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flower numerology

Flower Numerology

Here in the U.S., flower numbers don’t carry much, if any, significance. Do they look fresh, smell sweet? Do they arrive at all? Who’s counting, we ask? Lots of people, it turns out.

{2005 Kashmir earthquake} {South Asia Earthquake} {Flowers of Jammu & Kashmir} {Early Masterpiece Shawls of Kashmir} {Kashmir — People Get Ready}

note: one of the craters on asteroid #253-MATHILDE named after Quetta, Pakistan; discovered 12-Nov-1885 by Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa who also discovered #652-JUBILATRIX; #914-PALISANA named in his honor.

050827 Mathilde         0 cp 56'21.3193   0.1538045  -14°38'10.3466    1.388927013
050827 Palisana        15 cn 37'21.8736   0.3182281   17° 6'14.3390    3.408165707

{Recent NEA} On June 6, 2002 an object with an estimated diameter of 10 metres collided with Earth. The collision occurred over the Mediterranean Sea, at approximately 34°N 21°E and the object detonated in mid-air. The energy released was estimated (from infrasound measurements) to be equivalent to 26 kilotons of TNT, comparable to a medium-size nuclear weapon [1]. At that time India and Pakistan were at a heightened state of alert, ready to initiate a nuclear war with each other. If this asteroid impact had hit in this area the results might have been catastrophic.

{Pakistan National Symbols} The national flower of Pakistan - Jasmaine. Jasmaine is found in all corners of Pakistan and is grown not only in wild, but in the gardens of almost every household.

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