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while looking for mexican asteroids on wiki, found {solemn drumroll} Divergence Eve

Divergence Eve Volume 1

Divergence Eve is the story of a dark, spooky evil hidden in the far reaches of another universe. Divergence Eve also has an almost all-female cast, each of whom comes equipped with her own personal pair o' torpedoes. In other words, this is a serious sci-fi story awkwardly coupled with absurd amounts of bouncy big-breasted fanservice from every female character over the age of 16. Although an experienced anime viewer will pretty much know exactly where things are going in this series by the end of the first volume, the story shows promise and is interesting enough to leave you wanting to see what will happen next.

The plot (which, in an interesting twist, shows what appears to be the climax of the series in the first episode, before giving us the backstory in the episodes that follow) focuses on two people. One of them is 18-year-old Misaki Kureha, a low-level space cadet with a dark secret that's so secret even she doesn't know about it. Imagine a cross between KOS-MOS from the Playstation 2 game Xenosaga and the title character from Amazing Nurse Nanako, and you'll have a pretty good idea of what she looks and acts like.

We soon find out that Misaki is one of those cheerful, clumsy young girl protagonists so common in anime; the ones who can't seem to do anything right, but through a combination of irrepressible cheer and determination manage to get by anyway. Misaki's tribulations include getting shot down eight times in a combat simulator, falling asleep during her medical exam, and bursting out of her clothes at the slightest provocation during encounters with her alien foes (to the undoubted delight of the show's intended audience). But nevertheless she remains a goofy, naïve ray of sunshine in an otherwise grim and unfriendly world. She's also usually as confused and unsure of what's going on as the audience, which gives her a sympathetic perspective of the world of Divergence Eve.

Divergence Eve: Plot Spoilers

In the year 2017, a satellite on Earth detects a gravitational imbalance in the direction of Lyra, initially believed to be a black hole. Its suspicious X-ray emissions are subjected to noise removal algorithms, revealing the voice message recorded aboard a fictional future Voyager spacecraft, still in the solar system. Before the cause can be determined, additional identical signals are detected throughout the year from other distant gravity-based phenomena. This is considered proof of faster-than-light travel, and the wormhole responsible is pinpointed to be in the core of Saturn's moon Titan. By temporarily entering a baby universe still in a state of cosmic inflation, the signal was able to bypass the known laws of physics and travel at infinite speed. The wormholes themselves became known as Inflation Holes.

blah blah, blah blah.

Luxandra Frail (ルクサンドラ・フレイル) Oldest of the cadets at 23 years, Mexican cadet Luxandra's original goal was to be an astronomer. While working towards this, she found herself caught in a near-deadly encounter when an asteroid struck her passenger ship en route to Jupiter, contaminating it with an unknown virus. She escaped with facial scars, but declined to have them removed as a reminder of her new decision — to become a soldier, one who would put her life on the line to save others, as she herself was saved. She idolises Lyar in this respect.

what's interesting about the Voyager stuff is this from today's

CURIOUS ASTEROID: On February 22nd, a small asteroid named 2006 DQ14 flew past Earth at a distance of 1.2 million miles. But was it really an asteroid? 2006 DQ14 follows an orbit around the sun strikingly similar to Earth's. This raises the possibility that the "asteroid" is actually space junk originally from our own planet. 2006 DQ14 was last near Earth in Sept. 1977, about the same time that NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft was launched atop a Titan III Centaur rocket. Stay tuned for updates.

di·ver·gence n.

[Latin dīvergere : Latin dī-, dis-, apart; see dis– + Latin vergere, to bend.]

  1. a. The act of diverging.
    b. The state of being divergent.
    c. The degree by which things diverge.
  2. Physiology. A turning of both eyes outward from a common point or of one eye when the other is fixed.
  3. Departure from a norm; deviation.
  4. Difference, as of opinion. See synonyms at deviation, difference.
  5. Biology. The evolutionary tendency or process by which animals or plants that are descended from a common ancestor evolve into different forms when living under different conditions.
  6. Mathematics. The property or manner of diverging; failure to approach a limit.
  7. A meteorological condition characterized by the uniform expansion in volume of a mass of air over a region, usually accompanied by fair dry weather.

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