April 15th, 2005


Weekly Volcanic Activity Report

Weekly Volcanic Activity Report

The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report is a cooperative project between the Smithsonian's Global Volcanism Program and the US Geological Survey's Volcano Hazards Program. Updated by 2300 UTC every Wednesday, notices of volcanic activity posted on these pages are preliminary and subject to change as events are studied in more detail. This is not a comprehensive list of all of Earth's volcanoes erupting during the week, but rather a summary of activity at volcanoes that meet criteria discussed in detail in the "Criteria and Disclaimers" section. Carefully reviewed, detailed reports on various volcanoes are published monthly in the Bulletin of the Global Volcanism Network.

New Activity/Unrest

KRAKATAU Indonesia 6.10°S, 105.43°E; summit elev. 813 m; All times are local (= UTC + 7 hours)

On 13 April at 0800, DVGHM raised the Alert Level at Krakatau to 2 (on a scale of 1-4).

Background. Renowned Krakatau volcano lies in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra. Collapse of the ancestral Krakatau edifice, perhaps in 416 AD, resulted in a 7-km-wide caldera. Remnants of this volcano formed Verlaten and Lang Islands; subsequently Rakata, Danan, and Perbuwatan volcanoes were formed, coalescing to create the pre-1883 Krakatau Island. Caldera collapse during the catastrophic 1883 eruption destroyed Danan and Perbuwatan volcanoes, and left only a remnant of Rakata volcano. The post-collapse cone of Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatau), constructed within the 1883 caldera at a point between the former cones of Danan and Perbuwatan, has been the site of frequent eruptions since 1927.


TALANG Sumatra, Indonesia 00.98°S, 100.68°E; summit elev. 2,896 m; All times are local (= UTC + 7 hours)

On 12 April during 0340-0600, an eruption at Talang produced an ash plume that rose to a height of ~1 km above the crater (~12,800 ft a.s.l.). About 4 mm of ash fell in the village of Bukit Sileh, NE of the volcano. The Alert Level was raised to 4, the highest level. News articles reported that thousands of residents near the volcano evacuated. Several days prior to the eruption, a "gray ash cloud" was visible rising to ~100 m above the volcano's summit (9,800 ft a.s.l.).

On 13 April volcanic and seismic activity decreased in comparison to the previous day. A "white-gray ash plume" rose 250 m (10,300 ft a.s.l.) above Kawah Mati crater, and gas was emitted from Gabuo Atas crater. There was a decrease in the number of deep volcanic, shallow volcanic, and explosion earthquakes. Talang remained at Alert Level 4.

Background. Talang, which forms a twin volcano with the extinct Pasar Arbaa volcano, has two crater lakes on its flanks. The largest of these is 1 x 2 km wide Danau Talang. No historical eruptions have occurred from the summit of the volcano, which lacks a crater. All historical eruptions from Gunung Talang volcano have involved small-to-moderate 19th-century explosive activity originating from a series of small craters in a valley on the upper NE flank.


TANGKUBANPARAHU western Java, Indonesia 6.77°S, 107.60°E; summit elev. 2,084 m; All times are local (= UTC + 7 hours)

On 13 April at 0700 DVGHM raised the Alert Level at Tangkubanparahu to 2 (on a scale of 1-4) due to an increase in seismicity at the volcano. In addition to an increase in seismicity in comparison to the previous day, there was a strong scent of sulfur near Ratu crater. On the 13th at 1300 the Alert Level was raised to 3 due to a further increase in seismicity and the occurrence of tremor. No ash plume was observed. Visitors were banned from the summit and crater area.

Background. Tangkubanparahu is a broad shield-like stratovolcano overlooking Indonesia's former capital city of Bandung that was constructed within the 6 x 8 km Pleistocene Sunda caldera. The volcano's low profile is the subject of legends referring to the mountain of the "upturned boat." The rim of Sunda caldera forms a prominent ridge on the western side; elsewhere the caldera rim is largely buried by deposits of Tangkubanparahu volcano. The dominantly small phreatic historical eruptions recorded since the 19th century have originated from several nested craters within an elliptical 1 x 1.5 km summit depression. Tangkubanparahu last erupted in September 1983, when ash rose up to 150 m above the rim of Kawah Ratu.



