August 31st, 2005


Chronoskrators (Hebrew)

first set of chronoskrators i created used all 27 letters of the Hebrew alphabet with finals. ordinal values placed in magic square to create 42 column sum (mention how to create this in other posts):

-42----42----42----42----42----42----42----42----42 {sum}

ordinal Hebrew values (period = final):


letter string: ABGDHVZChTSOPTzYKLMNP.M.ThRTz.N.K.ShQ; determine ascendant and select beginning letter & re-sort.

Heh (Aries), Vau (Taurus), Zain (Gemini), Cheth (Cancer), Teth (Leo), Yod (Virgo), Lamed (Libra), Nun (Scorpio), Samekh (Sagittarius), Ayin (Capricorn), Tzaddi (Aquarius), Qoph (Pisces).

ie, Aquarius string: TzYKLMNP.M.ThRTz.N.K.ShQABGDHVZChTSOP

double string to create nine 6-letter names:

ie, Aquarius string doubled:


...Sephira..............EM................Sicle Names............Chronoskrators

{a} pattern repeats after ZChTSOP; {b} never got a clear idea of how (if at all) EM (Call & Comments) & Sicle Names aligned with tree; {c} these chronoskrators represented the entire 24-hour period (each letter = quinary); .

from my notes:

Diabolos / Cosmocrator - in Valentinian gnosticism, Cosmocrator is ruler of the material cosmos in the guise of Diabolos (the devil). His consort is Barbelo (q.v.) and together "they sing praises to the Powers of the Light," which would indicate that Cosmocrator is not wholly evil. [Rf. Pistis Sophia]. ("The Dictionary of Angels" by Gustav Davidson, © 1967) —

{The Figure of Error in the Gospel of Truth}
{On Barbelo & Cult of the Barbelites}
{The Origin of Cultural Feminism}


Sicle Names, Ma'at Rite & Clicking Nomo

"Corrilon tuma baris, comesa to tanun orgeka. Nuldemor ooteja surmanu otella nor nomi. Tratela ooipe comelun troblon oormega tabulasa oocala ertepo makelana pitesu normega". (The Rite of Ma'at)

144 letters / 9 = 16; sixteen letters per Sicle Name.

[0]-ZERO - [0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0][0]
Nomo. Undivided Outside One. For You Life is Drowning.
(eiaoung::silent whisper of the ulterior depths)

[1]-AMDRANISA (Aquarius) ~ 000º::15º - [1][3][5][7][1][3][5][8][1][3][6][8][1][4][6][8]
Nomo. Numerous Under One. You Part Through Depths Swelling.

[2]–LOTAVARIA (Cancer) ~ 160º::25º - [2][4][6][8][2][4][6][9][2][4][7][9][2][5][7][9]
Nomo. Half Hidden Within One. You Submerge all Forgetting.

[3]–KENIKOIMA (Capricorn) ~ 320º::05º - [3][5][7][9][1][3][5][7][1][3][5][8][1][3][6][8]
Nomo. Twice Exceeding One. You Bear Earth Convulsing.

[4]–DARESTHIL (Gemini) ~ 120º::15º - [1][4][6][8][2][4][6][8][2][4][6][9][2][4][7][9]
Nomo. Ultimate Redoubled One. For You Breath is Dying.

[5]–DOJINDAGO (Scorpio) ~ 280º::25º - [2][5][7][9][3][5][7][9][1][3][5][7][1][3][5][8]
Nomo. Whisper of the Dead. Sinking One You Twin.

[6]–BALTHURIS (Taurus) ~ 080º::05º - [1][3][6][8][1][4][6][8][2][4][6][8][2][4][6][9]
Nomo. Hunger of the Earth. Bearing Twice Your Twin.

[7]–KIMAZTOLA (Libra) ~ 240º::15º - [2][4][7][9][2][5][7][9][3][5][7][9][1][3][5][7]
Nomo. Feeder of the Shadows. Double One Entwining.

[8]–TONIKAVAT (Pisces) ~ 040º::25º - [1][3][5][8][1][3][6][8][1][4][6][8][2][4][6][8]
Nomo. Shifter of the Deep. Still One In Your Twinning.

[9]–DENIVANUI (Virgo) ~ 200º::05º - [2][4][6][9][2][4][7][9][2][5][7][9][3][5][7][9]
Nomo. Wholly Without One. Swallowing All You Twin.


