June 8th, 2005


Synchronous Continuous Contact

hadn't read Continuous Contact in months actually & never heard of Kittler before. so this posted before receiving most excellent book (also mentioned in k-punk's cc). IT noticed heightened synchronicity levels — so we're at SYNCON 3.

btw, Hyperstition's birthday is 19-June falling on Father's Day, US holiday to honor thy father. think a tie would be nice? Nakshatra for that day is JYESHTA (The Chief Star) mapped to Antares. since nick doesn't think much of the moon must slap on warning label: any previous info posted here concerning recent Moon-Antares occultation highly inapplicable & any resemblance to any of the four royal or watcher stars — including the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse — should be strictly ignored.

once i stop reeling from massive synchronistic overload will post cycle #71/11, but here's preliminary 19-June for Hyperstition:

Sunday, 19-June-2005 • Sunrise (La Puente) 12:41UT • Sun 28GE19 • Waxing Gibbous Moon 22SC21 at 89% Illum / 10 Days • VOC 20:08UT« • Biorhythm :: Physical -26%, Emotional 78%, Intellect -99% • BABALEL :: Befafes / Martis

Leo in Second House ‡ Self image, self worth, material security (Money). § GATES–#353-358 • Sahasrara (Crown) • #1-Dvadasï (Balaka) #2-Shubha-(G) #3-Valava; #4-Fire-Earth (arrow); #5-[JYESHTA] ~ (The Chief One) {Scorpio 16°40 to 30° :: Lord Mercury}—Ruler Indra, Ruler of the Gods reaching summit of our personal powers; karmic battles won by heroism, courage and cunning : Arohana Shakti (power to rise or conquer & gain courage in battle): ATTACK + DEFENSE = HERO • Water-Queen-Mem :: SATTVA (Calm, lucidity, balance) : Salt (Catalyst) : Typhon • Sivaloka ~ Khen[6]::Zin[3] • White Beryl (zin phung) ¥ Moon 15SC15 Exists Via Combusta 19-June @ 00:03:382332 UT (05:03:382332PM PDT on 18-June); Father's Day.

JYESHTA. Chief Star ("Elder Sister"; Goddess of Misfortune - Jyeshta is the symbol of all that is detestable, damnable and loathsome). Star: Alpha Scorpii (ANTARES).

BALAKA. Meditation: Four arms, three eyes, intoxicated with wine, wearing a garland of skulls, naked, formidable, with rising swelling breasts, holding a sword and a head in her left hands and a skull bowl and the threatening finger in her right hands. Seated in a fortress of skulls, she is like ten million fires of dissolution or suns. Mantra: Om Krim Hum Hrim Balaka Kali ati adbhute parakrame abhista siddhim me dehi Hum Phat Svaha.

[07] 13:47:06UT ~ EILOMFO : #353 : STIMCUL {EZARAQ AQ=129} : {UN-GER} : TALITHA (5)
[08] 17:47:06UT ~ NEOTPTA : #354 : ESEMELI {EZARAN AQ=124} : {UN-DRUX} : GALATEA
[09] 21:47:06UT ~ SAGACIY : #355 : AB {EZARAX AQ=132} : {UN-PAL} : DJYNXX {6::3}
[10] Red Vestal Flame ~ ONEDPON : #356 : IZED {EZARAO AQ=128} : {UN-MED} : DUBHE (7)
[11] 05:47:06UT ~ NOONMAN : #357 : MADIMI {EZARAR AQ=127} : {UN-DON} : ORCUS
[12] 09:47:06UT ~ ETEVLGL : #358 : S {EZARAZ AQ=132} : {UN-CEPH} : REGULUS (9)

should have posted this over an hour ago. however, still sorting through my pathetic list of Nakshatra descriptions. looking closely at star lists, comparing attribute discrepancies on different lists & what not. Jyeshta's deity is Indra (one of the chief gods in Rig-Veda; god of weather and war, and Lord of Heaven or Swargaloka) — but John Paltry's list has double typo (?): "Indri, chef of the gods". an Indri is one of the largest lemurs in Madagascar; Hymn IV. Indri in Rig-Veda; also see Chapter XXI from The Phoenician Origina of Britons, Scots & Anglo-Saxons (St. Andrew As Patron Saint With His "Cross" Incorporates Hitto-Sumerian Father-God Indara, Indra Or Gothic "Indri" - Thor & His "Hammer" Introduced Into Early Britain By Gothic Phoenicians).

