northanger (northanger) wrote,

Asteroid #10370-HYLONOME

drats. HYLONOME second-to-last on cycle #12 & now dead-last on cycle #13. knew i shoulda added CYLLARUS & GAUDIUM. Gaudium et Spes means Joy and Hope from the 2nd Vatican Council. Revilla talks about that here & see this & two laughs getting married.

Revilla says Hylonome is "the cry of the poor" & his keywords: "eternal youth, longing for Paradise, lost innocence, purity, tragic beauty, redemption, the cry of the poor, political and religious messianism, the virgin and the prostitute, the voice and the cry of animals...".

Eric Francis: associated with the healing of grief and, more importantly, the healing of senseless grief. It's also been described as "the cry of the poor" in a world where opulence and decrepit poverty coexist side-by-side even in our own neighborhoods, and where whole families could live off of what many Americans put in the trash each night.


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