May 31st, 2005



this is what i usually put in my journal header (probabaly a ton of mistakes still):

12:47AM to 4:47AM (Galactic Core) • Star Cycle #3 :: 69/9 • Thelemic Cycle #101 :: 3045/15 • Monday, 30-May-04 • 2:44AM • Sunrise 5:42AM • Last Quarter Moon 09PI44 at 52% Illum / 21 Days • No VOC • Bio :: P 51%, E -78%, I 81% • BLUMAZA :: Bralges / Lunæ • Minister LNANAEB : Current Gate #372 : ILR {ARFOFM AQ=116} : {OR-TAL}. note: AQ=116 is the SDA name reduction (representing a zone on the sda) + all letters associated with the current mandala.

Sagittarius in Sixth House ‡ Work and feeling talented and useful (Servants) § SUNRISE–5:42AM • GATES–#377-382 • Sahasrara (Crown) • #1-Astamï (Tvarita) #2-Ayushmat-(B) #3-Valava; #4-Wa/Wa (elephant); #5-[UTTARABHADRAPADA] ~ (Burning Pair--Latter) {Pisces 3º20 to 16º40 :: Lord Saturn}—Ruler Ahir Budhnya, Serpent of Atmospheric Depths blesses world with beneficent rain; grants growth and prosperity in a broad way. Varshodyamana Shakti (power is bringing rain): RAIN CLOUDS + GROWTH = STABILITY OF 3 WORLDS • Air-Prince-Aleph :: TAMAS (Slothful Darkness) : Mercury (Power of Transmission) : Hermanubis ~ Devaloka ~ Li[5]::Dwa[5] ¥ Last 07PI30 @ 4:47AM PDT; Memorial Day.

The second (uttara) scorching pair. Astronomical constellation: Gamma Pegasi (ALGENIB). Uttaraprostapada (also known as Uttarabhadrapada) conveys the ideas of: power to restrain anger; protecting and caring for others; long journeys, renunciation, wisdom, knowledge. It confers wit, eloquent speech, prowess, virtue, self-control, happiness and fondness for children.

pancha means "five" in Sanskrit — so of course i think panchangam fits with pentagrams. i'm using Kālacakra Calendar by Edward Henning to plug in the basic data, adding Tithi's & inter-world communication (Bhuloka, Devaloka, Sivaloka & Subha Sivaloka) from Kadavul Hindu Panchangam (double-checking Tithi's using Panchangam by Excellent).

i've used the Kālacakra Calendar since January 2003 (no impowerments), but started using Kadavul Hindu Panchangam & Vaisnava Calendar Program last year. debated (tried & tore up several times) which one to use finally deciding on the Kālacakra Calendar.

Brief key (more later) : 12:47AM to 4:47AM is the current 4-hour segment & Galactic Core represents the natal point for the current quinary. Star Cycle #3 :: 69/9 means the third year from 20-Feb-2003, 69 is the number of weekly cycles & this is the 9th cycle (out of 30) for the year (25-May-05 to 05-Jun-05). Thelemic Cycle #101 :: 3045/15 means the 101st year from 08-Apr-1904, the 3045th weekly cycle & 15 is the current cycle (22-May-05 to 02-Jun-05). #1 Tithi (Fifteen Nityas for Shukla Paksha  bright fortnight  w/ Maha Tripura Sundari as Full Moon; Kali Nityas for Krishna Paksha  dark fortnight  w/ Shri Kalika Devi as New Moon), #2 (Yoga : B=Bad; G=Good), #3 (Karana), #4 (Element Pair for Weekday & Lunar Mansion) & #5 (Naçatra). more descriptive Kālacakra info & Devaloka & inter-communicaton between the Three Worlds.

first learned about Kālacakra prior to the HH Dalai Lama's Kalachakra Initiation in Graz, Austria October 11-23, 2002. btw, here are excellent graphics of the mandala, mantra & deities Kalachakra & Vishvamata & a 3D view of the mandala (avi) from the Graz site. Jhado Rinpoche's Introduction to Kalachakra & Questions & Answers helpful & informative.