More than 500 Iraqis die in stampede

More than 500 Iraqis die in stampede :: BAGHDAD (Reuters) - More than 500 Iraqi Shi'ites died in a stampede over a Tigris River bridge in Baghdad on Wednesday, panicked by rumors a suicide bomber was about to blow himself up, hospital and police sources said. "So far we have 500 dead," Deputy Health Minister Jalil Al-Shumari told Reuters. Police and hospital sources later said at least 575 had died in the stampede. They said 255 people were injured. One hospital said it had received at least 100 bodies by 12:30 (0830 GMT). The hospital source said bodies were being sent to two other nearby hospitals as well. "We have lost count, we have hundreds and hundreds of dead and injured," a Health Ministry official told Reuters. "We can't tell how many are dead. Many bodies are still in the river," the official added. "The death toll is 575 so far," a police source told Reuters.

[431|{8::1}] ~ #13096-TIGRIS {18GE09} • The Tigris (Old Persian: Tigr, Aramaic Assyrian: Deqlath, Arabic: Dijla, Turkish: Dicle; biblical Hiddekel) is the eastern member of the pair of great rivers that define Mesopotamia, along with the Euphrates, which flows from the mountains of Anatolia through Iraq; Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, stands on the western bank of the Tigris, while the port city of Basra straddles both the Tigris and the Euphrates • DECLINATION: 24º58'16.4564"N OOB ~ ANTISCIA: Cancer 11º50'45" • DISTANCE: 200º51'18" FROM ORCHIS @ [ALDEBARAN] • HIGHER CROWN CHAKRA (Waning 337.5º) • Compass Rose: NNW 337º30' @ 32 PATHS OF WISDOM ~ Path #16: TRIUMPHAL OR ETERNAL ONE ~ The SIXTEENTH PATH (Original #27) {1st Reciprocal Path} Hod to Netzach = ATU V THE HIEROPHANT = TAURUS = VAU • 49-STAR TIC MATRIX: [[ ZONE :: FOUR {Mars} - MESH-tXP: 06/08 KRAKO ~ ticX 8 = ::: ]] — PRIME SERIES [7]-[81]-[134] :: PRIME NUMBERS [17]-[419]-[757] • EON PHASE: 20 (Phase Arc 200° ~ Waning Quad-Novile) Community, Me Sphere «» We Sphere, Guiding, Ingathering • SUBDECADANCE [08 ~ GEMINI 10°-19°] MESH-26: PAPATAKOO (Pataku) : Upholder ~ Net-Span 7::5 : Decadology {C/TP-#2 MJ- [2S]} Cyclic Chronodemon of Calendric Time; Prowls Hold-Current; Ultimate success (perseverance, blood sacrifice); Rituals becoming nature • GOË-ANGELICA ~ #44-SHÅX :: #52-AUMEM [Night Demon :: GEMINI 15º–19º] (info :: v1.0 :: v2.0) • WING OF THE WINDS: {(–)} Angel of Severity: HIV + IH (Hiviah)—VHHƒI • FUTHNORKING GNOSIS: PITCH {Cth-7} MESH-20 TCHATTUK ~ H-Rune {HAGLAZ :: 362º9'15" +14° Yildun Libration} Hail, Precipitation • BARKER SPIRAL :: Nammamad {9+1::9+0} : GE 18° : #FF0000 : 693nm • TARO: ATU V HIEROPHANT [S9] • 91 PARTS: 35th Aethyr, RH¥ Vestal-[5] (Aethyr of She Who is Memory), PART-[¥2/105] PARAMA (Ring Lord #2–The Law of Dina de'Bar Metzra); Location: N/A - Unknown; Tribe-[Silver] • DE QUINQUAGINTA PORTIS INTELLIGENTIAE :: CLASSIS QUINTA : Nouem Angelorum Ordines continet, et vocatur OVLM HMLAKYM, id est, Mundus Angelicus, ut sequitur ~ PORTA [47 ~ ALDEBARAN : 09GE52] ALHYM Elohim, id est, Principatus.


