November 1st, 2005


Astroschyzy Cycle #04

Cycle #04 :: 03-Oct-2005 to 14-Oct-2005

Cycle #04 revised. asteroid FITGERALD in new seed phase with SUN; (UPDATE: also note asteroid IRANI in this spread). DRUJ 41º22'38" from Natal Position @ EON-4 (Cultivation, Instinctual Growth, Nascent Qualities, Accelerating). XOSA remains emergent.

 • MARS RETROGRADE: 01-Oct-05 in Taurus 23°22'20.3745" @ 22:03:387271UT.

Mars goes retrograde 01-Oct in 23TA22Rx @ 22:03:387271UT, Declination 16°29'25.1516"N. since dates for ephemerides are staggered, Mars retrograde doesn't appear until astroschyzy Cycle #04. (note: natal Mars is in the 6th House; on Cycle #3 its ephemeride date is 26-Sep, factoring 22-Sep Fall Equinox). Mars goes direct in Cycle #09 on 09-Dec in 08TA15 @ 04:03:288992UT, Declination 15°14'12.0391"N.

Mars Retrograde @ NASA :: This year's martian retrograde runs from October 1 to December 9, and forms an open zigzag. Even though 2003 saw the closest approach in 60,000 years, this fall Mars will appear higher in our sky and brighter than two years ago. This is due to the tilt of the planets and the corresponding seasons. In 2003, the closest approach occurred in August - Earth's summer. The red planet was lower in Earth's sky (closer to the horizon) and, therefore, our view of it was dulled a bit by our own thick atmosphere. This year, closest approach will occur at the end of October - Earth's fall. With Mars higher in our night sky (without any atmospheric interference), it will appear clearer and crisper to sky watchers.

more info :: Astrology on the Web | Eileen Nauman | Erin Sullivan.

interestingly, Eileen Nauman quotes a Native American saying concerning retrogrades (& also mentions Mercury's retrograde 14-Nov). asteroid XOSA conjuncts NAVAJO during Cycle #5.


Astroschyzy Cycle #05

Cycle #05 :: 15-Oct-2005 to 26-Oct-2005

Cycle #05 revised. asteroid HARRIET in new seed phase with SUN. DRUJ goes retrograde & returns to EON-1. XOSA remains emergent. Sun moves from 11th house (traditional keyword: Friends) to 12th house (traditional keyword: Troubles).


Astroschyzy Cycle #07

Cycle #07 :: 08-Nov-2005 to 19-Nov-2005

Cycle #07 ready. New Forerunner: RUDRA; 2-XOSA, 3-EUREKA, 4-SHOEMAKER, 5-JUSTITIA, 6-POCAHONTAS. re-ran ephemerides for XOSA & RUDRA to confirm, correct. both in the same natal house (first).

 • MERCURY RETROGRADE: 14-Nov-05 in Sagittarius 10°56'12.8408" @ 05:42:282581UT.

on 27-Aug, RUDRA {01SG36} & XOSA {25SG59}. RUDRA (25°49'0.7172") bypasses XOSA (25°41'21.6913") in Capricorn on 05-Nov; however, since ephemeris dates staggered this doesn't show up until Cycle #07. RUDRA remains ahead of XOSA up to April (haven't run ephemerides pass this date). neither retrogrades during this time period. don't know yet if any other asteroid overtakes RUDRA.

on natal chart SATURN (9) 05LE21 & DRUJ (9) 03LE51 conjunct. if JUPITER is "boom", SATURN is "bust"; JUPITER is Expansion; SATURN is Contraction. usually DRUJ remains relatively close to SATURN but occassionally makes a wild swing out of SATURN's sphere of influence (see: Cycle #04 03-Oct-2005 to 14-Oct-2005). on Cycle #07 DRUJ at EON-2 Germination, Emergent, Fluid, Coming into Focus, Trad vs. New. Keep in mind: all lunar-lilith points interact with DRUJ.