Links: Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature | 1911 Encyclopedia | indri | indricothere | indri | indridae | Our Far Flung Correspondents (Madagascar) | Take Our Word For It


quinaries & timezones

got turned about with timezones yesterday.

La Puente 220 chart time is 5:47:06AM Pacific Standard Time on 20-Feb-2003. La Puente located in California in Pacific Time Zone; Standard time zone UTC/GMT -8 hours and during Daylight saving time (DST) offset from GMT by +1 hour (UTC/GMT -7 hours).

currently, La Puente is on Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on UTC -7 from 03-April to 29-October.

zodiac quinary = 5° & zodiac house = 30°. each quinary associated with Bonorum King & Prince (indicating day of the week) & their 42 Ministers divided into six 4-hour segements. these segments oriented to a natal chart (ie, 220 chart) where first time segment begins on the chart time (ie, 5:47:06AM or 13:47:06UT). when La Puente is on DST start time changes to 4:47:06 AM LOCAL TIME and 12:37:06 UNIVERSAL TIME (currently that's 5:37:06AM in La Puente). which is what was confusing me so much & i'm still sorting this out.

additionally, the grid i use has 12 houses listing all quinaries (72 quinaries = ShemhaMephoresh). each house represents 24 hours or 360° (4-hour segment x 6 quinaries = 24 hours). a zodiac house = a day & 12 days = a cycle (or "week"). therefore, the grid describes two time scales: One Day (One House) where a quinary = 60° = 4-hours; and 12 days (12 Houses, or Zodiac Wheel) where a quinary = 5° = 4-hours. (ie, 4-hours in a DAY vs. 4-hours in a WEEK; a day = 24 hours and a 12-day week = 288 hours).

example. for astroschyzy year one, cycle 1/1 from 20-Feb-2003 to 03-Mar-2003, the natal chart can be viewed as the entire 12-day cycle where natal sun {01PI30} is on 49th Quinary ruled by goëtic demon FURFUR & angelica LEKAB with Pisces in 8th House. however, since the first day of the grid is actually 20-Feb the entire natal chart is also the first house of cancer with can-leo on first quinary, vir-lib on 2nd, sco-sag on 3rd, cap-aqu on 4th, pis-ari on 5th, tau-gem on 6th. in Cancer natal sun is on 5th Quinary ruled by SITRI/MELAH.

this makes transits kinda interesting. the sun is currently transiting in gemini on the 70th Quinary (12th house, Gemini). however, 09-June falls on the 4th House (Libra).

incredibly confusing keeping track of all of this. i do need to change astroschyzy 4-hour segments from 13:47:06UT to 12:47:06UT to reflect time zone change. before i did this needed to unconfuse self. that means quinaries for 19-June need to change too.


Hyperstition's birth time (established by first post; 16-Jun-2004 post backdated) is 2:30AM BST (1:30 UT) falls on (this year) the 2nd House (Leo) on 4th Quinary (by house, or 10th out of 72):

[07] 12:47:06UT ~ EILOMFO : #353 : STIMCUL {EZARAQ AQ=129} : {UN-GER} : TALITHA (5)
[08] 16:47:06UT ~ NEOTPTA : #354 : ESEMELI {EZARAN AQ=124} : {UN-DRUX} : GALATEA
[09] 20:47:06UT ~ SAGACIY : #355 : AB {EZARAX AQ=132} : {UN-PAL} : DJYNXX {6::3}
[10] Red Vestal Flame ~ ONEDPON : #356 : IZED {EZARAO AQ=128} : {UN-MED} : DUBHE (7)
[11] 04:47:06UT ~ NOONMAN : #357 : MADIMI {EZARAR AQ=127} : {UN-DON} : ORCUS
[12] 08:47:06UT ~ ETEVLGL : #358 : S {EZARAZ AQ=132} : {UN-CEPH} : REGULUS (9)

still sorting all of this out. keeping in mind a DATE is the simplest (ha!) way to locate an event on the grid (describing transits). ie, next year Hyperstition's birthday falls in a different house — however, Hyperstition's natal sun (28GE06) is always on the grid's 12th House on the final quinary.

vestal flames refer to holy hexagram (see: The Elephant & The Tortoise & The Way to Succeed -- and the Way to Suck Eggs!) (more loshu, i think).


3:29PM PDT / 09-June