Strong typhoon Talim pounds Taiwan

Strong typhoon Talim pounds Taiwan TAIPEI (AFP) - Hundreds of villagers were evacuated from a mountainous area as Typhoon Talim pounded eastern Taiwan with powerful winds and torrential rains. "As of 4:00 pm (0800 GMT), around 370 residents have been pulled out from Chienshih and Wufeng towns," Peng Kuang-cheng, deputy magistrate of the northern county of Hsinchu, told AFP. "And more people are being evacuated to safe places," he said. The Central Weather Bureau warned that Talim was gathering momentum and threatened to bring torrents and floods across the island overnight. Talim's center was 180 kilometers (108 miles) east-southeast of the eastern county of Hualien at 6:00 pm, the bureau said. With a radius of 250 kilometers, the typhoon was moving west northwest at a speed of 21 kilometers an hour, packing winds at its center of up to 184 kilometers per hour.

{Joint Typhoon Warning Center}{Typhoon Talim Situation Page}

The Doctrines of Talim :: Hasan bin Sabbah compiled a theological treatise in this context, entitled "Fusul-i Arba'a" (the Four Chapters), which was an Ismaili thesis and in its fully developed form, the doctrine of talim was expounded by him in an Iranian essay. Several writers have mentioned, notably summarized by Shaharistani. In the doctrine of talim, Hasan bin Sabbah consistently emphasized the role of the Imam, with the Prophet having been a link in the logical chain from God to Imam. It became so central to the Ismailis thought that its followers in Khorasan came to be known as the Talimiyya.

The Great Stag, A Sumerian Divinity and its Affiliation :: The most frequent divine companion of Ea is his Janus-faced messenger, whose name has been read as Usmu or Isimud. He is the man sent by the god on various errands. Another form of Ea's servant is that of the fish-man. Often we see one or two gigantic doorkeepers by the throne of Ea ; these are called the twins [21]. Note #21: Talim meaning "twins or companions". Frankfort, op. cit. p. 60. These twins may well be the heavenly Gemini, or the first Cherub angeles. KUR in Sumerian means "guarding" /becoming Cher- ub/ (Diemel, S. A., p. 147: Bewachung).

Talim (Soul Calibur) :: Talim is a fictional character designed for the Soul Series of fighting games. Talim made her first appearance in Soul Calibur II and returns for Soul Calibur III. The people of Southeast Asia were thrust into an age of turmoil when the influences of Spanish and Portuguese culture began to spread across their lands. In one particular region, the Village of the Wind Deity in the Philippines, there lived a tribe of people who could control the winds. Talim was the granddaughter of this village's elder Kalana and daughter of its shaman; and she was reared to be its last priestess. As faith in the Wind Deity gradually waned, Talim possessed unparalleled potential to be a shaman herself. The day the Evil Seed spread across the world, Talim felt on the winds a violent and evil aura that devoured everything in its path surge into her body, causing her to lose consciousness for days. Years later, when Talim was fifteen years old, a man from the west brought with him a strange metal fragment, claiming it to be a vitality charm. Talim, however, recognized the evil energy as the same energy she had experienced years before and left on a journey, believing that if she were to return the fragment to its rightful place, peace would eventually be restored, despite the elders' misgivings.

Heaterz by Wu Tang Clan (Wu-tang Forever)

Hang glide for my nigga Tical
Yo, word to God we run this whole shit Son (no doubt)
Right that's my word, guaranteed you're dealin with the invicible (no doubt)
That's my word, Persian legacy one time, one time
Check the science of the black man
Stationary niggaz, have fun on this right here
Yo Shorty cross your arms
Gonna rock niggaz to sleep this year
Blade thrower, sword swinga, killa bee ringer
Rocky road roll dark greener
Cream fademas, name your God Ukarema
Shout out Medina, federaloes Noxzema
Me jury cleaner, Million Man March screamers
Rae Cartegna, cut your joint Wolverine
The lonzina, wrapped around the wrist, law seen her
How I got that yo, threw out the macker named Gina
Bust a shot, seen her, it richocheted, tapped Tina
Now I'm out, lampin in Korea with Talima
{there's more...}

