northanger (northanger) wrote,

Flight 93

lots of 9/11 programming on A&E, monday night: Grounded on 9/11, The Man Who Predicted 9/11 & Flight 93.

Rick Rescorla, the man who predicted 9/11, worked for Morgan Stanley's corporate security. documentary talks about different types of scenarios, including plane-as-missle attack.

Flight 93 movie, first feature film about 9/11 attacks. came in under two hours & thought runtime 93 minutes (IMDb says 90mins).

never really thought of this before, but the movie reminded me about a bomb threat i handled when i worked for People Express airlines years ago. movie shows airfone operator flipping through a procedure manual — we had one of those too. for a bomb threat you're supposed to keep the person on the phone as long as possible & keep asking them these 4 or 5 questions (where, when, who). the call was never supposed to be transferred, but it was monitored. i was at the reservation center in Nashville, the flight originated at the Newark hub. the PE operations person there monitored the call holding my hand the entire time. based on what they heard on the call, they deplaned the passengers & checked the airplane. fortunately, there was no bomb.

don't know how long on the phone, but weird when i hung up. there's all this drama going on, basically in my imagination. talking to a crazy guy in one ear, Newark PE operations in the other ear, surrounded by my Nashville co-workers moving at lightspeed with me moving in slow motion.


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