority of New York and New Jersey."

here's the PANY&NJ Port Facilities; the Global Marine Terminal is part of the OOIL Group. OOIL is Orient Overseas (International) Limited (total revenues in excess of US$4.1 billion) is a Hong Kong-based company. "Global has easy access to all major truck and rail routes. The terminal has direct access to the New Jersey Turnpike leading to all points south and west. We are also only minutes from the bridges connecting to New York City, Long Island, and the Northeast."

not really sure how major US ports set up & how many non-american companies are involved. hopefully, this brief sketch provides some kind of idea of the (possible) complexity of this issue.

what's my point about there goes the neighborhood? lol, shit, the British make me more nervous than the Saudis — 9/11 happened during their watch. if POTUS says it's ok & he's committed to the safety of this country ... what, me worry? maybe that's the price you gotta pay when you're the Reigning Global Empire — reslice that american apple pie.