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Asteroid #501-URHIXIDUR (Natal & Transits)

{Asteroid #501-URHIXIDUR}

massive brain dump of natal & transit conjunctions for #501-URHIXIDUR to look at H5N1 situation.

durn. vortex egg's old blog had swarming stuff — got pings for "clouds" (nephele|prudentia), "swarms" (bobobja|krill), "pestilence" (bobobja|AIDs|venereal), poetry (odin|chloe|edda) & flower (prudentia|uganda|chloe). Netherlands came up several times. wiki :: Swarm - One of the most striking behaviours of a school is its synchronization. Hundreds of small fish glide in unison, more like a single organism than a collection of individuals

{SwarmWiki: agent-based modelling} {Networks, Swarms, Multitudes (1)(2)}.

UPDATE [11-Feb|06:41] :: Timeline of fictional future events (21st century)Pandemic kills 99.9% of all women in Battle Tanx Global Assault and the world's population over the age of puberty in Jeremiah.

050827 Urhixidur       12 li 59'52.1933   0.2916250  -12°17'18.8521    4.232028251
050827 Boliviana        3 ge 17'36.1846   0.3342555   25° 0'25.4590    1.822952681
050827 Erynia          29 cn 40'22.5220   0.5126849   17°20'12.1732    2.830848678
050827 Wolfiana         5 aq 39'53.3206  -0.1484432  -15°25'18.7777    1.067887503

natal URHIXIDUR {13LI00} PRUDENTIA {12LI30}, VENUS {12LI47}, PELE {13LI00}, FARO {13LI21}, ODIN {13LI35}, KAALI {13LI42}, CHERRYH {13LI44} & ALETTA {13LI47} in 11th House :: VIRGO [EARTH][M][–] :: Aquarius [AIR][F][+] Future, life goals, friends & groups [Friends]; RULER: Uranus; POLARITY: Pisces. Pandemon :: BOBOBJA (Beelzebub, "Lord of the Flies"), Amphidemon of Teeming Pestilence; 7th Phase-limit; Strange lights in the swamp (dragonflies, ET frog-cults); Swarmachines (lost harvests). EON-33 - Dissolution / Formation, Catabolic Forces, Tests of Fitness, Intuitively. Porta :: #14-VINDEMIATRIX, "the son", or "branch, who cometh".

Cycle #14 : URHIXIDUR {05SG32} conjunct SHENZHOU {04SG40}, KRYL {05SG01}, UGANDA {05SG03}, NEPHELE {05SG05}, TAUNTONIA {05SG27}, CHLOE {05SG38}, EDDA {05SG39}, RUSSIA {05SG49}, FITZGERALD {06SG11}, NOT {06SG41} @ EON-1 - Unrealized Potential, Karios, Morphic Fields, Archetype.

#827-WOLFIANA conjunct TRUE_NODE {05AR39Rx} & POCAHONTAS {05AR43}.

Natal Conjunctions

PRUDENTIA, (Prudent, "to provide for"; common sense); see: Dear Prudence by the Beatles: Dear Prudence let me see your smile / Dear Prudence like a little child / The clouds will be a daisy chain / So let me see your smile again.

{Flos Duellatorum, The Flower of Battle} name given to one of the editions of Fiore dei Liberi's fight book, written in 1410 ... best known image from the Flos Duellatorum is the sette spade (seven swords) diagram at the beginning of the longsword section (fol. 17A), reminiscent of the first image of the Codex Wallerstein. It is a figure of a man, divided by seven swords centered on the body, representing the poste or guard positions. This is surrounded by four animals, representing the main virtues of a fencer: on top, the lynx, holding a compass represents prudentia.

VENUS, Second planet from Sun; named after Roman goddess of Love, Venus (Greek: Aphrodite); Venus closest to a circular orbit; With Moon, only planetary body that can be viewed day & night; Referred to as "Morning Star" & "Evening Star"; Venusian commonly used for Venus, but Latin adjective Venereal, avoided because of its modern association with sexually transmitted diseases.