[xxx|{6::3}] ~ #5902-TALIMA {19VI42} • Russian or Ukrainian astronomer. Working at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, she has discovered a number of asteroids, including the Amor asteroid 5324 Lyapunov and the Trojan asteroid 3063 Makhaon. She has two daughters, Masha and Renata. Asteroids discovered: 131: 3453 Dostoevsky, 3508 Pasternak, 3623 Chaplin, 3772 Piaf, 4017 Disneya, 5247 Krylov, 5615 Iskander, 5666 Rabelais, 5676 Voltaire, 5902 Talima, 6592 Goya, 8142 Zolotov, 15691 Maslov • DECLINATION: 8º37'12.5125"N ~ ANTISCIA: Aries 10º18'28" • DISTANCE: 292º23'34" FROM ORCHIS @ [ASTERION] • SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA {Manipura (Waxing 67.5º)} • Compass Rose: E by N 78º45' @ 32 PATHS OF WISDOM ~ Path #12: INTELLIGENCE of TRANSPARENCY ~ The TWELFTH PATH (Original #31) Malkuth to Hod = ATU I THE MAGICIAN = MERCURY = BETH • 49-STAR TIC MATRIX: [[ ZONE :: ONE {Mercury} - MESH-tXP: 00/02 LURGGO ~ ticX 2 = : ]] — PRIME SERIES [1]-[75]-[146] :: PRIME NUMBERS [2]-[379]-[839] • EON PHASE: 30 (Phase Arc 288° ~ Waning Quintile) Application, Authentic Participation, Greater Whole, Serving • SUBDECADANCE [17 ~ VIRGO 10°-19°] MESH-17: DJUDDHA (Judd Dread) : Decentred Threat ~ Net-Span 6::2 : Decadology {C/TP-#5 MN- [5D]} Amphidemon of Artificial Turbulence (complex-dynamics simulations); Machine-vortex (seething skin); Storm peripheries (Wendigo legends) • GOË-ANGELICA ~ #53-CAMIÖ :: #70-YEBEM [VIRGO 15º–19º] (info :: v1.0 :: v2.0) • WING OF THE WINDS: {(+)} Angel of Mercy: ShHV + AL (Shahavel)—HƒIVH • FUTHNORKING GNOSIS: PITCH {Ana-2} MESH-38 UNNUNDDO ~ K-Rune {KAUNAN :: 93º41'32" +14° Yildun Libration} Ulcer, Illness, Beacon, Torch • BARKER SPIRAL :: Tchakki {1+9::0+9} : VI 19° : #FFD900 : 592nm • TARO: ATU XV DEVIL [P9] • 91 PARTS: 8th Aethyr, ZID (Aethyr of One's God), PART-[3/24] PRISTAC (He who has the likeness of a Holy One); Location: Gallian - Unknown; Tribe-[9] • DE QUINQUAGINTA PORTIS INTELLIGENTIAE :: CLASSIS SECUNDA : Mistorum Decas ~ PORTA [11 ~ ASTERION : 17VI47] Mineralium, terra discooperta, apparitio.


New Orleans, Baghdad, Banda Aceh

Mayor: Katrina May Have Killed Thousands :: By BRETT MARTEL, Associated Press Writer 5 minutes ago :: NEW ORLEANS - The mayor said Wednesday that Katrina probably killed thousands of people in New Orleans — an estimate that, if accurate, would make the storm by far the nation's deadliest hurricane in more than a century. "We know there is a significant number of dead bodies in the water," and other people dead in attics, Mayor Ray Nagin said. Asked how many, he said: "Minimum, hundreds. Most likely, thousands." The frightening estimate came as Army engineers struggled to plug New Orleans' breached levees with giant sandbags and concrete barriers, while authorities drew up plans to clear out the tens of thousands of people left in the Big Easy and all but abandon the flooded-out city. There will be a "total evacuation of the city. We have to. The city will not be functional for two or three months," Nagin said. Most of those storm refugees — 15,000 to 20,000 people — were in the Superdome, which had become hot and stuffy, with broken toilets and nowhere for anyone to bathe. "It can no longer operate as a shelter of last resort," the mayor said. Nagin estimated 50,000 to 100,000 people remained in New Orleans, a city of nearly half a million people. He said 14,000 to 15,000 a day could be evacuated. The Pentagon, meanwhile, began mounting one of the largest search-and-rescue operations in U.S. history, sending four Navy ships to the Gulf Coast with drinking water and other emergency supplies, along with the hospital ship USNS Comfort, search helicopters and elite SEAL water-rescue teams. American Red Cross workers from across the country converged on the devastated region in the agency's biggest-ever relief operation.