Kalachakra tantra, deity & mandala called "Time Machine". KALA = TIME + CHAKRA = WHEEL. KALACHAKRA TANTRA = LIBER AL VEL LEGIS. links to time mechanisms (Antikythera, Astrolabe, Astronomical clock, Armillary sphere, Category:Clocks), various astro-time concepts (chronopolytics, Tibetan Astro Sciences, Comselha & Circle City, Godzilla Meets E.T Part 1 & Part 2) & mandalas (PEOAL, Kalachakra, Jacob's Wheel).

along the way found a calculator to figure out birth stars & will add these to 220 list


I am the Voice that appeared through my Thought, for I am 'He who is syzygetic' since I am called 'the Thought of the Invisible One'. Since I am called 'the unchanging Speech', I am called 'She who is syzygetic'Trimorphic Protennoia


originally thought of removing enochian gate stuff & replacing with numogram stuff. however, while finalizing calendar realized pentagram could connect to 93-Current using enochian gates while the Nine Numbers can connect to the numogram — how this stuff (Li[5]::Dwa[5]) is used. but first some nummy notes...

mouse over this image map of the numogram to see three types of info:

{1} Zones: 0 (0+9=9), 1 (1+8=9), 2 (2+7=9), 3 (3+6=9), 4 (4+5=9), 5 (5+4=9), 6 (6+3=9), 7 (7+2=9), 8 (8+1=9), 9 (9+0=9).

{2} Gates: Gt-00 (null), Gt-01 (0+1=1), Gt-03 (0+1+2=3), Gt-06 (0+1+2+3=6), Gt-10 (0+1+2+3+4=10, 1+0=1), Gt-15 (0+1+2+3+4+5=15, 1+5=6), Gt-21 (0+1+2+3+4+5+6=21, 2+1=3), Gt-28 (0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7=28, 2+8=10, 1+0=1), Gt-36 (0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36, 3+6=9), Gt-45 (0+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=45, 4+5=9).

{3} Currents: 9::0 (9-0=9), 8::1 (8-1=7), 7::2 (7-2=5), 6::3 (6-3=3), 5::4 (5-4=1).

of the five syzygetic demons two are Syzygetic Xenodemons representing the Warp (Djynxx) & the Plex (Uttunul); xeno means alien, strange, stranger & in this case, all xenodemons (there are 4 Chaotic Xenodemons) reside outside the Time-Circuit in zones 3, 6 & 9.

the Time-Circuit involves the triadic currents of the Syzygetic Chronodemons: Sink (5-4=1, Kattak), Hold (7-2=5, Oddubb) & Surge (8-1=7, Murrumur).

after making self woozy looking at all this realized (by then i found the Zone 4 lobby & sat down to catch my breath) there's an endless set of possibilites with the numogram. it wasn't until the calendric dust settled finally figuring out Lunar & Solar Nine Numbers on Kālacakra Calendar can be paired together. sometimes pairs correspond to Mesh numbers or one of the five syzygies. 5+5 is the game of decadence.

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astroschizy for tuesday, 31-may-2005

Tuesday, 31-May-05 • 2:49PM • Sunrise 5:42AM • Waning Last Quarter Moon 23PI33 at 41% Illum / 22 Days • 10:54AM«»5:09PM • Biorhythm :: P 73%, E -90%, I 90% • BABALEL :: Befafes / Martis : Current Gate ~ 12:47PM (ASMODEUS) ~ Minister SAGACIY : Gate #385 : ROCLE {ARFOFT AQ=128} : {OR-GISG}

Capricorn in Seventh House ‡ Personal relationships and intimacy (Marriage) § SUNRISE–5:42AM • GATES–#383-388 • Svadisthana (Sacral) • #1-Navamï (Kulasundari) #2-Saubhagya-(G) #3-Taitila; #4-F/Wa (lance); #5-[REVATI] ~ (The Abundant) {Pisces 16º40 to 30º :: Lord Mercury}—Ruler Pushan, Shepherd with nourishing milk; Lord of Paths; He leads, protects and gathers the herd in their movement, particularly to new pastures; creates abundance through providing proper nourishment. Kshiradyapani Shakti (power of nourishment symbolized by milk): COW + CALVES = NOURISHMENT • Water-Queen-Mem :: SATTVA (Calm, lucidity, balance) : Salt (Catalyst) : Typhon ~ Devaloka ~ Khon[6]::Khen[4] • White Beryl(zin phung).

