February 10th, 2005


The Problem of Confusing Accepted Wisdom w/ Revealed Fact

Dr. Gerald Schroeder, M.I.T. supplies an endless font of material for mental analysis in his recent book "The Hidden Hand Of God". Everyone should read it as well as his book "The Science of God".

Distilled from Those many other sources I offer the following:

Around the 1970's the "Accepted Wisdom" of "Those in the Know" (Smart people with degrees who worked at colleges, were good spellers and were genetically superior than us common mud slapping country folk) was that life was the result of chance random reactions of atoms combining over large expanses of time. One chance occurrence would build upon another until self-replication and eventual mutation brought forth the first biological cell.:"BOING!"

How long a time did it take this process to occur from nothing to life: roughly 3 Billion years, the time between the first formation of liquid on Earth and the first appearance of life. Fossil evidence of that time seemed to support that conclusion. ... that is…it seemed to.

Atheists and assorted anti-Christian naysayers of course jumped on that explanation because it was convenient and was, after all, "scientific". After all, Louis Pasteur had squelched the idea of spontaneous generation long ago. Or did he?

"Given so much time the argument goes, the seemingly impossible becomes the possible, the possible probable and the probable virtually certain."- George Wald Professor of Biology at Harvard University and Nobel Laureate. August 1954 issue of Scientific American. Nice and neat.

Atheists, nihilists, etc, rejoiced, this proved their fondest dream...that God wasn't needed for life. They could continue their immoral, decadent, depraved and socially corrupt and degenerate ways or whatever, because there was not going to be any payback so to speak. If it felt good, do it. No consequences that can’t be fixed by a lawyer or a shot!

HOWEVER: IN THE MID-1970'S CAME THE SPECTACULAR DISCOVERY OF ELSO BARGHOORN OF HARVARD. Like Wald he assumed correctly that the first forms of life would be microbes.

Using an electron microscope he searched the surfaces of rocks taken from the oldest stone able to bear fossils.

To the amazement of the scientific community fossils of fully developed bacteria were found in rocks dating back to 3.6 billion years! Surprise surprise!

Further carbon dating indicated the beginning of such life at 3.8 billion years ago! Not just in one place...but everywhere over the entire planet...all at once!Hmmm.

Overnight the concept about "billions of years of random reaction" in warm little ponds full of interesting and exotic materials leading to that first microbe of life...evaporated. Burp!

Apparently, in an instant geologically speaking, everywhere over the Earth, life appeared. Almost as if a switch was snapped...or a command was given..."Let There Be Life". (Click!) Ahhh...hold it just a second there. Wasn't that supposed to be impossible?

Atheists fell over in a swoon. Then they awoke gnashing their teeth, rending their clothing, and biting at their own wounds.. A wail of despair was heard about the planet by these creatures of darkness. Then they defensively said, "it really didn't matter...it still didn't prove that it was God that flipped the switch."

Yeah sure, just someone an awful lot like him huh? After all it was kind’a dark, nobody had a positive ID. Could’a been anyone.

The problem was that now there was just not enough time around to accomplish by random "bumping around", to create life. Think of it this way. Take a big box of letters and shake it up. If I give you an hour you will be able to spot lots of words. No long sentences though. How long would it take with a really large box and lots and lots of letters to shake that box enough to form a book? Lots of books? All the books in the Library of Congress? Never. That's because unless you have something to "lock" the proper words in position further shaking just disorganizes those already formed words into meaningless letters again. Chaos to order to chaos.

Well OK, given an infinite period of time all finite combinations will eventually occur but don't bother with the math. Trust me that probability is zero. Some try to come up with various ways that this "locking up" could occur but it just doesn't ssem sound. They forget that entrophy wears things down depletes energy (life) and simply destroys things. These "things" being shaken around at the molecular level were fragile.

The chances that all these forms of bacteria could (Geologically speaking) instantly appear everywhere over the Earth is akin to the Library Of Congress challenge with the box of letters. There is of course much, much more evidence revealed to support the intelligent design concept of similar nature. But I thought this was one easy to wrap your brain around or chew on for a while. And no..the above hasn't been refuted...it's just been selectively ignored.Or, someone jumps up and simply says "Im smarter than all those Scientists,and thinkers and my solution alone is the right one because I'm an Atheist and to disagree with me would show bigotry." (?)

Does this "disprove evolution"? Nope. Certainly strains it a bit when it comes to the first creation though doesn't it? [quantum thought]

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