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"Be honest about what you see, get out of the way and let the story reveal itself." hey, anderson has a blog; 09-Feb show: You can't focus, you hate to be touched, a normal life is impossible. 360° investigates Asperger Syndrome.

went to see Dr. Young thursday to get lab results. not diabetic & my cholesterol numbers a-ok. surprise! asked him about getting tested for aspergers & he said he'd look it up in his books at home. gave him the autism society's phone number. asked me what i knew about it & all i could spit out: highly functioning, obsessional, etc. got the impression that he'd like to figure out how to diagnose this himself. we discussed zoloft & i noticed i was more regular, retained less water, etc. — but felt awfully "depressed" (sleepy mostly). however, willing to keep trying. maybe 50mg too much so he gave me a six week supply of 25mg tablets. i didn't, he said, seem like i was very depressed anyway. probably, i told him, not working with a normal schedule exacerbated my symptoms. Dr. Young mentioned Jesus when i was leaving, how that helped him (he's retired). the sweet thing about him: he's learning Spanish carrying one of those learn Spanish books.

had to come all the way home & take a nap before before waking up thinking about that orchid plant. it's on Maria's reception counter — gorgeous, tall thing with plastic wrap around it like from a florist. didn't notice it at first because lobby full of people. noticed it when things cleared out asking Maria about it. wouldn't say who sent it to her.

think all the doctors volunteer their time to provide health services for this predominately hispanic community. food trucks & lots of hispanic-looking guys standing around. ironic, had my sister's copy of Time's 06-Feb cover, Inside America's Secret Workforce, to read while waiting for the doctor. ending essay by Sherman Alexie, Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Indian, When the Story Stolen Is Your Own.

not enough money to get real coffee, so drinking coffee crystals. bad bad ... really bad ... coffee, but it'll do.


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