769 Dead, 307 Hurt in Iraq Bridge Stampede :: By QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 26 minutes ago :: BAGHDAD, Iraq - Trampled, crushed against barricades or plunging into the Tigris River, more than 700 Shiite pilgrims died Wednesday when a procession across a Baghdad bridge was engulfed in panic over rumors that a suicide bomber was at large. Most of the dead were women and children, Interior Ministry spokesman Lt. Col. Adnan Abdul-Rahman said. It was the single biggest confirmed loss of life in Iraq since the March 2003 invasion. Dr. Swadi Karim of the Health Ministry operations section said 769 were killed and 307 injured. Tensions already had risen among the Shiite marchers because of a mortar attack two hours earlier near the shrine where they were heading. Then the crowd was slowed by barriers about a quarter of the way across the Two Imams Bridge, Interior Minister Bayn Jabr said on state-run TV. "Pushing started when a rumor was spread by a terrorist who claimed that there was a person with an explosive belt, which caused panic and the pushing started," Jabr said. "Some fell from the bridge, others fell on the barricades" and were trampled to death. The barriers are meant to keep Sunni and Shiite extremists out of each other's neighborhoods at opposite ends of the bridge. The two-lane, 300-yard-long bridge was littered with abandoned hundreds of sandals lost in the pushing and panic. Children who had plunged 30 feet off the bridge floundered in the muddy waters, trying to reach dry land. Survivors were rushed in ambulances and private cars to hospitals. Thousands raced to both banks of the river to search for survivors, and bare-chested men jumped in to try to recover bodies. Scores of bodies covered with white sheets lay on the sidewalk outside one hospital whose morgue was jammed. Many were children, old men and black-gowned women. Sobbing relatives wandered about, lifting sheets in search of their kin. When they found them, they would shriek in grief, pound their chests or collapse. Casualty figures from official sources varied because survivors were taken to several hospitals, and officials were scrambling to establish accurate tallies.

Katrina Triggers Memories in Tsunami Zone :: By CHRIS BRUMMITT, Associated Press Writer, (08-31) 10:02 PDT BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (AP) -- For Raju Danny, waking up to images of water surging into New Orleans on the morning news was especially painful. The 26-year-old was tossed around by last year's tsunami and lost his wife to the raging torrents. "I felt tears welling up when I saw that so many people had died," the waiter said Wednesday during a break from serving rice and fried chicken to customers in this seaside. "I would like to help, but all I have is my prayers." Though the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami was a far more deadly disaster than the one triggered by Hurricane Katrina, people in Asian nations hardest hit by the killer waves — from Indonesia, to Thailand, to Sri Lanka — were shocked by what had happened. "God has made us equals in birth, life and death," said Nimal Premasiri, 51, who lost his wife and daughter when waves "as big as elephants" crashed into their packed commuter train in Sri Lanka. Katrina has flooded large parts of New Orleans and several other counties along the Gulf Coast, submerging thousands of houses and killing at least 110, though officials were still tallying the dead and expected the toll to keep climbing. The tsunami killed or left missing more than 200,000 people, triggering a massive international emergency response and a huge fund-raising drive that saw millions of people worldwide donating money. People in Indonesia's Aceh province, which lost a staggering 130,000 people, recalled in particular the massive humanitarian effort undertaken by the US military following the disaster. Within days, US choppers were dropping off water and emergency supplies to stranded villagers, and returning with injured survivors who were taken to hospitals. "At that time America helped us a lot, and they were genuine too," said Reza Saputra, a 19-year-old student. "One of their helicopters even crashed here." In Sri Lanka, where the tsunami killed 31,000 and left tens of thousands homeless, several people also said pictures of the devastation caused by Katrina brought back vivid memories. "When I see the images from Katrina, I can easily identify myself,' said Chulie de Silva, a World Bank executive who lost her brother in the tsunami. "We were just (like) them on Dec. 26. At least they had warning, we had none."


Anamorphosis & Anamnesis

k-punk mentions anamorphosis reminding me of a post by Marid Audran quoting PKD's anamnesis from Cosmogony and Cosmology. asteroids #8122 Holbein & #7650 Kaname represent ANAMORPHOSIS & ANAMNESIS on the 827 list (discussed in next post).


an·a·mor·pho·sis :: 1a. An image that appears distorted unless it is viewed from a special angle or with a special instrument; 1b. The production of such an image; 2. Evolutionary increase in complexity of form and function. [New Latin anamorphosis, from Late Greek anamorphoun, to transform : Greek ana-, ana- + Greek morphe, shape.]

