January 19th, 2005


Maritima @ Phase 27 on 22-Jan

Solar Eruption: 17-Jan-2005 @ 06:59 UTC
Location: Space Environment Center, Boulder, Colorado, 105w16/40n01
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The large and dynamic active sunspot region, numbered by NOAA as Region 720, has produced several strong solar events. Five large solar flares produced moderate (R2) to strong (R3) radio blackouts since 15 January. The largest of these solar eruptions, an X3.8 on the GOES-12 x-ray sensor, occurred today at 17/0659 UTC (near local midnight MST). Short-wave radio communications through the sunlit hemisphere of Earth experienced significant signal degradation during these solar flares.

Associated strong geomagnetic and radiation storms are underway. The radiation storm began on 16/0210 UTC (15 January, 7:10 P.M. MST) and is currently at the S3 (strong level). A G3 (strong) geomagnetic storm began early on the 17th (UTC) and remains in progress. The geomagnetic storm is associated with two coronal mass ejections (CMEs) observed on SOHO/LASCO imagery on 15 January.

A third Earth-directed CME was observed today following the X3.8 flare. This CME is expected to impact the geomagnetic field on 18 and 19 January with strong (G3) to severe (G4) geomagnetic storm levels. The radiation storm in progress now is expected to continue for several more days.

Active Region 720 is a large and complex sunspot cluster. Further major eruptions are possible from this region before it rotates around the visible solar disk on 22 January. Agencies impacted by solar flare radio blackouts, geomagnetic storms, and solar radiation storms should continue to closely monitor the space environment through the remainder of this week.

Asteroid #912 Maritima currently Phase 26 from fixed star Yildun. On 22-January at 05:57:55 UTC, Maritima goes Phase 27 (approximately when sunspot #720 reaches farside of sun). Yildun @ 01Cn17 and Maritima @ 18Pi07, 257º10'00.0008''.

[•] 23-Jan-2005 :: 1999 RG33 (26Ge54Rx) OPPOSITE GC (26Sg54) @ 15:27:198777 UT
[•] 23-Jan-2005 :: #911 Agamemnon at GC (26Sg54) @ 20:51:329316 UT (175º Yildun, Phase 18)


The Person as Absolute Particular

Kierkegaard’s notion of den Enkelte is situated in its Hegelian context as "self-equal and immediate." C.S. Peirce’s notion of the person as idiosyncratic idea is contrasted as "other-equal and mediate." An understanding of the person as "other-equal and immediate" is proposed.

That there might be an absolute universal does not immediately discomfort thought. Take for example the Thomistic notion of being itself as the universal agent of creation. Likewise that there should be an absolute individual is not intrinsically a problem for thought. Consider the Hegelian notion of the Absolute Individual that is the Divine Mind. But that there should be an absolute particular would appear to be a contradictio in adjecto. This was certainly Kierkegaard’s notion concerning the spiritual category of den Enkelte, the "single," the "particular" person who, in the extreme, existed on the far side of the universal (a place non-existent for reason) in passionate commitment to the absurd notion that the eternal begins in time ...


Iconic Treatise on Gothic Futurism

Assassin knowledges of the remanipulated square point one to 720deg


from (1979) Testo tratto da "Graffiti - East Village", di Tommaso Tozzi, 1984, tesi presso l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze


Electromagnetic energys knowledge conformed in a stable formation function protection around any planet gives basis base for development of disease culture, on any planet with enough natural resources to conceive bacteria as long as the orbit is the right postition for that vital resource. Humans being disease culture (the body) spirtis being gaseous energy (disease culture manipulation). Death is remanuplation only be electromagnetic knowledge energy leaving disease because of malfunction of inhabited disease culture, other deaths are only CHANGE. Electromagnetics knowledge disperses back into the course of the Van Allen Belts (in purity) ° dianetical path, continuing on in evolution's path. Knowledge is scattered throughout Van Allen Belt in minute knowledge particles. Life. Electromagnetics in a photonic stage to conduct energys knowledge light (pure thought) which is in all atoms inhabits compatible disease by fusing into diseases DNA nervous system structure codeplan to energize the cerebrum before its embryotic stage sharing and manipulating and being manipulated with the composed knowledge of the atometric D x N =. A molecules and at the end of cellular construction is conformed into biochemical energy and is dispersed through motor neutron. This structural symbolic procedure code connects the Van Allen Belt as a symbol ° and a basic symbol and language for structural symbolic translations transformations of slanguage for energys purpose through the manipulation of insight and onsight of enerty and inhabited diseases. These completed symbols are: Roman, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, and any other symbol NOT resembling latter languare symbols or pictograms. Knowledge knowledges knowledge, the elevation of Wild Style knowledge is concluded as a SYMBOL DESTROYER, ARMORED, MEDIEVAL MECHANISM. This formation shall be known as IKON_ OKLAST PANZERISM: R.O.K.: GOTHIC FURURISM, THIS IS WILD STYLE CORRECTED [hard cutback]