November 2nd, 2005


Astroschyzy Cycle #09

Cycle #09 :: 02-Dec-2005 to 13-Dec-2005

Cycle #09 ready. RUDRA remains forerunner; 2-EUREKA, 3-POCAHONTAS, 4-XOSA, 5-SHOEMAKER, 6-JUSTITIA. SATURN retrogrades. MERCURY conjunct zero point. ORCHIS 30°30'34" from original position (zero point) @ EON-2 Germination, Emergent, Fluid, Coming into Focus, Trad vs. New. ODDUBB new seed released.

Cycle #09 endpoint manifestation includes asteroid PETRGINZ which begins EON-34 phase on 827 List.

 • MERCURY DIRECT: 04-Dec-05 in Sagittarius 24°44'16.6253" @ 02:22:979887UT.


Astroschyzy Cycle #10

Cycle #10 :: 14-Dec-2005 to 26-Dec-2005

Cycle #10 ready. New Forerunner: POCAHONTAS (new syzygy — changing from {9::0} to {8::1}; most advanced EON-1 on 827 Chart: BATON_ROUGE {9::0}). VENUS retrograde; MARS direct. endpoint JARVIS {26SC40} one of the Challenger astronauts.

GRUBBA, PECKER & LILITH part of new seed; ironically, {6::3} HOPI begins new seed release.

 • MARS DIRECT: 09-Dec-05 in Taurus 8°14'32.2870" @ 04:03:288992UT.
 • VENUS RETROGRADE: 24-Dec-05 in Aquarius 1°28'0.6081" @ 09:36:280456UT.



aaron brown is my favorite anchor. :O(

hmmm. asteroid AARONSON leads 9th House (House of Druj) on Cycle #06 Changes, exploration, breaking routine [Long Journeys over Water].

who's going to tell me the weather in chicago now?

[0636|{5::4}] ~ #3277-AARONSON {27CN22} • DECLINATION: 22º41'6.5969"N • DISTANCE: 240º4'15" from Zero Point @ EON-25 (Phase Arc 240° ~ Waning Trine) Re-evaluation, Holistic Insight, Seeing Big Pic, Emerging • 827 CHART: (8) 09CN23, 22º29'21.7683"N @ EON-23 (Exploration, Skillfull Creative Power, Plumbing Depths, Actualizating).