February 7th, 2006


Cycle #15 (Draft - Astroschyzy Posted)

Cycle #15 :: 13-Feb-2006 to 24-Feb-2006

{Bonorum / Transits}

occassionally i act like all of the seven dwarfs: sleepy, dopey ... makes it kinda challenging manipulating 4 fully-loaded spreadsheets on my degraded system. Cycle #15 not posted yet, but thought it worth noting there's a Chinese astronomer at Cycle #15's endpoint: GUO SHOU-JING; see: Gnomon, Johann Albrecht Bengel & I Shit My Pants. added asteroids L'AQUILA (North), LAC_D'ORIENT (East), MERIDA (South) & OCCIDENTAL (West) because John Dee uses similar terms on The Great Circle of the Quarters, Ordo Biblicus & Ordo Dispersi — mentioned in David Jones' System of Enochian Magick papers (see: zoloft & Enochian Tablets). GUO_SHOU-JING & MERIDA (South) make me think of the South China Sea {img}. mainland China, Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam border this sea.

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