May 4th, 2005


eta aquarids


AQ 31 = AL = HE = ID = LA = V

The eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks on May 5th and 6th. The best time to look, no matter where you live, is during the hours before local sunrise on both days.

This is mainly a southern hemisphere shower, but northern observers can see it, too. In the United States, for example, observers far from city lights might see 5 to 10 meteors per hour. In Australia or South America, rates are better, between 15 and 60 meteors per hour.

This year (2005) the eta Aquarid meteors will be streaming from a point in the sky coincidentally close to Mars. The red planet, which is approaching Earth for a close encounter in October 2005, is already eye-catching. Northern observers, step outside before sunrise, face east, and this is what you'll see.

Eta Aquarid meteors come from the most famous comet of all: Halley's Comet. Our planet passes close to the orbit of Halley's Comet twice a year. Although the comet itself is very far away [diagram] tiny pieces of Halley are still moving through the inner solar system. They're leftovers from the comet's many close encounters with the Sun. Each time Halley returns (every 76 years) solar heating evaporates about 6 meters of ice and rock from its nucleus! Debris particles called meteoroids, usually no bigger than grains of sand, gradually spread along the comet's orbit forming an elongated stream of space dust. Earth passes through the debris stream once in May and again in October.

The eta Aquarids are named after a star in the constellation Aquarius (The Electronic Sky). The star has nothing to do with the meteor shower except that the shower's radiant happens to lie nearby. (The radiant of a meteor shower is a point in the sky from which the meteors appear to stream.) The eta Aquarid's sister shower in October is called the Orionids, after the constellation Orion. {more}

BONUS: If you wake up early to look for eta Aquarid meteors, you'll also see the bright planet Mars. {}


astro 220

writing it out, throwing it against the wall, actually helps. you get it out of your head.

writing about that 220 star made me feel lots better. began to think of it like a teenager hanging around my hearth creating all kinds of havoc. thought of it eating popcorn actually. and i kid you not: on tuesday someone left some popped kernels at my front door. there was more when i got back. had to pick them up & throw them away. rotfl.

i did go through's archives from 01-December-2002 to 01-March-2003 to get a list of astronomical events. two biggest involved Comet Kudo-Fujikawa (called the Christmas Comet) discovered 13-December-2002 passing 0.86 AU near Earth on 20-February-2003 & Comet NEAT discovered 06-November-2002 closest approach 0.1 AU from the Sun (Mercury is 0.4 AU from the Sun) on 18-February-2003. additionally, space shuttle Columbia's mission ran from 16-January-2003 to 01-February-2003.

i was aware of each of these events as they occurred—so all of this, including the situation in Iraq, built up like a rolling snowball the closer i got to 20-February-2003. hopefully, i'll post a few more things as they occur to me & collect these posts together into a larger post.

on 16-January-2003, space shuttle Columbia (STS-107) left Earth at 9:39AM CST for a 16-day mission dedicated to scientific research (one of the experiements was SOLCON, measuring the variable brightness of the Sun). space shuttle Columbia was slated to end its mission on the morning of 01-February-2003 passing north of San Francisco at 05:53 PST & landing in Florida 24 minutes later. however, Columbia disintegrated over Texas during reentry into the Earth's atmosphere & all seven members of the crew (Rick D. Husband, William C. McCool, Michael P. Anderson, Ilan Ramon, Kalpana Chawla, David M. Brown & Laurel Clark) were killed 15 days, 22 hours and 20 minutes into the mission.

Columbia is a name used in the English language for many things and places. The name is derived from that of Christopher Columbus ... The name "Columbia" is/was a poetic name for the United States of America, which largely fell out of use in the early 20th century. This was the origin of the name District of Columbia. Columbia was also a female personification of the USA, similar to the male Uncle Sam and the British female Britannia, often seen in political cartoons through the early 20th century and still used by Columbia Pictures. {wikipedia}

more reports

SPACESHIP OVERHEAD: The 16-day flight of space shuttle Columbia (STS-107) is slated to end on February 1st. Sky watchers in central California, Nevada and southern Utah will have a splendid view of Columbia's re-entry just before daybreak on Saturday. If you live in that part of the world, be alert from 5:45 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. PST. Columbia will pass, e.g., north of San Francisco at 05:53 PST and south of Lake Tahoe soon after that. Glowing like an artificial meteor, Columbia could be visible for several hundred miles on either side of its ground track--but only from places (like California) where it is still dark when the shuttle passes overhead.

