northanger (northanger) wrote,

Asteroid #128 NEMESIS

asteroid #128 NEMESIS mentioned here. originally, thought it wasn't on 827 List, but it is. some of the cycles incorrectly list NEMESIS as NEMEGHAIRE — Excel didn't plug in the correct keywords. all cycles fixed.

btw, there are thousands of named asteroids, even though they aren't listed on astroschyzy their presence is implied; however, those on the 827 List act like a "tarot spread". this asteroid spread encodes a set of ideas, symbols, archetypes, etc. NEMESIS encodes Nemesis (allot), the goddess of justice & vengeance & also represents a very personal type of enemy (eg, Moriarity & Sherlock, Moby Dick & Ahab). it's also the name of a Star Trek movie (Nemesis refers to Picard's clone Shinzon).

ironically, the name of the NEMEGHAIRE's discoverer (Boffin) is also slang for a mad scientist. in a sense, asteroid NEMESIS not showing up correctly caused justice, retribution, arch-enemy, etc, to be "invisible". these are now visible during Cycle #13 & becomes one of the themes of the current cycle. on Cycle #12, NEMESIS conjunct LUCIFER (kinda works here since Lucifer means "light-bringer").


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