Anamorphosis :: In drawing, anamorphosis refers to the representation of an object as seen, for instance, altered by reflection in a mirror. In botany, anamorphosis refers to an abnormal change giving the appearance, of a different species, as in the case of fungi or lichens. (see Anamorphism).

Anamorphosis :: Vision is ordered according to a mode that may generally be called the function of images. This function is defined by a point-by-point correspondence of two unities in space. Whatever optical intermediaries may be used to establish their relation, whether their image is virtual, or real, the point-by-point correspondence is essential. That which is of the mode of the image in the field of vision is therefore reducible to the simple schema that enables us to establish anamorphosis, that is to say, to the relation of an image, in so far as it is linked to a surface, with a certain point that we shall call the 'geometral' point. Anything that is determined by this method, in which the straight line plays its role of being the path of light, can be called an image.

Hans Holbein: The Ambassadors :: Skulls were often used in Tudor England, and Holbein himself included many pictures of skulls in his series of woodcuts called the Death of Dance. Art historians have suggested three possible reasons to why the distorted skull has been included. Firstly, the skull creates a sharp contrast to the objects of the table. The skull, like the Crucifix, is a reminder of death and suggests how death is inevitable. It may also signal Holbein's belief that the mission of the Ambassadors will fail which will led to Henry VIII ignoring their plea for harmony and create deep unrest in the Catholic Church. Lastly and funnily, the skull may be a pun on Holbein's name. In German, "hohle bein" means holow bone!

Hans Holbein :: the Younger (c. 1497–1543) was an artist who painted in the Northern Renaissance style. He was born in Augsburg, Bavaria. He first learned painting from his father Hans Holbein the Elder ... Holbein painted many portraits at the court of Henry VIII. While there he designed state robes for the king.

What is Anamorphosis? :: An unconventional way of seeing :: An anamorphosis is a deformed image that appears in its true shape when viewed in some "unconventional" way. According to Webster's 1913 Dictionary: A distorted or monstrous projection or representation of an image on a plane or curved surface, which, when viewed from a certain point, or as reflected from a curved mirror or through a polyhedron, appears regular and in proportion; a deformation of an image. In one common form of anamorphosis---usually termed "oblique"--- the unconventionality arises from the fact that the image must be viewed from a position that is very far from the usual in-front and straight-ahead position from which we normally expect images to be looked at.

The Ambassadors (Holbein) :: (1533) is a painting by Hans Holbein the Younger in the National Gallery, London. The sitters, both Frenchmen, were Jean de Dinteville (on the left), who was ambassador to England in 1533, and Georges de Selve, Bishop of Lavaur, who visited him in London in April or May of that year. As well as being a double portrait, the painting contains a still life of several meticulously rendered objects, the meaning of which is the cause of much debate ... Holbein used symbols to link his figures to the age of exploration. Among the clues to the figures' explorative associations are two globes, a sextant, an astrolabe, and the various textiles, the rug on the floor and cloth on the upper shelf being the most notably oriental. The choice for the inclusion of the two figures can furthermore be seen as symbolic. The figure on the left is in secular attire while the figure on the right is dressed in protestant religious garb. Their flanking the table, which displays open books, symbols of religious knowledge and even a symbolic link to the Virgin, is therefore believed to be symbolic of a unification of capitalism and the Church.

an·am·ne·sis :: 1. Psychology. A recalling to memory; recollection; 2. Medicine. The complete history recalled and recounted by a patient. Greek anamnesis, from anamimneskein, anamne-, to remind : ana-, ana- + mimneskein, to recall.]

Anamnesis (Greek: “recollection”, “reminiscence”) :: is the term that Plato uses in the epistemological theory that he develops in his dialogues Meno and Phaedo. In "Meno", Plato's character (and old teacher) Socrates is challenged by Meno with what has become known as the sophistic paradox, or the paradox of knowledge: Meno: And how are you going to search for [the nature of virtue] when you don't know at all what it is, Socrates? Which of all the things you don't know will you set up as target for your search? And even if you actually come across it, how will you know that it is that thing which you don't know? (Meno 80d). In other words, if you don't know what the knowledge looks like, you won't recognise it when you see it, and if you do know what it looks like, then you don't need to look for it; either way, then, there's no point trying to gain knowledge. Plato's response is to develop his theory of anamnesis. He suggests that the soul is immortal, being repeatedly incarnated; knowledge is actually in the soul from eternity (86b), but each time the soul is incarnated its knowledge is forgotten in the shock of birth. What we think of as learning, then is actually the bringing back of what we'd forgotten. (Once it has been brought back it is true belief, to be turned into genuine knowledge by understanding.) And thus Socrates (and Plato) sees himself, not as a teacher, but as a midwife, aiding with the birth of knowledge that was already there in the student.