Lalita Tripurasundari, the Red Goddess

Dear One, Tripura is the ultimate, primordial Shakti, the light of manifestation. She, the pile of letters of the alphabet, gave birth to the three worlds. At dissolution, She is the abode of all tattvas, still remaining Herself. —Vamakeshvaratantra

when you start drawing stuff in blood you're dealing with The Red Goddess, Lalita Tripurasundari. i was thinking of adding the 14th Harmonic to the biglist—wondering how to best set this up. decided the Nityas would be prefect. the fifteen nityas are aspects of The Red Goddess which correlate to the fifteen moon days of the Hindu calendar. Shukla Paksha is the bright fortnight when the moon is waxing ending with the full moon (Pournami) & Krishna Paksha is the dark fortnight when the moon is waning ending with the new moon (Amavasya). for the moon-antares occultation—instead of orienting to Yildun—i'd synch up the nitya phase with the moon phase during the occultation ... still working all this out.


Lalita Tripurasundari, the Red Goddess

What is Shri Vidya and what relationship does it have to the goddess Lalita and to her yantra, the Shri Yantra? Vidya means knowledge, specifically female knowledge, or the goddess, and in this context relates to her aspect called Shri, Lalita or Tripurasundari whose magical diagram is called the Shri Yantra. She is a red flower, so her diagram is a flower too.

The tantrik tradition views its symbols as having a gross aspect, a subtle aspect, and a supreme aspect. In terms of Lalita, the gross form is the image of the goddess with her four arms and so forth, the subtle form is as yantra, and the supreme form is her mantra, all three being the goddess in different aspects. Behind the sometimes colourful symbolism is deep wisdom coupled with practical methods for realising oneself.

Lalita loves puja. This term is usually translated as worship. However, this is misleading, as it introduces a duality into a process intended to bring the practitioner (sadhaka or sadhvika) to a non-dual position. There can be various pujas including daily rites, those performed at the four twilights, rites done for specific objects, optional rites done on festival days, or on otherwise auspicious days such as lunar eclipses or the entrance of the sun into a sidereal constellation, rites in assemblies or groups, and rites accomplished with a partner. Subhagodaya, on this site, is a translation which gives the full puja of Tripurasundari or Lalita.

Lalita means She Who Plays. All creation, manifestation and dissolution is considered to be a play of Devi or the goddess. Mahatripurasundari is her name as transcendent beauty of the three cities, a description of the goddess as conqueror of the three cities of the demons, or as the triple city (Tripura), but really a metaphor for a human being.

What then is a yantra? The word is usually translated as a machine, but in the special sense of the tantrik tradition refers to the Devi in her linear or geometrical form. Yantras, by the way, are always used flat. They may be two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Every aspect of Devi has her own mantra and yantra. The yantra of Devi Lalita is Shri Yantra. The divinity of the yantra always occupies the centre or apex.

The different parts or petals and lines of the yantra are usually arranged in concentric circles (mandalas) and contain rays or sub-limbs of devi. The Shri Yantra has nine of these mandals, each filled with various aspects of the Devi. In Shri Yantra there are 111 aspects. The Shri Yantra is said to be a geometric form of the human body, which implies that goddess as Macrocosm is one with human being as Microcosm.

the rest of the article includes: Formation of the Shri Yantra, The Nine Mandalas of the Shri Yantra, Yantra Mantra Tantra of Lalita, The Various Mandalas of Shri Yantra, Bala-Sundari-Bhairavi, Applications of Shri Vidya ... and much more.

