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Asteroid #512-TAURINENSIS

The XX Olympic Winter Games will be held in Torino [or Turin], Italy from February 10 to February 26, 2006. This will be the second time that Italy has hosted the Olympic Winter Games, as it hosted the VII Olympic Winter Games in Cortina d'Ampezzo in 1956, and the third time overall that Italy will have hosted an Olympic Games, as it also hosted the Games of the XVII Olympiad in Rome in 1960. The official logo displays the name "Torino", the Italian name of the city called "Turin" in English. The Olympic mascots of Torino 2006 are Neve, a female snowball, and Gliz, a male ice cube.

Turin (Italian: Torino; Piedmontese: Turin) is a major industrial city in north-western Italy, capital of the Piedmont region, located mainly on the west bank of the Po River. The population of Turin city is 908,000 (2004 census), but with its metropolitan area totals about 1.7 million inhabitants. The province is one of the largest in Italy, with 6,830 sq. km, and one of the most populous, with 2,236,941 inhabitants at the 2004 census ... The name of Turin comes from Tau, a Celtic word that means mountains. The Italian name, Torino, happens to mean "little bull" in Italian; hence the coat of arms and the symbol of the city. The area was settled by the Taurini in pre-Roman times ... The Cathedral of St John the Baptist houses the Shroud of Turin, an old linen cloth with an imprint of a man, which is believed by many to be the cloth that covered Jesus in his grave. The Museo Egizio has the most important collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world after the Cairo Museum.

After Alexandria, Madrid, New Delhi, Antwerp and Montreal, Turin has been chosen by UNESCO as World Book Capital for the year 2006 because of its activity of book and reading promotion, especially with the International Book Fair, one of the most important fairs in Europe of its kind ... Turin was also the city were the FISA (international rowing federation) was born in 1892 ... [and most important!] Turin is the birth place of solid chocolate. It was in Turin that Doret invented a revolutionary machine that could make solid chocolate as we eat it now at the end of the 18th century. Turin produces a typical chocolate, named Gianduiotto after Gianduia, a local Commedia dell'arte mask, and many other kinds of chocolate in a host of confectioneries all around the city.

Amedeo Avogadro (1776-1856) - Biologist (see: molarity, Avogadro's number & law); Joseph Louis Lagrange (1736-1813, born Giuseppe Luigi Lagrangia) - Italian-French mathematician & astronomer (see: Lagrangian point & Lagrange crater) Giuseppe Peano (1858-1932) Mathematician (see: Latino sine flexione, Formulario mathematico, Peano curves & Fractal).

Turin Asteroids :: #512-TAURINENSIS (Turin), #10957-ALPS, #12294-AVOGADRO, #9987-PEANO & #1006-LAGRANGEA.

050827 Taurinensis     29 le 53' 1.4329   0.4125036   15°24' 5.6658    3.643169690
050827 Alps            14 sa 16'46.4885   0.1192645  -17° 1'48.7338    2.863156454
050827 Avogadro         9 sc 28' 5.9053   0.4311801  -15°56' 8.9784    2.396896457
050827 Peano           18 cn 36'41.6772   0.5103110   18° 6'29.3042    2.615492834
050827 Lagrangea        5 sc 10'42.7869   0.1989499  -21°51'13.7915    4.424773324

{hopper asteroids}

natal TAURINENSIS {29LE53} conjunct WEISSE_ROSE {28LE47}, LUMEN {28LE49}, RANSOME {29LE11}, VULCAN {29LE26}, PEREGRINA {29LE34}, CONSTABLE {29LE37} & REGULUS {29LE54} in 10th House :: Capricorn [EARTH][C][–] Career, social stature & destiny [Career]; RULER: Saturn; POLARITY: Aquarius; Pandemon SKARKIX (Sharky, Scar-head) Amphidemon of anti-evolution (eddies of the Delta); 4th Phase-limit; Hermetic abbreviations (history of the magicians); Sacred seal of time (triadic reconfirmation of the cycle); Apocalyptic rapture (jagged turbulence); EON-28 - Integration, Vision, Crisis of Meaning, Congruency.

Cycle #14 : TAURINENSIS {17LI34Rx} conjunct ODDUBB {17LI45} @ EON-34 - Evaluation, New Seed Released, Gathering Harvest, Analyzing; also conjunct WAGNER {16LI25Rx}, WHITE_MOON {16LI36}, SPICER {18LI02Rx} & NAUSIKAA {18LI34Rx}; see: Jupiter Enters New EON Phase, Cycle #14 Notes & Cycle #14 Astroschyzy (10-Feb).


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