PELE, Goddess of fire, lightning, dance, volcanoes & violence; Enochian Ring, Latin for "He will work wonders".

FARO, Fårö, parish of Gotland island, Sweden; home of Ingmar Bergman.

ODIN, "highest god in Norse mythology and Norse paganism, like West Germanic Woden continuing Proto-Germanic *Wodanaz. His name is related to óðr, meaning "excitation," "fury" or "poetry," and his role, like many of the Norse pantheon, is complex: he is god of both wisdom and war. He is also attested as being a god of magic, poetry, victory, and the hunt."

KAALI, "small group of 9 meteor craters in Saaremaa, Estonia ... explosion that caused the craters is estimated to have happened 4000 ± 1000 years ago (Holocene). The power of the impact (greater than the Hiroshima bomb) burned forests within a radius of 6 km. It has been speculated that the event has played a part in the mythology of the region".

{Kaali meteorite in ancient legends} Lennart Meri has analysed the possible reflections of the Kaali catastrophe in human recollections in his books "Hõbevalge" and "Hõbevalgem", connecting Saaremaa with the mythical Thule, supposedly visited by the Greek traveller Pytheas in 325 BC, and also with the place of worship of the Germanic goddess of land, Nerthus, described by Tacitus. Besides the written sources, the falling of the Kaali meteorite was indubitably reflected in the folklore and mythology of several peoples. The falling of Sun from the sky, which, depending of the location of the observer, could occur altogether in the wrong quarter of the horizon, the terrible crash, the all-demolishing impactwave, the cloud of dust and forest fires indubitably left a deep impression in the people of that time. Several verses of the Finnish epic "Kalevala", the ancient Germanic "Older Edda" as well as in the folklore of Estonia and the neighbouring peoples indicate that impression. [see asteroids: THULE, NERTHUS, TACITUS, EDDA, KALEVALA].

{Kali} "one of the consorts of Shiva. Her name seems to be a female version of the word 'kala' (Sanskrit for 'dark' or 'time'- time in this form being a euphemism for death); it also means Black Female, in contrast to her consort, Shiva, who is white".

{Kali Yuga} "last of four Yugas—upon its conclusion, the world will 'reboot' into a new Satya Yuga (Golden Age). This involves the end of the world as we know it and the return of Earth to a state of paradise. Kali Yuga began at midnight (00:00) on 18 February 3102 BCE according to the Surya Siddhanta, which is an astronomical treatise that forms the basis of all Hindu and Buddhist calendars."

ALETTA (Italian?: Winged One), first name of 2006 Pacific hurricane season; previous hurricanes named Aletta; first woman university student & first woman physician in Netherlands, also opened the world's first birth control clinic; Dutch gold medalist at 1984 Summer Olympics (Netherlands field hockey competed first time); Aletta Jacobsprijs, women's emancipation prize awarded by University of Groningen, Netherlands (motto: The word of the Lord is a light for our feet); Name days in Hungary: Aletta - December 16th; wife of South African cardiac surgeon Christiaan Barnard (first open heart transplant); name of South African academic, businesswoman, medical doctor & anti-apartheid activist; named after South African astronomer (ALETTA's discover) Cyril V. Jackson's wife.

CHERRYH, Sci-Fi Writer C. J. Cherryh; uses "very tight limited third person" or "intense third person" writing style; story told from pov of the current viewpoint character, but the only things that get narrated are what the viewpoint character notices or thinks about.

Cycle #14 Transits

SHENZHOU, see Cycle #12 Notes.