HOT COMET: Comet C/2002 X5 (Kudo-Fujikawa) is plunging toward the Sun. On Jan. 29th, it will be 0.19 AU from our star--even closer than Mercury! Intense sunlight will hide the encounter from sky watchers, but not from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), which is able to block the Sun's glare using onboard coronagraphs. C/2002 X5 entered SOHO's field of view on Jan. 25th and will remain visible until the end of the month.

COMET RECAP: It was lovely. Comet NEAT swung by the Sun this week even closer to our star than the planet Mercury. A coronagraph onboard the orbiting Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) recorded the lovely encounter. The SOHO movie, which spans 4 days, highlights the comet's bright billowing tail and its apparent intersection with a solar coronal mass ejection.

TADPOLES IN SPACE? Near the end of the day on Feb. 20th, a tadpole-shaped cloud appeared in SOHO coronagraph images of the Sun. Was it a weird coronal mass ejection? An errant piece of Comet NEAT? SOHO Deputy Project Scientist Paal Brekke reveals the answer below. "It is probably debris from the SOHO spacecraft itself," explains Brekke. "We have seen these things in several hundred images. It happens occasionally when bits of insulating material flake off the solar-facing surface of the vehicle. The strange shape could be explained by debris falling into the telescope. At the beginning of the 20-second exposure it is in front of the telescope and almost in focus (lower right). Then it falls towards the mirror and grows to a total blur."

links: Hot Shots from SOHO | Space Shuttle Columbia | Science that can't be done on Earth | STS-107 Shuttle Mission Patch | HSF - STS-107 | Space Shuttle Overview: Columbia (OV-102) | Space Shuttle Columbia disaster | The Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report | Space Shuttle Columbia & Her Crew



i have spoken of Set, but not the Vestals of the Western Quarter.

in the enochian system (usually) the Southern Quarter represents Water. the next quarter is West representing Fire. to me, the noble metals palladium (PD), rhodium (RH), platinum (PT), ruthenium (RU), iridium (IR) & osmium (OS) represent the Eternal & Divine Flame. this idea is from the Vestals. Rome's perpetual flame is attributed to Numa Pompilius (aided by Egeria).

Liberty Enlightening the World was a gift to the United States of America by France to commemorate the centennial of the American Declaration of Independence. however, she arrived ten years later (October 28, 1886). in her left hand she holds a tablet inscribed JULY IV MDCCLXXVI and in her right she holds high a torch. her crown has seven rays representing the seven seas / continents. she is known as lady liberty & the goddess of liberty. the flame she holds does not, technically, represent the eternal flame of the United States of America—but it's a good example of the modern idea of a perpetual flame.

an eternal flame can be thought of in two ways: that which begins, and that which ends. the Olympic Flame is a good example of both of these ideas: it begins the Olympic Games and continuously burns throughout the games & is extinguished when the games are completed.

the Vestal flame symbolized the Roman state; its continuation depended on the perpetual endurance of the flame itself and the purity of the women who tended the flame of Vesta. it was believed in Rome that once this flame was permanently extinguished—Rome would cease. the rites of Vesta ended in 394 when the fire was extinguished and the Vestal Virgins disbanded by order of Theodosius I ... known for making Christianity the official state religion of the Roman Empire.

links: The House of the Vestals (by Rodolfo Lanciani) | Vestales | Vestalia | Vesta | Temple of Vesta | Destroyed by Fire


humpty dumpty

someone sent me Julene Johnson's SKY WATCH report for May which mentions Sadalsuud. i posted eta aquarids yesterday but didn't mention it because the link wasn't available yet. tonight i was reading The Excruciation of Hummpa-Taddum and looked up HUMPTY DUMPTY on the biglist (created for the 03-March Moon-Antares occultation) it was near fixed star SADALSUUD. btw, i'm still "working" 03-March to evaluate any emergent thingamabobs.