added notation on New Seed indicating syzygy. syzygies for KLIO, TALIMA, DAWKINS, BALLARD, CUPIDO_(A) = {6::3}. ODDUBB is the {7::2} syzygy. when ODDUBB is first on this list (see: Cycle #06 27-Oct-2005 to 07-Nov-2005) consider New Seed Oddubbian without any influence from {6::3} DJYNXX. in this case, New Seed admixture {6::3}+{7::2}. interesting: 6+7=13=4 & 3+2=5. there is no 4::5 demon in Pandemonium — probably Kattakian influence?

occurred to me: {a} observe EON phase at Zero Point & End Point & {b} add planetary powers to Asteroid Spread (ruling, exalted, fallen, detriment).

asteroids ASH {27SC36}, VULCAN {27SC44} & KONSTITUTSIYA {27SC56} at ZERO POINT. Ash + Vulcan highly suggestive.

EDNA endpoint is natal EON-36. EDNA named after wife of Julius F. Stone, benefactor; last discovered asteroid by E. F. Coddington.

EDNA (1) fem. Irish, Scottish; Anglicized form of EITHNE ("kernel" in Gaelic). EDNA (2) fem. Biblical; Means "pleasure" in Hebrew ... appears in the Old Testament Apocrypha in the Book of Tobit. Asmodeus appears in the Book of Tobit

must run to family dinner ... consider {a} Let all the Æons praise thee, mentioned here, said by Edna & {b} "Edna Pontellier" a character (married to successful New Orleans businessman) in Kate Chopin's The Awakening & see Exploring Kate Chopin's The Awakening.

Kate Chopin born in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA part of the French Creole community. her father a founder of the Pacific Railroad. wikipedia :: On a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, she met and was greatly influenced by an independent woman singer and actress. Her experiences in New Orleans were the basis of "Emancipation: A Life Fable". During these years, she began to question the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, especially in matters concerning gender roles ... [she spent her summers] at Grand Isle, a resort community on the Gulf of Mexico.

@wikipedia :: The Awakening is a novel by Kate Chopin, published in 1899. The novel examines the smothering effects of late 19th-century social structures upon a woman whose simple desire is to fulfill her own potential and live her own life. It is a story of both courage and defeat, lyrically written and boldly poignant. The novel received only one printing, probably due to its controversial content; it was rediscovered in 1969 and has become a part of the canon of American literature.


{1} on 827 Chart, apollo asteroid TANTALUS {29LI43} conjunct WASHINGTONIA {29LI21} @ EON-36 & on Cycle #07, TANTALUS {25SG23} (precisely) conjunct BUSCH {25SG23} @ EON-1 (Declination +14°).

{2} from Cycle #06 (29-Oct-2005) to Cycle #12 (11-Jan-2006) asteroid BUSCH at declination -21° (max southern declination: 06-Dec-2005 @ -21°54'35.7659); see: Tantalus: Apollos, PHAs & NEOs, Asteroids #7121-Busch & #2102-Tantalus, The Qabalah of Maat, 21 Gematria & The Quincuncial Texan.


827 Retrograde Planets

{ArtCharts 2005/06 Retrograde Planet Calendar}
{CafeAstrology Retrograde Cycles & Stations}

PLUTO retrograde on 827 List; goes direct 02-Sep on Cycle #02 :: 08-Sep-2005 to 19-Sep-2005.

 • RETROGRADE: 27-Mar-05 in Sagittare 24°30'53.1590" @ 02:28:239000UT (827 List).
 • DIRECT: 02-Sep-05 in Sagittare 21°49'28.2072" @ 10:51:099168UT (Cycle #02).
 • RETURN: 21-Dec-05 in Sagittare 24°30'53.1590" @ 20:51:570922UT (Cycle #11).

 • RETROGRADE: 29-Mar-2006 in Sagittare 26°45'18.8001" @ 12:40:004560UT (Cycle #19).
 • DIRECT: 04-Sep-2006 in Sagittare 24°4'39.4388" @ 23:20:541465UT (Cycle #32).
 • RETURN: 24-Dec-2006 in Sagittare 26°45'18.8001" @ 14:20:093232UT (Cycle #41).