KRYL named for Czech singer-songwriter Karel Kryl (29th Greatest Czech), "author and interpret[er] of many "protest songs" in which he strongly criticized and identified shortcomings and inhumanity of the communist regime". also related to KRILL:

Krill (Norwegian: young fry of fish) ... small crustaceans ... eaten by: baleen whales, Mantas, whale sharks, Crabeater seals and other seals ... bioluminescent animals having organs called photophores that are able to emit light. The light is generated by an enzyme-catalyzed chemoluminescence reaction, wherein a luciferin (a kind of pigment) is activated by a luciferase enzyme .... swarming animals ... [as] defensive mechanism ... diurnal vertical migration. They spend the day at greater depths and rise during the night towards the surface ... Dense swarms may elicit a feeding frenzy among predators ... Disturbances of an ecosystem resulting in a decline of the krill population can have far-reaching effects ... Historically, the largest krill fishery nations were Japan and the Soviet Union ... Nowadays, the largest krill fishing nations in the Antarctic are Japan [okiami], followed by South Korea, Ukraine, and Poland.

Uganda (see: AIDS in Africa) ... hailed as a rare success story in the fight against HIV and AIDS, widely being viewed as the most effective national response to the pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa. See also:

Impact of the flower industry in Uganda (2000) — Background :: Maize, sorghum, millet, peanuts and flowers are being targeted to reinforce economic policy reforms as part of the structural adjustment programme ... Commercial floriculture is still a new industry in Uganda, dating back to only 1993. Cut flowers, cut foliage and, to a lesser degree, pot plant cuttings are the main outputs. Cut flowers include a variety of roses, chrysanthemum cuttings, carnations and summer flowers. This study will focus on flowers. The major flowers grown in Uganda are roses. The total area under production is estimated at 75 hectares, comprising 35 varieties, divided almost equally between sweetheart and hybrid tea types (table 2). Around 20 rose projects exist, located in Kampala, Mpigi and Mukono, the furthest from Kampala being one in Lugazi, about 30 miles distant. Performance of the industry :: Rose production is mainly for export markets in Europe. There are a number of marketing strategies for Uganda cut flower exporters: selling through the Netherlands auctions; direct sales through a Netherlands import/export company; and direct marketing to German and British supermarkets. Weather :: Although Uganda is blessed with favourable climatic conditions, recent disturbances associated with the El Niño rains have affected most agricultural production. Employment and incomes :: free tea and lunch!

NEPHELE (Greek: nephos, "cloud") ... the cloud whom Zeus created in the image of Hera to trick Ixion — Aer( )sculpture :: "the objective of this project was to realize what seems unrealistic and crazy: a cubic cloud, a cloud delimited in space by six square invisible planes ... the driving force of this project is not scientific interest, but human imagination itself. Strong imagination is the communal point between artists and scientists ... The space era material silica aerogel brings its natural beauty, immateriality and ambiguity to the sculptural mediums and opens new perspectives to the artist’s imagination. Expressing silica aerogels artistically also stimulates the scientist to see how his/her research can be applied toward the creation of forms much more complicated than test tubes and disc samples. Hundreds of drawings and ideas await their realization, and for that we need open collaborations with scientists, companies, and institutions."

TAUNTONIA, Taunton, Massachusetts (The Silver City, The Christmas City, City of Firsts) ... [First town founded by a woman] Most of the town's settlers were from Taunton, Somerset County, England (on lands of our own bought with our money in peace, in the midst of the heathen) ... The British founders of Taunton purchased the land from the native Wampanoags (see: Origins of Thanksgiving).

taunt :: To reproach in a mocking, insulting, or contemptuous manner; A scornful remark or tirade; a jeer.

CHLOE (Greek: Young green shoot); another name for Demeter; Greek shepherdess, lover of Daphnis (Greek daphne, "laurel" or "bay-tree") &mdash shepherd, inventor of pastoral poetry, taught by Pan to play the pan pipes; genus of hawk moth (Sphinx moth; feeds on flower nectar; see: Xanthopan morganii praedicta), and a moon of Saturn (discovered 06-May-2005).

EDDA (could mean "poetics"), Old Norse minstrel poems.


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