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Pocahontas @ EON-36

POCAHONTAS needs to (approx) reach Libra 27°16'57.45" to enter EON-36. that occurs on 31-Dec-2006 @ 11:44:410618 UT; however, factoring in equinoxes, solstices, time changes & a 12-day stepsize, POCAHONTAS reaches EON-36 on Cycle #42 :: 07-Jan-2007 to 18-Jan-2007 (Year #2, Cycle #12).

070107 Pocahontas      29 li 40'12.3062   0.3053104  -15°13'23.6266

[9999|{7::2}] ~ #4487-POCAHONTAS {29LI40} • Princess of the Powhatan Indians & daughter of Emperor Powhatan; Captured & held hostage by Jamestown colonists in 1612; Learned English, baptized Christian & married John Rolfe (first successful tobacco grower) changing name to Rebecca Rolfe; Virginia families trace their lineage to descendants of Thomas Rolfe, their son; See: POTOMAC • DECLINATION: 15º13'23.6266"S • DISTANCE: 332º23'15" from Zero Point @ EON-36 (Phase Arc 330° ~ Waning Semi-Sextile) Fruition, Creative Imagination, "Last Judgement", Closing • 827 CHART: (1) 05SG17, 0º49'44.9270"S @ :EON-1: (Unrealized Potential, Karios, Morphic Fields, Archetype).


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