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Astroschyzy Ephemerides

use swetest to manually generate ephemerides. reformat data as delimited text for Excel import. go bug-eyed. reformat columns in Excel & organize lookup data. trance. plug data, by houses, into twelve separate spreadsheets. change lookup formulas in main spreadsheet. whew.

grabbed 1000+ ephemerides, reformatted, ready to import into Excel. UPDATE [05-Feb:05:56] :: ephemerides for 02-Apr-2006 to 29-Oct-2006 (DST begins Sunday, 02-Apr-2006 @ 2:00 AM & ends Sunday, 29-Oct-2006 @ 2:00 AM). meaning i can create astroschyzy cycles up to Year #2 [35/05] 14-Oct-2006 to 25-Oct-2006.

CORRECTIONS :: {1} ERIS' number incorrect, changed from #1550 to #15504; {2} 1990_VG6 listed twice on Cycle #14 at positions 505 & 554 — 505 changed to #13956-BANKS {13PI51} & 554 changed to #9950-ESA {26PI08}; EROS not reading lookup table correctly, should be EROS_(T). Cycle #13 & 827 List updated.

UPDATE [06-Feb|06:49] :: all ephemerides formatted & imported to Excel; fixed all 18SC60 errors all House spreadsheets from previous batch (should be 19SC00); first house done; grid spreadsheet done. should plug in the rest today & update lookup formulas. also need to grab ephemerides for 3-4 centaurs in Riyal.


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