February 3rd, 2006


An Indian Runs Through It

been meaning to talk about asteroid POCAHONTAS as the first EON-1 phase asteroid moving through the 827 transits. a significant evolution of the 827 Chart is the first EON-1 asteroid reaching the final EON phase, EON-36. mbw's recent report, Abramoff and gaming Indians & the Indian lobbying scandal made me want to finally explore this. see also: Is the story even viable in the Lefty blogosphere? & Accounting Coup: Elouise Cobell & the Indian trust money tab of $176 billion (Just west of the Old Agency historical marker, in what is now the Blackfeet Nation, lies an unmarked, wind-scoured rise of hills the Indians call Ghost Ridge, where the dead from the Starvation Winter, which actually lasted 18 unrelenting months, were buried in mass graves).

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