April 28th, 2005



don't know why the day view isn't showing up. looks like LJ is having system burps. but! i've got everything kinda coordinated. got links on uncommented pages (doh ... just had to use the thingy that links to comments). now that i have "moods" i won't stamp my feet at other blogs. :) and guess what?! i figured out to add a feed.

i'm so proud of myself.

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february 20th

continued from this thread

checking my notes for 20-February-2003 for the four time periods (pacific standard time): 5:47:06AM (Ascendant), 11:00:41AM (Medium Coeli), 4:14:17PM (Descendant) & 10:58:48PM (Imum Coeli).

previously (2001?) created 6 new "enochian aethrys" located at virgo & libra. (that's because when i was trying to plug 30 aethyrs [360 / 30 = 12] into my zodiac grid in excel LIL says to put her in the first Scorpio decan & think of any 3-letter name for the remaining decans. LIL, i realize later, is the first enochian spirit to "talk" to me). when i mention hudson's discoveries i'm focusing, primarily, on the platinum group of metals: their characteristics & their boiling points. however, it's the benzene ring structure i'm thinking of the most. after reading about hudson's discoveries i change the 6 decan names i made up to: palladium (PD), rhodium (RH), platinum (PT), ruthenium (RU), iridium (IR) & osmium (OS). the third character for these six names is the glyph for asteroid Vesta (a flame | djed).

based on this enochian lesser pentagram ritual i create a supreme pentagram ritual. for each time period i call (East, South, West, North): The Watchtower, God Names, Seniors, Æthyrs, Goetia and ShemhaMephoresh. the six flames are located in the South.

the most memorable thing during the ritual occurred in the Southern Quarter—the medium coeli, or the midheaven. probably the day before the ritual i discovered a beautiful set of adorations for Horus. so i used this at the beginning of the ritual (in the East). when i started the ritual in the South it was like: what about me?. it was Set. never had the feeling i was being chastised & it wasn't said angrily. what about me?

Later investigations on other Mesopotamian deities especially the Babylonian Nergal (and its influential cult – Kuthah – inspiring later solar cults in the Middle East) who appears to be the same lion-headed demon encircled by a coiling serpent and is a Zurvanite god reveal that Zurvan is connected with Salat, ‘at the middle’ and the noontime communications since the worshiping of Nergal, the god of war, pestilence and immolating tides of the Sun was a noontime ritual and mostly performed in summer. More pertinent than the above affinity, is the connection of Zurvan itself with noontime rituals: in early Avestan texts, Zurvan (the Aeonian Time or Zamaan) is usually accompanied by the words Rapithwina (Zohr or noon or twelve o’clock in the day), Dargha (Long, Late) and drâja-dareqa (with no begging and end). Occasionally the word Zurvan as Zaman points to a definite time which seems infinite: the noon (zohr). {Mesopotamian Mithraism}

the rest of the day i looked up everything i could about Set. already knew about him, just ... i dunno. (now i realize i never did find adorations for Set). one minute before the West (Fire) i have to rush to get ready—everything just hits me & i fall apart. i end the ritual doing the North with a feeling of emptiness. never completed the closing rite (but, might have done that the next day).