MARS direct on 827 List; goes retrograde 01-Oct on Cycle #04 :: 03-Oct-2005 to 14-Oct-2005

 • RETROGRADE: 01-Oct-05 in Taurus 23°22'20.3745" @ 22:03:387271UT (Cycle #04).
 • DIRECT: 09-Dec-05 in Taurus 8°14'32.2870" @ 04:03:288992UT (Cycle #10).
 • RETURN: 03-Feb-06 in Taurus 23°22'20.3745" @ 23:17:038338UT (Cycle #14).

NEPTUNE retrograde on 827 List; goes direct 26-Oct on Cycle #06 :: 27-Oct-2005 to 07-Nov-2005.

 • RETROGRADE: 19-May-05 in Aquarius 17°36'12.7124" @ 23:35:455611UT (827 List).
 • DIRECT: 26-Oct-05 in Aquarius 14°49'0.8315" @ 23:23:515190UT (Cycle #06).
 • RETURN: 14-Feb-06 in Aquarius 17°36'12.7124" @ 15:06:123123UT (Cycle #15).

MERCURY direct on 827 List; goes retrograde 14-Nov on Cycle #07 :: 08-Nov-2005 to 19-Nov-2005.

 • RETROGRADE: 14-Nov-05 in Sagittare 10°56'12.8408" @ 05:42:282581UT (Cycle #07).
 • DIRECT: 04-Dec-05 in Sagittare 24°44'16.6253" @ 02:22:979887UT (Cycle #09).
 • RETURN: 21-Dec-05 in Sagittare 10°56'12.8408" @ 18:27:035727UT (Cycle #10).

 • RETROGRADE: 02-Mar-06 in Pisces 26°55'28.0056" @ 20:29:049358UT (Cycle #16).
 • DIRECT: 25-Mar-06 in Pisces 13°10'52.1165" @ 13:41:714430UT (Cycle #18).
 • RETURN: 14-Apr-06 in Pisces 26°55'28.0056" @ 01:30:469391UT (Cycle #20).

URANUS retrograde on 827 List; goes direct 16-Nov on Cycle #08 :: 20-Nov-2005 to 01-Dec-2005.

 • RETROGRADE: 14-Jun-05 in Pisces 10°45'52.6362" @ 22:37:432989UT (827 List).
 • DIRECT: 16-Nov-05 in Pisces 6°50'34.4133" @ 00:08:071675UT (Cycle #08).
 • RETURN: 02-Mar-06 in Pisces 10°45'52.6362" @ 06:05:184115UT (Cycle #17).

SATURN direct on 827 List; goes retrograde 22-Nov on Cycle #08 :: 20-Nov-2005 to 01-Dec-2005.

 • RETROGRADE: 22-Nov-05 in Leo 11°18'40.1591" @ 09:00:502700UT (Cycle #08).
 • DIRECT: 05-Apr-06 in Leo 4°22'31.3700" @ 12:54:198666UT (Cycle #19).
 • RETURN: 10-Jul-06 in Leo 11°18'40.1591" @ 10:39:183138UT (Cycle #24).

VENUS direct on 827 List; goes retrograde 24-Dec on Cycle #10 :: 14-Dec-2005 to 26-Dec-2005.

 • RETROGRADE: 24-Dec-05 in Aquarius 1°28'0.6081" @ 09:36:280456UT (Cycle #10).
 • DIRECT: 03-Feb-06 in Aquarius 16°1'18.9394" @ 09:18:408662UT (Cycle #14).
 • RETURN: 07-Mar-06 in Aquarius 1°28'0.6081" @ 04:22:596785UT (Cycle #16).

JUPITER direct on 827 List; goes retrograde 04-Mar on Cycle #16 :: 25-Feb-2006 to 08-Mar-2006.

 • RETROGRADE: 04-Mar-2006 in Scorpio 18°51'41.9429" @ 18:02:128570UT (Cycle #16).
 • DIRECT: 06-Jul-2006 in Scorpio 8°58'42.7150" @ 07:18:307355UT (Cycle #27).
 • RETURN: 02-Oct-2006 in Scorpio 18°51'41.9429" @ 21:11:331507UT (Cycle #34).

