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ever since i heard about the destruction of the Askariya Mosque i've been trying to think of something similar — something to help me understand how people were feeling there. but, couldn't think of any religious building that, if it was destroyed, would generate the same feeling. all i could think of was my old catholic school.

several statistics mentioned on Anderson° just now; 60% of the population, subjugated under Hussein's rule & numerous deaths because of the insurgency. nothing, however, has created such an outcry until this destruction.

checking my feed, BooMan & Thoughts on Destruction:

Philip Kennicott has an excellent essay in the Washington Post discussing the destruction of the Askariya shrine in Samarra, Iraq. Kennicott compares the destruction of the Askariya shrine to the destruction of the World Trade Center, and, for me, the comparison really hit home.


{Why Did You Kill Her?}


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