Star of wealth. Astronomical constellation: Zeta Piscium. Revati conveys the ideas of: nourishing, supporting, guarding, protecting; developing, finality; prosperity, opulence. Revati confers popularity, courage, cleanliness and a wellformed body.

The uniting cords linking the two fishes of Pisces, branching from alpha through omicron, pi, eta, and rho to the tail of the northernmost Fish, and through xi, nu, mu, f, epsilon, zeta, and delta to omega that marks the tail of the one to the south, were Ptolemy's …, "thread," The Arabians knew these cords as Al H'ait al Kattaniyy, the "Flaxen Thread". Cicero called them Vincla, the "Bonds"; another name was Alligamentum linteum or luteum, divided by Hevelius into Linum boreum and austrinum. (SLM p. 336-345).

KULASUNDARI. Mantra: Aim Hrim Shrim Aim Klim Sauh Kulasundari Nitya Shri Padukam Pujayami Tarpayami Namah ("Aim Klim Sauh" comprise the Tripura bulb which is the united state of knower, knowledge and object of knowledge; the three humours of Vata, Kapha and Sleshma; and Fire, Sun and the Moon). Twelve arms and six faces, right hands holds coral mala (rosary), lotus, a gem-studded pitcher, drinking cip, lemon and displays the exposition mudra. Her left hands hold book, red lotus, golden pen, garland of gems, conch shell and boon mudra. Around her are hosts of Kinnaras, Yakshas, Devas and Gandharvas. Identical with Bala and placed in the Eastern lion-seat. EXPOSITION MUDRA: Vitarka, or Dhammachakka ('exposition' or 'turning of the wheel dharma')-When thumb+forefinger of one hand (vitarka) or both hands (dhammachakka) form a circle (similar to 'OK' gesture), the mudra evokes the first public discourse on Buddhist doctrine.

4:47AM (SGR 1806-20) ~ Minister EILOMFO : Gate #383 : EKIEI {ARFOFU AQ=124} : {OR-VAN}
8:47AM (MARITIMA) ~ Minister NEOTPTA : Gate #384 : HAGONÆL {ARFOFS AQ=122} : {OR-FAM}
12:47PM (ASMODEUS) ~ Minister SAGACIY : Gate #385 : ROCLE {ARFOFT AQ=128} : {OR-GISG}
4:47PM (VENUS) ~ Minister ONEDPON : Gate #386 : LIBA {ARFOF? AQ=97} : {OR-A-BAI}
8:47PM (PEACOCK) ~ Minister NOONMAN : Gate #387 : AVE {ARFOFB AQ=103} : {OR-PÆN}
12:47AM (GUTEMBERGA) ~ Minister ETEVLGL : Gate #388 : AN {ARFOFC AQ=109} : {OR-VEH}

zin-phung & yan-kwong

The final line in this example contains the phrase: zin phung. This is the name of one of the many earth-lords that are considered in the Tibetan version of Chinese astrology, and zin-phung is considered active on this day. This particular information has been requested by a group using this calendar. {Details of the Kalacakra calendar}

zin-phung is mentioned in Tibetan Elemental Divination Paintings: Illuminated Manuscripts from The White Beryl (selling for $495.00 US, btw), Chapter III: Geomantic aspects of the years, months, days and hours, White Beryl (Pages 128 - 129) (pdf).

Once the months and their attributes are settled, further symbolic information is added to the calendar, for the years and days. From the Chinese system this consists of the five elements and the twelve animals, the eight trigrams (known from the I Ching) and the nine numbers, all cycling through the years, months and double-hours (there are twelve of these in single day). These notes are about the Indian system of astrology, and only the briefest information will be given about the various attributes from the Chinese system. Unfotunately, very little is written in the English language about Chinese astrology, and the only substantial work is: Tibetan Elemental Divination Paintings, by Gyurme Dorje, published by John Eskenazi, 2002. {Astrology associated with Kalacakra}