2006 Solar & Lunar Eclipses

 • Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: 2006 Mar 14

The first lunar eclipse of 2006 is a deep penumbral event best visible from Europe and Africa. First and last penumbral contacts occur at 21:22 UT and 02:14 UT (Mar 15), respectively. The Moon's path through Earth's penumbra as well as a map showing worldwide visibility of the event is shown in Figure 1 ... This particular event is unusual since it is a total penumbral eclipse. The whole Moon will lie completely within the penumbral shadow from 23:18 UT to 00:18 UT (Mar 15). According to Belgian eclipse expert Jean Meeus [1997] this is one of only five such events during the 21st century. Greatest eclipse occurs at 23:48 UT with a penumbral magnitude of 1.0565.

 • Total Solar Eclipse: 2006 Mar 29

The year's first solar eclipse occurs on Wednesday, March 29. A total eclipse will be visible from within a narrow corridor, which traverses half the Earth. The path of the Moon's umbral shadow begins in Brazil and extends across the Atlantic, northern Africa, and central Asia, where it ends at sunset in western Mongolia [fig2|fig3]. The central eclipse track begins in eastern Brazil, where the Moon's umbral shadow first touches down on Earth at 08:36 UT. Along the sunrise terminator, the duration is 1 minute 53 seconds from the center of the 129-kilometre wide path. Traveling over 9 km/s, the umbra quickly leaves Brazil and races across the Atlantic Ocean (with no landfall) for the next half hour. After crossing the equator, the Moon's shadow enters the Gulf of Guinea and encounters the coast of Ghana at 09:08 UT. The Sun stands 44° above the eastern horizon during the 3 minute 24 second total phase. The path width has expanded to 184 kilometres while the shadow's ground speed has decreased to 0.958 km/s. Located about 50 kilometres south of the central line, the 1.7 million inhabitants of Ghana's capital city Accra can expect a total eclipse lasting 2 minute 58 seconds (09:11 UT) ... The instant of greatest eclipse[1] occurs at 10:11:18 UT when the axis of the Moon's shadow passes closest to the center of Earth (gamma[2] = +0.384). Totality reaches its maximum duration of 4 minutes 7 seconds, the Sun's altitude is 67°, the path width is 184 kilometres and the umbra's velocity is 0.697 km/s. Continuing on a northeastern course, the umbra crosses central Libya and reaches the Mediterranean coast at 10:40 UT. Northwestern Egypt also lies within the umbral path where the central duration is 3 minutes 58 seconds. [info|saros|local]

 • Partial Lunar Eclipse: 2006 Sep 07
 • Annular Solar Eclipse: 2006 Sep 22
 • Transit of Mercury: 2006 Nov 08


Astroschyzy Cycle #08

Cycle #08 :: 20-Nov-2005 to 01-Dec-2005

Cycle #08 ready. RUDRA remains forerunner. SUN enters 1st House conjunct SANTA, CRAWFORD, TOLKIEN.

ZERO POINT: PORTLANDIA, AURORA (my natal sun same degrees as my natal aurora), UNION, WASHINGTONIA, PAUL, EGERIA & PHOCAEA.

GAMMA FIXED STARS: KAFFALJIDHMA (conjunct NATALIE, MARS & COLUMBIA), CIH (conjunct KAFFALJIDHMA & BURROUGHS) & ZUBENELAKRAB (conjunct arabic part ANCESTORS/RELATIONS). Asteroids: TRIATHLON (conjunct TALITHA, PLATEAU, NATAL DRUJ, REDQUEEN & ISHTAR — it's this conjunction that made me check all gammas).


...more later...still processing (this is prolly a big MERCURY cycle since it {a} goes retrograde & {b} at endpoint).

 • URANUS DIRECT: 16-Nov-05 in Pisces 6°50'34.4133" @ 00:08:071675UT.
 • SATURN RETROGRADE: 22-Nov-05 in Leo 11°18'40.1591" @ 09:00:502700UT.