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Liber Loagæth

Recently, I re-read a page describing the angel Galvah's instruction to John Dee concerning 110 letters in Liber Loagæth. Dee was supposed to order these letters into 5 groups of 21 letters. The lightbulb flashed. Please keep in mind: I don't have any additional information concerning these letters and don't have the original source documents where this information is located. But I've always been interested in seeing a connection with Jacob's Wheel and Enochiana because of JW's connection with Enoch's vision.

First, what's significant about the number 21 is that adding 1 through 21 totals 231—the 231 Gates of the Sepher Yetzirah (He placed them in a circle like a wall with 231 Gates).

The 110 letters: Loagaeth seg Loxi brinc. Larzed dox ner habzilb adner doncha Larb vors-hiroba exi vr zedmp taup chinvanc chermach Lendix nor zandox.

There are 109 Letters in this passage: A (12), B (5), C (6), D (7), E (9), G,(2) H (7), I (7), L (6), M (2), N (9), O (8), P (2), R (10), S (2), T (2), U (1), V (3), X (5), Z (4).

Whether the number is 110 or 109, we can create five tablets of 21-letters (21 x 5 = 105). If the total letters are 110 then 5 letters are removed to obtain 105 letters (B or X); if the total is 109 then 4 letters are removed (Z). 105 = To subvert, ruin, change (HPK); Desert land: Earth of Netzach (TzYH).

Proto-Hebrew gematria 105 = (ynmda) Reddish; ruddy, red-faced, red-headed, rubicund, florid // (kph) To turn, turn over/about/into/back; to invert; to change, overthrow, overturn; to convert; to destroy, upset; to be turned, changed; contrary, reverse, opposite, oppose // (hpk) To force, bend, compel, coerce; to press, overturn; to throw over/off; to invert; a vault, dome; cap, skullcap; top of palm tree; prison // (hkp) Flow; bubble, drip, gush, pour.

The instructions by the angel Galvah to Dee concerning these 5 letter groups reminded me of Patrick Mulchay's mystical and magickal mandalas. These mandalas are based on magical "squares" using the numbers 1 - 21 where the columns and/or rows equal the same number. Each of the Mystical Mandala columns = 33, and each of the Magical Mandalas columns = 33 and rows = 77. The Mystical Mandala represents Spirit and the Magical Mandalas represent the elements. Patrick uses the Mystical Mandala (AL Mandala) to order the 231 Gates of the Sefer Yetzirah on a circle with 3 rings and 7 spokes to create Jacob's Wheel. These 231 Gates are 231 Hebrew letter pairs matching the ALBaM Cipher pairs. The 22nd Hebrew letter is placed in the center of the mandala changing the sum of the spokes from 33 to 55.

{image of arrays for Mystical and Magical Mandalas}

The number 33 equals the Hebrew word GL (Gal, Gol) and shares the same root for GALGAL (GLGL) that is used 5 times for the wheels in Ezekiel (10:2, 10:6, 10:13, 23:24, 26:10). Hebrew Gal means heap (of stones), spring, wave, billow; and represents a heap of stones over a dead body, a heap of stones alone, or heap of stones to ratify a covenant. Hebrew Gol means basin or bowl of a lamp or the bowl-shaped portions of the two pillar capitals in the temple. Gol is only used once in the bible: Zechariah 4:2 And said unto me, What seest thou? And I said, I have looked, and behold a candlestick all of gold, with a bowl upon the top of it, and his seven lamps thereon, and seven pipes to the seven lamps, which are upon the top thereof: 3 And two olive trees by it, one upon the right side of the bowl, and the other upon the left side thereof. (Zerubbabel means "seed of Babylon" and he is also mentioned in this chapter; Zechariah means "renowned or remembered").

The number 33 is also mentioned in the Fourth Enochian Key: "I Have Set My Feet In The South And Looked About Me Saying: Are Not The Thunders Of Increase Numbered 33 Which Reign In The Second Angle?".

It's possible to relate the structure found in Jacob's Wheel to the Enochian system using Galvah's 110 letters and the Enochian alphabet. With the 110 letters we'd remove 5 letters and generate five arrays based on the Mystical and Magical mandalas. These permutations transform each of the five letter groups which can then be interpreted. If we create five wheels with these five mandalas we can place the omitted five letters in the center and account for all 110 letters. We can also create five similar mandalas using the 21-letter Enochian alphabet. Since there is no 22nd Enochian letter, the value of all spokes remains 33.

The total number of spokes for Jacob's Wheel is 147. Counting all the spokes for the five Enochian Wheels equals 735 = Tiphareth, 42-fold Name in Yetzirah (BMRTzThG). A "42-fold Table" and the "42-fold name of God" are mentioned in ZON, 3rd Æthyr.

An additional 35 column array can be created with 105 numbers. AGLA appears on back of the Sigillum Dei Æmeth and in Hebrew its value is also 35. Each column equals 159 = Surpassing Whiteness, Vide 934 (BVTzYNA); Point (NQDH); 934 = Coruscatio vehementissima; splendor exactissime dimeticus (BVTzYNA DQRDYNVThA). The best translation I can come up for Coruscatio vehementissima; splendor exactissime dimeticus is The Lightning Flash; the Exact Dimension of Splendor. Paleo-Hebrew gematria 159 = "shadow whose purpose is to inhibit"; and, Paleo-Hebrew gematria (DQRDYNVThA) 775 = salvation (teshuah) -- "measurement of wisdom in expression in understanding of life". This 35-letter permutation also provides a different interpretation of Glavah's passage to Dee.

{105 Number Array}
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