Meteor Showers occuring near SADALSUUD (Beta Aquarii): {a} The Eta Aquarids (ETA) reach maximum on May 5-6th; {b} The Northern iota Aquarids (NIA) reach maximum around August 20th; and {c} The alpha Capricornids (CAP) shower also occur in mid-August and often produces fireballs. {radiant @ wikipedia}

The mathematician and occultist Charles Lutwidge Dodgson - whose precise relation to the AOE remains cryptic and ambivalent - dedicated his life's work to understanding the final degenerative phase of the Epoch of Hummpa-Taddum. Writing under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll he introduces his heroine Alice to the mad despot and pomo fuzz-technician, thinly disguised by the folk-name Humpty-Dumpty.{The Excruciation of Hummpa-Taddum}




on the biglist, TUTAGOOL rules Aries 14º–Aries 21º & 03-March transits include asteroids VESTA & REDQUEEN (this asteroid is 2 degrees from asteroid #777-GUTEMBERGA)

[463] ~ #17627-HUMPTYDUMPTY {24Aq19} [SADALSUUD] • Compass Rose: SW • ROOT CHAKRA {Muladhara} • DISTANCE: 233º FROM YILDUN @ PATH 21: INTELLIGENCE of CONCILIATION–The TWENTY-FIRST (Original #22) Path from Tiphereth to Geburah = ATU IV EMPEROR = ARIES = HEH :: EON PHASE: 24 (Phase Arc 225º ~ Waning Tri-Octile) : Contribution, Acceptance, Workable Philosophy, Disseminating • 31-STAR PRIME SERIES: [21]-[37]-[83] :: PRIME NUMBERS: [73]-[157]-[431] -- [[ TX PRIME [021] 073 = ((::)(:)) ]] #30-NAMMAMAD [AQUARIUS 18º–AQUARIUS 25º] ~ ZONE 8::2 Mirroracle: Cyclic Chronodemon of Subterranean Commerce; Shadows Surge-Current; 3rd Decademon; Voodoo in cyberspace (cthulhoid traffic); Completion as final collapse (heat-death, degenerative psychoses);Emergences (and things washed-up on beaches) • GOË-ANGELICA ~ #33-GÂÂP :: #47-AUSHAL [Day Demon :: AQUARIUS 20º–25º] (info :: v1.0) • WING OF THE WINDS: {(+)} Angel of Mercy: VIV + AL (Vivael)—VIHHƒ.

links: International Meteor Organization (ETA|NIA|CAP) | NAMN 2005 Meteor Shower Calendar | Eta Aquarids @ wiki | The Eta Aquarids

310 + 183 + 255 = 748


this is from the Fourth Enochian Key that represents the Water (South) Tablet on the Enochian Great Table: I Have Set My Feet In The South And Looked About Me Saying: Are Not The Thunders Of Increase Numbered 33 Which Reign In The Second Angle? Under Whom I Have Placed 9639 Whom None Have Numbered But One; In Whom The Second Beginning Of Things Are And Wax Strong; Which Also Successively Are The Numbers Of Time, And Their Powers Are As The First 456. Arise, You Sons Of Pleasure And Visit The Earth! For I Am The Lord Your God, Which Is And Liveth! In The Name Of The Creator, Move And Show Yourselves As Pleasant Deliverers That You May Praise Him Among The Sons Of Men.

in the iGed this is the Call of MAPM; on the table of MAPM appears the central name ETOR RAADHTSI & four cross names SATAI ADRHT LTOSM EIERN. these names refer to knowledge & mental abilities — My wisdom is fourfold, (the 4 names) these do fold me out to very specific areas, broad, common and subtle. We wish that subtlety becomes common.

interestingly, AQ 411 = DIGITAL HYPERSTITION = SATAI ADRHT LTOSM EIERN = YETZIRATIC PATHWAYS. in the united states, you dial 411 for information and 4-1-1 is slang for information. digital hyperstition is pandemonium & Thothtodlana (=ETOR RAADHTSI) is the Queen of the Worms (qabbalistically, the NIGHTMARE BITCH-GODDESS) & worm-sorcery (or vermomancy) is related to the Sarkontinuum — the pandemonium mesh. THE CROWNED WORM (= HUMPTY-DUMPTY) is mentioned in the Call of the GA.

When the world was born Thothtodlana entered into the secret of the Kattku and - confusing herself with the universe - circled the whole of time. That was when she swam through living flesh, her hunger unlimited and furious. She seemed doomed to devour herself forever. The dead knew no rest, and the earth shuddered. It was then that Ooqvu the worm-witch arrived amongst us. It was Ooqvu that found the pattern in the folds of Thothtodlana's skin, and followed it back to Tchukululok. It was Ooqvu that called to Thothtodlana from deep in Tchukululok, and released her from the Kattku. That is why we still carry the marks of Ooqvu on our skin. {Skin-Crawlers}