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Cycle #14 :: Jupiter Enters New EON Phase

Jupiter :: Zone 5 & Oddubb

JUPITER 30º59'19" from ODDUBB {7::2} & enters new EON phase: EON-2 (Phase Arc 30° ~ Waxing Semi-Sextile) Germination, Emergent, Fluid, Coming into Focus, Trad vs. New.

ODDUBB {7::2} syzygy influences EON phases 1 & 34-36 (1st, 11th & 12th Houses) — keep in mind, JUPITER's natal position {17LI45} is in the 11th House - Future, life goals, friends & groups [Friends] & its natal phase is EON-34 Evaluation, New Seed Released, Gathering Harvest, Analyzing.

from Parker's Astrology (from 1991 edition):

Keywords: Expansion — intellectual and physical

Jupiter protected the city of Rome, and he both blessed warriors before going off to do battle and greated them when they returned afterwards. He had the power to punish as well as reward them, and was a frequent hurler of thunderbolts. Astrologically associated with Sagittarius (once Pisces), the planet Jupiter is concerned with learning, philosophy and languages. Its influence can encourage optimism, loyalty and justice — but can make a subject over-optimistic, extravagant, self-indulgent and conceited.

JUPITER's pandemon BOBOBJA : (Beelzebub, "Lord of the Flies") Amphidemon of Teeming Pestilence; 7th Phase-limit; Strange lights in the swamp (dragonflies, ET frog-cults); Swarmachines (lost harvests). natal Porta #13-MERGA marks the Reaping-hook held in the left hand of the Herdsman Bootes (see: An Indian Runs Through It) transiting Porta #18-KHAMBALIA "Crooked-clawed"; probably similar to Swastika.

phase shift impacts: ZERO_POINT, ORCHIS, PHILOSOPHIA, FOMALHAUT (Porta #34, First Frog), DENEB KAITOS (Porta #38, Second Frog), BALDWIN (Baldwin Effect) & asteroids related to light (LUCIFER), thunderbolts (STORM, RUDRA), loyalty (FIDELIO, FIDUCIA), etc.

ODDUBB :: Eye of newt and toe of frog
{Engineering Demon Convergence}

DYNAMIC PRESENCE: strange attractors
METAL ASPECT: magnetic attractors, currency (deception), precious metals
BLOOD ASPECT: circulation-currents, dangerous communication, transport system
MAGNETIC FIELDS: telepathic strange attractor labyrinths

swap the inside outside round. do it on camera. fiction jokes are on them. surface of the body is madly detailed/intense and changing strange attractors/reflects surrounding on its skin. it is intimate with you through sound and visual.

... it is hard to imagine that Shakespeare wasn't remembering an invocation of Oddubb when he wrote the words of the Weird Sisters' spells.

By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.

{Macbeth} Blood and bloodshed :: At the beginning of the play, Macbeth’s army has just defeated Norwegian invaders in a gruesome battle. A captain is mortally wounded and the king remarks on it, “What bloody man is that? He can report, as seemeth by his plight” (Act I Scene III). Blood thus symbolizes the advent of a messenger, the admonitions of God or nature displaying man his future in red letters. The cauldron of the witches, that whispering-post of the Fates, is filled with blood.

 • DAMOCLES {16AQ15} conjunct TRUEBLOOD {16AQ18}, MAGNANIMITY {16AQ36}.

 • DENEB_KAITOS {02AR40} conjunct ASBOLUS {04AR10} mysteries of blood, innocent blood, TRUE_NODE {05AR39Rx}, POCAHONTAS {05AR43}, COMPASSION {06AR06}.

 • GUDRUN {16GE06} "Thou giver of swords, / of thy sons the hearts, All heavy with blood".

 • ARABIA {13CN09Rx} conjunct TRUE_SUN_APOGEE {13CN11}, SIRIUS {14CN09}, THULE {14CN18Rx}, SOLIDARITY {14CN31Rx}.

 • OCEANA {20CN19Rx} conjunct TISIPHONE {20CN04Rx} Blood Avenger; Chthonic; One of the Three Furies.

 • ALASTOR {02VI25Rx} Spirit of Revenge, associated with blood feuds conjunct SUNFLOWER {02VI45Rx} Sun Tzu, author of "The Art of War".

 • SHERLOCK {23LI05} conjunct SPICA {23LI55} AQ 93 = SPICA = A-DEATH = BLOOD = SICLE.

Solidarity, Arab Astronomy & True Sun Apogee

UPDATE [09-Feb|02:06] :: i was really looking for asteroid HEKATE {13TA09} (she shows up in Macbeth), but then decided to look for blood-related asteroids & forgot all about her. HEKATE conjunct MEMORIA {12TA16}, ASIA {12TA56}, PURPLE_MOUNTAIN {13TA13} & MNEMOSYNE {13TA20} Memory & Remembrance; Inventor of word & language.

COMPASSION, SOLIDARITY & MAGNANIMITY — these three asteroids were named, unanimously, by the Committee on Small Bodies Nomenclature after the 9/11 terrorist attacks "honouring compassion, solidarity and magnanimity". discovered on three different continents "intended as a positive statement abhorring the tragedy that occurred on a fourth": Compassionto overcome sorrow; Solidarityto eliminate terrorism from the world & Magnanimityto counter with justice for all, not with revenge.

while searching for blood-related asteroids on Cycle #14 noticed two of them (MAGNANIMITY & COMPASSION) conjunct "blood" — seemed an interesting pattern, so i looked up SOLIDARITY. maybe these are like the Eumenides, the beneficent aspect of the Erinyes (the Furies). in Aeschylus' Oresteia trilogy, the Furies sniff out Orestes by smelling his murdered mother's blood on his hands. through Athena's intervention they transform into the Eumenides: Ease your anger. Let your fury's black and bitter waves recede. You can live with me, receive full honours.

interesting SOLIDARITY isn't near "blood" — get the sense solidarity isn't something based on blood-relatedness (conjunct SEWANEE, could be tribal tho'), but maybe it's something we have to deliberately discover. maybe solidarity exists for a different purpose than normal "blood" relationships.

trying to determine the significance of ARABIA {13CN09Rx} conjunct TRUE_SUN_APOGEE {13CN11}. think that involves Arab astronomer Al Battani's discovery of the solar apogee (& the enormous contributions by Islamic Science & Arab astrologers). some links i'm still crunching through: Ephemerides of the True Light Moon, Al-Battani, Basics of Time Reckoning, Apsis, The Blue Aura & Stonehenge: The Dance of the Giants.

{Apogee (a sonnet)}


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