Links: Yantra (Maria Strutz) | Phil Hine's Tantra Index | Bhairava: The Wrathful (Phil Hine)


the book of pleasure

Self-Love as a Moral Doctrine and Virtue

The criterion of action, is freedom of movement, timeliness of expression, pleasuring. The value of a moral doctrine is in its freedom for transgression. Simplicity I hold most precious. Are not the most simple things in the world the most perfect, pure, innocent, and their properties the most wonderful? Hence it is the source of wisdom. Wisdom is exactly happiness. In love pleasuring myself necessarily without excuse. Is this not perfection? Actions would appear unfathomable and incomprehensible, did they exhibit conformity to the great purpose. There are few who can attain to this! Who has no shame? Ecstasy in satisfaction is the great purpose. Freedom from the necessity of law, realisation by the very wish, is the ultimate goal. Law depends on two, two is uberty, millions . . . . Law is complicated. The second did not agitate, the first did not determine, nor was it compelled or proffered. Chance in sport is not prophecy; by it we have gained proficiency, sufficient to determine. . . . . Prepare for the Eternal, revert to simplicity and you are free. What man can give without impulse? Only he who has complete sexuality. The highest goodness is self-nourishment. What are we going to include as self? Perfect charity acquires, hence it benefits all things by not giving. What man can have faith without fear? Only he who has no duty to perform. When faith perishes duty to moral doctrines perishes, we are without sin and endure for ever in all-devouring love. What man can know with certainty? Only he who has effaced the necessity of learning. When teachers fall out, what is the use of learning from them? The wise are not contentious and have no dogma to expound . . . . rather are they silent as a new-born babe in feeding. What teacher can show the source of wisdom? It is because I know without learning; I know the source and can convey lessons without teaching. Knowledge is but the excrement of experience: experience its own repetition. The true teacher implants no knowledge but shows him his own superabundance. Keeping his vision clear he directs or leads him as a child to the essential. Having shown him the source of wisdom, he retires before gratitude or sentiment sets in, leaving him to fertilize as he wishes. Is not this the way of Heaven?

The Storehouse of Memories with an Ever-Open Door

Know the sub-consciousness to be an epitome of all experience and wisdom, past incarnations as men, animals, birds, vegetable life, etc., etc., everything that exists, has and ever will exist. Each being a stratum in the order of evolution. Naturally then, the lower we probe into these strata, the earlier will be the forms of life we arrive at; the last is the Almighty Simplicity. And if we succeed in awakening them, we shall gain their properties, and our accomplishment will correspond. They being experiences long passed, must be evoked by extremely vague suggestion, which can only operate when the mind is unusually quiet or simple. To have their wisdom does not mean the necessity of their bodies- the body modifies in relation to "means" (we travel faster than the hunting leopard, but do not have its body), when it is the means it changes accordingly. Now, if we observe Nature, the early forms of life are wonderful in their properties, adaptablility, etc; their strength enormous, and some are indestructible. No matter what the desire is, it always is its accomplishment. A microbe has the power to destroy the world (and certainly would if it took an interest in us). If you were to dismember its limb, the mutilated part would regrow, etc. So by evoking and becoming obsessed or illuminated by these existences, we gain their magical properties, or the knowledge of their attainment. This is what already happens (everything happens at all times) though exceedingly slowly; in striving for knowledge we repel it, the mind works best on a simple diet.

The Key to Prophecy

The law of Evolution is retrogression of function governing progression of attainment, i.e., the more wonderful our attainments, the lower in the scale of life that governs them. Our knowledge of flight is determined by that desire causing the activity of our bird etc. Karmas. Directly our desire reaches the stratum belonginging to those existences that can "fly" without wings- so shall we fly without machines. This sub-conscious activity is the "capacity," the "knowledge"; all other we acquire is of a negative or manurial value. The virtue of learning and acquiring knowledge by the ordinary means is in its worry and disappointment, of that degree which causes exhaustion: by that the desire might accidentally reach the real abode of knowledge, i.e., the sub-consciousness. Inspiration is always at a void moment, and most great discoveries accidental, usually brought about by exhaustion of the mind. My formula and Sigils for sub-conscious activity are the means of inspiration, capacity or genius, and the means of accelerating evolution.
The only teaching possible is to show a man how to learn from his own wisdom, and to utilise his ignorance and mistakes. Not by obscuring his vision and intention by righteousness.

