July 8th, 2005


girl in the café

kudos to eldest neice who {a} walked over last night to invite me to dinner (i don't have a phone), {b} noticed Girl in the Café (via foreign exchange) was on (she knew i wanted to see it) & {c} let me watch it in her room.

managed to watch it with a ton of family interruptions including silly english sheepdog giving me the paw demanding attention & please watch my iPod download. for some inexplicable reason began bawling my eyes out (as my best friend used to say) at the worst possible moment. maybe it was those british accents talking about 30,000 children dying daily. i'm only speculating. my sister's demon spawn came chattering in toward the end going dead stop in dead silence watching me crying. knowing those nosy two they'll probably watch the girl in the café out of curiosity.

think i will switch from coffee to tea & be phenomonally british for a moment. is it my imagination but wasn't the united states party to the current debt debacle? am i mishearing or is africa the only one being slapped on the wrist for its corruption? need to carefully research this before making unbounded & unfounded assumptions.

Over the past 10 years alone the US has killed over 100 million people in the third world with its economic policies. (source)