Cosmogony and Cosmology :: Anamnesis is achieved when certain inhibited neural circuits in the human brain are disinhibited. The individual cannot achieve this himself; the disinhibiting stimulus is external to him and must be presented to him, whereupon a process in his brain is set into motion by which he eventually will be capable of fulfilling his task. It is the hidden, true Christian Church that approaches men here and there to trigger off that anamnesis -- which acts at the same time to permit that man to see the projected world as it is. Thus he is liberated in the very act of performing his divine task. The two realms (1) the macrocosmos, i.e. the universe; and (2) the microcosmos, i.e. man, have analogous structures. 1. On the surface, the universe consists of a spurious projected reality, under which lies an authentic substratum of the divine. It is difficult to penetrate to this substratum. 2. On the surface, the human mind consists of a short-term limited ego that is born and dies and comprehends very little, but behind this human ego lies the divine infinitude of absolute mind. It is difficult to penetrate to this substratum. But if there is a penetration in the microcosmos to the divine substratum, the divine substratum of the macrocosmos will manifest itself to the person. Conversely, if there is no internal penetration to the divine substratum in the person, his exterior reality will remain occluded over by the artifact's spurious projected world. The point of entrance to effect this transformation lies in the person, the microcosm, not the macrocosm. The sanctifying metamorphosis occurs there. The universe cannot be asked to remove its mask if the person will not shed his. All the mystery religions, the Hermetic and alchemical and Christian included, hold the individual human as target by which to transmute the universe. By changing the person the world is changed.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
We were constructed to bring the Urgrund into wakefulness, and the instant we acquire anamnesis and faithfully reflect back the totality of the Urgrund, we bring it to consciousness. Thus we perform a major -- a necessary -- task for it. However, when we have performed that task, it will protect and support us forever; it will never desert us. Christ, in his statement in Matthew 25, makes clear that the attempt (with no envisioned goal of an ultimate nature, but merely human love and human help and human kindness) in itself is sufficient. What is not comprehended -- although the meaning of the passage is evident -- is that the poor, the hungry, the sick, the estranged, the naked, the imprisoned -- all are forms of the presiding deity, or at least must be treated as such. To act so as to clothe, to feed, to give shelter and medicine and comfort -- those all constitute reflections of the Urgrund to itself. Those acts are the Urgrund, made plural, ministering to itself in its diversified forms. No right act is too small to matter. We know the basis of judgment and we know the permanent consequences (such metaphors as "eternal fires," "eternal damnation," merely indicate that the decision once rendered is permanent; we are talking about the final disposition of the universe).
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The maker (of the world-projecting artifact) is here, in the animate debris of this world, his memories erased, so that he has no knowledge of his own identity. He could be any one of us, or a number of us, scattered here and there. The artifact, unaware of him, unaware that it is an artifact, unaware of its purpose, will eventually subject this memoryless maker located here to too much pain; this final excess of pointless, unmerited pain inflicted on the life form that, unknown to the artifact and itself, the maker, will cause anamnesis to occur abruptly; the maker will "come to himself," recall who and what he is -- whereupon he will not merely rebel against the artifact and its pain-filled world; he will signal the presiding deity Shiva to destroy the artifact, and, with it, its projected world.
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The Holy Spirit is regarded in the N.T. as an impregnating divinity; it was the Holy Spirit that engendered Christ -- and that Christ is transmuted back into, upon his resurrection. The human race assumes a yin nature, or female nature, with the Holy Spirit as the yang, or male principle. Man, then, does not evolve into God; he evolves into a womb or host for God; this is crucially different. Anamnesis is the birth, in essence the offspring of two parents: a human being and the Holy Spirit. Without the entry into the human being of the Holy Spirit, the event cannot occur. The Holy Spirit is, of course, the Pons Dei. It is the link between the two realms.