had a question & was inspired to open my big black AOS book


this looks ominous

one of those no clean clothes days. handwashed a shirt & bra & ran to the laundry room. luckily, there was a dryer free.

finally go get it. walking out my front door i'm looking at #4 & see a small mound in front of the door. it's a dead gray bird on a bright sunny day. very beautiful actually. almost like someone deliberately placed it there. birds come around here a lot & the managers feed them with bird seed. i'm standing right next to this sad bird, a bird i've probably seen alive once, looking down at its neatly folded wings lying along its back. i stand there looking at it a long time. its little face & closed eyes seem almost human—it occurs somewhere in the back of my mind that it's got those cartoony Xs on its eyes. standing there i look up at the door & think my neighbor is in trouble. (i'm thinking "he's dead" actually).

i've hit the surreal zone because i was just reading someone on lj having a dream. suddenly their premonition is some kind of an advanced warning system setting off a feeling of foreboding in me. kicking off a mental domino with me visualizing 20,000 people on the other side of the planet shivering in fearful anticipation. is this bird some sort of overdose detector like those coal mine canaries? do these birds have a union with membership cards & pay their dues in bird seed?

i hear my next door neighbor throwing up almost daily. one time he threw up in the sink causing my sink to backup. he was chucking his guts out & all i could do was walk out of the bathroom & deal with that mess later.

the first time he asked for money he looked clean & alert. he was hungry. i gave him an egg one day, but that day he asked for $20 to go get something to eat. he was wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and floppies. he's got a big, blue, beat up truck tied up with string. dirty blonde hair & blue eyes (i think). he came back with food & paid me back as promised. the last time he asked for money he looked like raggedy andy & seemed jumpy. he asked me how i was doing but didn't hear me say "ok". he asks again, more forcefully, how are you? talking clearly i say "ok" looking at him through the screen door looking at me like i'm not following proper jumping bean etiquette. asked for another $20 but i was broke (i have my own addictions) & said i'd give him $2 bucks. he was in "big trouble" he said sadly, looking down at the ground.

ironically, the cops broke up a meth lab in that apartment several years ago. folks that lived there had small children. learned later that some child around here was abused. the police pounded on my door at 2am the first month i was here because someone heard a "child crying"—don't laugh, i was listening to my walkman & the wind beneath my wings made me extremely emotional. so a few weeks ago {1} a white guy is banging on number four's door, then {2} jim tells me the cops were banging on number four's door looking for somebody.

you get kinda suspicious when there's a white guy with black people coming to visit him in a white, rich neighborhood.

this is an interesting friday.


i work in a small building. someone managed to set the alarm without realizing elvis had not left the building. the alarm system engaged by the time i started running to the front door yelling. missed em. but managed to disable the screaming meanie & waiting a hotsec to see if anyone called or drove by with lights flashing.

the dead bird is no longer in front of number four. rang the bell before leaving, no answer. looked like it would take several more hours before the managers discovered its decomposing body. so i knocked on their door & told vickie. we walked over to the dead bird & poked it. it was still dead. a live version of the deceased perched serenely on a telephone wire. vickie told me she'd seen #4 that day & as we were talking a guy walked up, knocked on the door & the door opened.


Mertens function....

