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Asteroid #6817-PEST (draft)

{Hyperstitions within Hyperstitions} In Persian mythology, Jnun are descended from Jeh or Jay or Jahi (also Jehika), the first anti-creationist agent engineered by Ahriman’s own body, the daughter of Ahriman who awakened his father from ten thousand years of sleep to spawn a pest-legion, Jahi is the first woman whose mission was to undo the entire pro-creationist / survivalist project of Ahura Mazda. In Arabic folklore, Jnun are daughters of Lilith. Rûb-al-Khâlie, in which Al-Hazred settled for ten years, was inhabited by Jnun (a female legion) not Jinn (Male ones); so following CCRU’s suggestion that Djynxx diagrams the Outside (zones 6:3 or the warp region of the numogram), Abdul Al-Hazred has communicated with the female side of the Outside (Jnun) for writing his nocturnally enciphered Necronomicon. The other side of the Outside, is ‘It’, the epidemic, the ungrounded becoming, the cosmodrome. Jnun possess not to take over but to make open -- lay, crack, butcher open (As in the case of the Moroccan jinniya, Aisha Qandisha, or Aiesheh Ghediseh who is also called the Opener). 'Being possessed by Jnun' (things that never rest), this was the only solution Abdul Al-Hazred found to communicate with the Cosmodrome of the outside. Becoming woman via Jnun is a direct link to ‘It’, the cosmodromic current of the Outside. There is another fascinating hyperstition here: Why does Lovecraft frequently call Al-Hazred, the ‘mad’ poet or the ‘mad’ Arab? Because while communicating with Jnun (who in Arabic / Farsi folklore narrate untold stories to the one who becomes open to them, as in the case of Lilith who tells forbidden stories to travelers before devouring them) as the female current / agencies of the Outside, radical madness is inevitable; for Jnun, once again, means delirium, maddening love, terminal madness as the result of being laid open by the Outside. Jnun is not compatible with the western definition of Madness. It cannot be translated properly, but suffice to say that it is mainly constituted by three elements and is developed through their compositions: Possession, Love and utter Openness.


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