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Cycle #15 (Draft - Astroschyzy Posted)

Cycle #15 :: 13-Feb-2006 to 24-Feb-2006

{Bonorum / Transits}

occassionally i act like all of the seven dwarfs: sleepy, dopey ... makes it kinda challenging manipulating 4 fully-loaded spreadsheets on my degraded system. Cycle #15 not posted yet, but thought it worth noting there's a Chinese astronomer at Cycle #15's endpoint: GUO SHOU-JING; see: Gnomon, Johann Albrecht Bengel & I Shit My Pants. added asteroids L'AQUILA (North), LAC_D'ORIENT (East), MERIDA (South) & OCCIDENTAL (West) because John Dee uses similar terms on The Great Circle of the Quarters, Ordo Biblicus & Ordo Dispersi — mentioned in David Jones' System of Enochian Magick papers (see: zoloft & Enochian Tablets). GUO_SHOU-JING & MERIDA (South) make me think of the South China Sea {img}. mainland China, Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam border this sea.

ENDPOINT: GUO_SHOU-JING {26SC58} conjunct PFUND {26SC08}, LOKE {26SC12}, PAX {26SC14}, APOPHIS {26SC16} & MERIDA {26SC27}.

asteroid HOPI floating in/out of EON-34 (New Seed Released), plus POCAHONTAS leading, why American Indian related asteroids added to the 827 List. for the last few cycles, EON-34 primarily Zone-7 (Uranus) influence, but occasionally a Zone-6 (Saturn) asteroid slips in: NAUSIKAA discovered shipwrecked Odysseus, so she's also related to the sea.

EON-34: {6::3} NAUSIKAA {17LI43Rx}, {7::2} ODDUBB {17LI45}, WHITE_MOON {18LI18}, HIDALGO_(T) {18LI51Rx}, RURIKO {20LI17Rx}, HOPI {20LI45Rx}, ETHIOPIA {20LI50Rx} & GOTHA {21LI10Rx}.

 • URANUS {10PI00} conjunct MCAULIFFE {10PI07}, NICOLAIA {10PI14}, MERXIA {10PI29} & MELPOMENE {10PI37} @ EON-11 (Phase Arc 101°52' ~ Waxing Bi-Septile) Intercession, Mysterious Agencies, Creative Will, Internalizing. MELPOMENE ("to sing"), the Muse of Tragey, MCAULIFFE named in memory of Christa McAuliffe of 1986 Challenger disaster & MERXIA (Merika, net-slang for America) discovered by Italian astronomer Luigi Carnera 11-Oct-1901 & named for discoverer's father. Carnera also discovered TISIPHONE (one of the Furies; "avenging murder"), ARGENTINA, HEDWIG, ITALIA & TERGESTE (Latin for Trieste). URANUS @ MURRUMUR {8::1} Syzygetic Chronodemon of the Deep Ones; Oceanic sensation (gilled-unlife and spinal-regressions).

 • SATURN {05LE56Rx} conjunct HERTHA {04LE36Rx}, ROSALINDE {05LE03Rx} & BLACK {05LE13Rx} @ EON-25 (Phase Arc 240° ~ Waning Trine) Re-evaluation, Holistic Insight, Seeing Big Pic, Emerging. Rosalind Franklin famous for Photo 51 in DNA structure discovery; BLACK may refer to her being called the Dark Lady of DNA; see: Light on a Dark Lady & The Dark Lady of DNA. SATURN @ KATTAK {5::4} Syzygetic Chronodemon of Cataclysmic Convergence; Tail-chasing, rabid animals (nature red in tooth and claw); Panic (slasher pulp and religious fervour).

asteroid IRANI {12SG45} conjunct GREAT_ATTRACTOR {14SG06}, D'ARREST {11SG13}, HARRINGTON {11SG16}, ERDA {11SG24}, #2005-HENCKE {11SG32}, RASTABAN {12SG03}, ROMULUS {12SG05}, CUPIDO_(H) {12SG56} & YINGLING {13SG04}.

IRANI's natal phase: EON-31 (Phase Arc 300° ~ Waning Sextile) Implementation, Forces of Integration, Whole-Seeing, Accepting @ EON-1. since EON-1 has Ariesian characteristics, think of this as Assertive / Urgent / Forthright / Selfish : Forces of Integration (contrasted with True Node in Aries). on 827 List, IRANI's pandemon MOMMOLJO, Amphidemon of Xenogenesis; Cosmobacterial exogermination; Extraterrestrial residues (including alien DNA segments) — see Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis trilogy & asteroid ROSALINDE.

IRANI's outgoing porta is COR CAROLI (Star on the collar of the southern greyhound or Hunting Dog); transiting porta RASTABAN (Head of the Subtle serpent; "Al Waid" means "who is to be destroyed") — Hunting Dog + Prey factoring Ariesian themes.

Interestingly, YINGLING can refer to a brand of beer sold by the Yuengling Brewing Company, the oldest brewer of beer in U.S. — "Hops" one of the plants associated with Aries. "alcohol" from Arabic al-kukhul = "the spirit", "the chemical". HARRINGTON refers to hypothetical planet-x by Robert Sutton Harrington, the first to calculate the mass of the Pluto-Charon system (Plutonium, "the element used in most modern nuclear weapons"). D'ARREST named for Heinrich Louis d'Arrest, involved with search & discovery of Neptune. ERDA another name for Jörð, personification of the Earth. ROMULUS one of the mythical founders of Rome & fictional homeworld of the Romulans in Star Trek — Romulans descended from Vulcans characterized as passionate, cunning & opportunistic (very Aries); referred to as the "Cold War equivalent of the Chinese"; first appeared in Balance of Terror - "after a century of non-contact the antagonistic Romulans, whom the Federation has never seen in the flesh, have rebuilt their forces for another round of warfare" — suggestive when considering GUO_SHOU-JING endpoint.


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