...is what you get when you invoke the Great Angel HRU concerning dead pigeons. the number 425 is equal (in hebrew) to sisters, confidences, tranquillity, verity & a conclave caesum (go figure). it also concerns, still with the hebrew, the messiah because it is the Work of Yah & the messiah, son of david since 124 is torch + 301 is fire and together—if you remember to add the kollell—equals Moshiach ben David. 425 occurs 51 times in the bible. in another gematria system 425 is redbird & ideate. i guess the idea involves imagining a redbird as a dead gray bird. the strange looking van in front of me with a big number 426 on the back refers to a sphenic, nontotient, untouchable number. but our number is the sum of three consecutive primes (137 + 139 + 149) & the Mertens function (if i use this term correctly) returns zero.

which brings me to John Derbyshire (that's DAH-bi-shuh in proper english) & his book Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics. this book comes highly recommended & is referenced all over the place including MathWorld: Mertens Function, Mertens Conjecture & the Riemann Zeta Function. crowley mentions riemann in the book of thoth (Atu XVII The Star) calling him (with Bolyai & Lobatchewsky) a mathematical prophet of the "new revelation". and for all undercurrent fans (i hear we are legion) there's this:

There are two main noun forms in Greek for the word, (1) hê mathê, and (2) to mathêma, whose stem is mathêmat- Both are derived from the aorist stem of the verb manthanein (math-). While this stem has no terminal vowel ("they learned" = emathon), and the final eta in the first form is just an inflectional ending, in all the various other forms, like the second from above, and the few derivatives (e.g., hê mathêteia = "instruction from a teacher;" ho mathêtês = "student") there is an intermediate eta. The big Liddell and Scott indicates no authentic Greek compounds where math is the first element, but it seems certain that there would be an eta there.

Alternatively, there is apparently an epic and Ionic form, to mathos, of hê mathêsis ("the act of learning," also "custom") that declines like to pathos, with a stem in epsilon, not eta, which blends with other vowels as necessary (hence "pathe-tic" but "path-ology"). Either way, we’re left in the Latin alphabet with mathephobe. Someone who is scared of numbers entirely, though, would be an arithmophobe, but I think we’ve had enough fun with Greek today.

Jimmy Neutron is equal to syzygial amplexus, gematria of nothing, european union & yarrow-stalk in a variety of other number crunching systems. which is what all this is about, really, since this big headed BOY GENIUS = MARK FISHER is equal to LIBER AL VEL LEGIS. ironically, i watched Substitute Creature the night before—Jimmy uses his DNA ACCELERATOR = NECRONOMICON on his gazillion old smelly spinach plant turning Miss Fowl—spinach seeds get burped into her mouth—into a 50-foot green-leafed godzilla terrorizing downtown Retroville . {Jimmy to Goddard} Bring my screwdriver and my special CD of town-saving music!



Mesh-31. Mummumix (Mix-Up). The Mist-Crawler. Pitch Ana-2. Net-Span 8::3 Amphidemon of Insidious Fog (Nyarlathotep) Decadology. C/tp-#4, Mj+ [4C]. Rt-1:[81723] Ocean storms (and xenocommunication on the bacterial plane). Rt-2:[8172563] Diseases from outer-space (oankali medicine). [+1 sub-Rt]. {Pandemonium}

It is not an accident or an invention of contemporary pulp-horror fictions that the sonic cartography of Near and Middle Eastern occult rituals (summoning and xeno-communication) is essentially constituted by incomprehensible audio-traumatic Murmurs and machinic ambience; Solar Rattle and its Chthonic auditory agitations have already been embedded within the immense capacity of vowelless alphabet to artificialize a diverse range of molecular-sounds and sonic compositions. Sorcerers and summoners know very well that to communicate radically, first they should strip their communication networks (cults?) from informatic signaling systems, grasping communication at the end of sign and informatic reality where the Solar Rattle installs communicative channels along with the Sun-Cthelll axis of magnetized Hell. {Tellurian Insurgency 1: Telluro-magnetic conspiracy toward the Sun: Solar Rattle}

xeno– :: VARIANT FORMS: or xen– PREFIX: 1. Stranger; foreigner: xenophobia. 2. Strange; foreign; different: xenolith. ETYMOLOGY: New Latin, from Greek, from xenos, stranger. See ghos-ti- in Appendix I. ghos-ti- DEFINITION: Stranger, guest, host; properly “someone with whom one has reciprocal duties of hospitality.”