January 25th, 2004


Sigillum Dei Æmeth

There are 15,120 permutations of the 3-by-7 array where all columns equal 33, but only a subset of these (don't know the number) trace a heptagram. I know there are at least 84 possible heptagram combinations if you factor in spokes (7), rings (3), direction: clockwise, counter-clockwise (2), and orientation: up or down (2).

Why is this important? In the Sefer Yetzirah these letter permutations (231 Gates) are used for meditation: Place them in a circle, like a wall with 231 gates. You are actually supposed to build this brick by brick, wall by wall, and deck them like a ceiling. (See Benjamin Rowe's Enochian temples). Once you have built this edifice, you use it to create or destroy by reciting the alphabet in direct or reverse order. In Aryeh Kaplan's Sefer Yetzirah he writes about a group of disciples trying to create a creature. They go in the wrong direction and sink into the ground up to their waists. To free them, the alphabet was recited in reverse order.

Kaplan also writes that the lines connecting the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the gates. Therefore, I think the the 21-number array can be considered an abstract form of this concept. Which makes me wonder why the "essential" Jacob's Wheel mandala (AL Mandala) is not at the center of the master mandala. I understand the reasoning behind placing Shin-Pluto at the center of the master mandala but what concerns me is that this astrological system cycles through all mandalas except the one representing perfection and that the spokes for that mandala do not equal 33. I created a diagram to illustrate the Jacob's Wheel concept. The column at the far right gives the spoke order. Counting the numeric values of the letters for the first spoke (Tau, Kaph, Qoph) equals 52, and the remaining spokes equal 30. I think the ALBaM Cipher does two things: it lists the letter-pair cycle and provides the master mandala pattern, so I created an image to show how this works:

Pondering all these issues I looked at the Sigillum Dei Æmeth as a master mandala. The SDA illustration in Liber Juratus shows three distinct hexagonal shapes that match the three-rings of Jacob's Wheel. Interestingly, once I was able to see where to plug everything in I noticed that there's not one heptagon—there are two. The first one is created by the 7 planets (Sons of Light) and the second heptagon are the 3 outer planets and the first 4 zodiac signs. Notice how Uranus (8), Neptune (9) and Pluto (10) create an upward triangle. Factoring precession, the first sign is Pisces (11), Aries (12), Taurus (13) and Gemini (14) ending with the remaining planets (Cancer to Capricorn) spiraling counter-clockwise.

{Sigillum Dei Æmeth Mandala (Number)} {Sigillum Dei Æmeth Mandala (Enochian)}

Instead of spokes I like to think of them as zones. The schematic for this arrangement shows how Aquarius represents our 22nd Enochian letter (should we ever find one), and the first GAVaX code: BP. These letter pairs always seem to occur on the first spoke (or zone) of the 1st and 2nd rings. I'm 98% sure that this is the Enochian master mandala. The remaining question involves orientation. The best way I can explain it is by example: you and I are facing one another, we both point left; you and I are standing side-by-side and we point left; you're in the northern hemisphere and I'm in the southern hemisphere and we're both pointing up. Is the SDA a blueprint or a mirror?


Enochian Master Mandala

Looks like this. Mandalas were generated like this. Revised the breakdown table to make it easier (hopefully) to understand—also added angel names from the SDA. Created tables to determine, assuming Aquarius started in 1904, where things would be now (sorta like, where's the current?) : year | years passed | {letter, name, sign-planet, angel}. I set this up where Crowley was in the center of the SDA in 1904 and noticed that if you create a call going backwards the Aquarius code goes forward. Begin in the center of the mandala and keep in mind you're following that as a road map. Enter the ?-L Mandala and notice the Aquarius "token" is now in first position. You're going to watch that move forward as you vibrate the names backward. As you continue to vibrate the letter pairs the "token" continues to move forward. If you vibrate the letter pairs in order (1 to 22) the "token" moves backward. The "token" represents the new aeon of Aquarius.

I'm preparing a call with 484 letter pairs where you cycle through the entire master mandala. I'll explain things better when I'm not so pooped!

Created all the mandalas.....the first mandala is the master mandala and also the mandala at the center. GAVaX codes are in red and the "token" representing Aquarius is in gold. The front letter pairs are in green, backs in blue. Also check this diagram to see the direction of energy.

1 B-P 12 P-B
2 C-Q 13 Q-C
3 G-N 14 N-G
4 D-X 15 X-D
5 F-O 16 O-F
6 A-R 17 R-A
7 E-Z 18 Z-E
8 M-U 19 U-M
9 I-S 20 S-I
10 H-T 21 T-H
11 L-? 22 ?-L