northanger (northanger) wrote,

gematria agents

right now, cross-checking one big list of words against, oh, 7 gematria systems. silly me ... invented three! after awhile, using the nummy thingy, began to see distinction between singular gematria, multi-gematria and collective gematria. singular gematria: one person creates a word list using one gematria system. multi-gematria: one persons uses multiple word lists and multiple gematria systems. collective singular gematria: several people use one word list and one gematria system. collective multi-gematria: two or more people create multiple word lists using multiple gematria systems.

think the current nummy word list is free-form: doesn't follow defined structure, theme (discursive?). using a database-driven gematria system made me realize that there were words i wouldn't ever consider entering, and that another person may phrase something differently—different pov.

word lists can be generated for a particular subject. ie, computer terminology word list. it may not be a good idea to blend together a computer term list with ::thinking:: car terminology. would a current meme list (world events, talking tv tubbies, etc) work with a computer terminology list? prolly, can generate a (what? goal-oriented?) word list using a multi-agent system schema.

the study of gematria provides another layer of information not readily available. the new information may invite a call to action. it can provide instructions. maybe a collective gematria system can allow (provide, instruct, inform) autonomous agents a mechanism to (a) integrate movement, (b) anticipate future events, (c) input real time data, (d) yadda.


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