February 6th, 2006



all ephys (02-Apr-2006 to 29-Oct-2006) imported, formatted & plugged into House spreadsheets (roughly 13MB of data); lookup formulas also updated. forgot how i grabbed ephemerides for 2003_EL61, 2003_UB313, 2005_FY9, 2001_XA255 & 1999_XS35; installed Riyal on my sister's pc when i grabbed the first set of ephys (27-Aug-2006 to 01-Apr-2006). that's when i lost my internet connection in september. installed Riyal v2.3 on my pc — so those are done.

CORRECTIONS: {a} forgot to note XA255 retrograde on 29-Nov-05 (fixed, update Cycle #14 later); {b} VERNAL_POINT changed from {03PI46} to {05PI11} based on Riyal v2.3 — need to update 827 List & Cycles #13 & #14 later.

12 House spreadsheets total 71.6MB — every time data added to these files it increases the main spreadsheet. this is the 2nd time i've split this file: v2 - one file = 18.5MB; v3 - two files = 24.6MB; v4 - 4 files = 37.6MB.

tomorrow: Cycle #15 & maybe Cycle #30 to check POCAHONTAS' progress.

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