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Whale Vision


from "A True & Faithful Relation" (pagination for large PDF file); notes indicated by {}. the following action appears in The Book Proper: Section III, Casaubon p73 (PDF 155). decided to type this out because, as i was checking T&FR for Enochian table info, whale discovered in Thames river, Friday, 20-Jan-2005. unfortunately, it died the next day.

p102 (184)
Friday, Cracovia, Aprilis : Mane, hora ferè 9. (1584)
Oratione Dominica & aliis

Precibus ad Deum finitis, pro luce & veritate, in (h)anc formam, Omnipotens, sempiterne, vere & vive Deus noster, mitte nobis spiritum sanctum & veritatem tuam, ut sapienter, fideliter &, conllanter tibi serviamus, omnibus diebus vitae nostre. Amen.

The white Curtan, or veyle, appeared very long.

Δ It fell so out by the wonderful providence of God, that E.K. and I quietly considered these actions, generally, & the contrary spirituall informations given to him, apart by himself; (& sometimes) while we were receiving our instructions, by our Schoolmasters, of which contary power, some would rayle on God, and blaspheme his Majesty horribly, as may appear by the record of some late Actions; But this our conclusion, that we both desired the verity, and that so, asbest might please God, in the manner of coming by it.

{Nora, arbitrement of God required.} Δ Be Judge. O Lord, between us, sending us the verity of the judgment, for the glory of thy name, for as much as they which impugne these proceedings, do (to E.K.) as it seems perfecter, and more wise and fruitful then our Schoolmasters, which I took to be the true and blessed Angels, &c.

E.K. Now is the note pluck't aside.      Δ About an eleven of the Clock.

Δ Blessed be the highest, who is Almighty.

{14. Dies mensis Sab.} Gab. Danida, a mighty Prophet (not the least upon the earth) opened his mouth, and said, Behold, there shall a Whale come from the East, the fourtenth day of this Month, SAB.

E.K. They seem to speak both together.

Gab., Nal. And he entred into the field, and he met with a Merchant, and he said unto him, Thou art not for me: for thy intent dwelleth in the world. He went further, and, lo, there was a field of all kind of people, diversly recreating themselves in their own pleasures: and he yet said, Lo, these are not for me: and he went on; and, lo, he saw, AND IT WAS A NAKED MAN.

Gab. Nal. Mark,      [to E.K.]

E.K. So I do.

Gab. Nal. In his hands were divers things; mosse, leaves, flowers, and herbs; and he wondred, saying, Why art thou naked: and he said, Lo, I am old, and am without Garments, and these are the things wherewithall I will be clothed. And the Prophet talked with him, and told him of the Whale.

E.K. They speak both together, that I cannot discern their voyce.

{A Child} And he commanded him to kneel, and he lifted up hands his to heaven and prayed within himself; and he said also unto him, I am a Prophet, rise up, I will bless thee in the name of my prophesie; and lo, he took him by the hand, and went forward: and the way was rough, stony, and very sound: and, as they talked on the way, they overtook a little child, And the Prophet ask't him his name, and answered, He was a man: and he said, Thou pleaseth me, for thou mayest be a man.

{A Hill.} There was a Hill, and they ascended, and, after a while, the child became weary, and sate down, saying with himself, This hill is troublesome, I am not able to keep company with them; and the Prophet, missing him, went back, and found him sitting. And he began to weep, saying, Whither will you lead me? But the Prophet comforted him, and said: Now thou seest, thou art not a man. And thus he did, ascending sundry times? and, lo, it was the top of the hill, and the Sun was hot and clear in the midst of the day. The Prophet said unto the child, look to the Centre of the Sun, and so he did, stedfastly.

{Pen, Ink, & Paper.} And the Prophet said unto him, Now I have experience of thee, and I know thou wilt be a man; And he said unto him, that was naked, Here are Pen, Ink, and Paper.

{Oriens.} And lo thou hast one that can see far off, and he shewed him the Seas: saying, look unto the East: and he told him of the Whale and of his coming, and of many mysteries. But the man answered him, saying, I am naked, the ayre is sharp, and I have no food: How can I therefore STAY so man dayes? and he said unto him, Sit down, and note, untill this Child become a man.

{Monarcha mundi & sui subdui.} Feed by comfort. For the Whale shall be thine, in whose belly is a Chest swallowed of great value, and they were contented. Behold, the people of the countrey were rich, and had conquered many Nations, so that he was a Monarch in the world; this Monarch was skilfull in all Sciences, and knew all things to come, and he called his Counsell together, and said unto them.

Lo, thus it is; the cause why I have made those mighty banks, and have drawn my people from the lower places and the seas, is for that, I fear a Whale: which, if he land in my Kingdomes, will be my destruction, and they told him what the Prophet had said, and he began to rage, and was puffed up with anger, and opened his books THE SECOND TIME; and his eyes were opened, and he understood that the Prophet had ascended unto the top of the mountain, and had taken with him a naked man, and a child: and he said to his Ministers, Ascend, and bring me the child, for I will examine him, and know the Prophet's meaning, and he apparelled him richly, and gave him much, but he prevailed not. And he said within himself, Ascend again they shall, and bring down that man.

{A marble stone.} And the servants ascended, and they found a Marble stone, and they were angry among themselves, saying, Is this a man? And lo they came unto the King; and said, Thou sendest us forth, but we found a mighty stone not able to be moved. Where is it therefore that thou wilt have us seek that man; But he said within himself, I will overcome the child, and he took him by the hand, and led him into his Orchard, where he opened unto him the secrets of his books, so that he became skilful. But, lo, the Prophet arose, and, as he walked towards the Hill, to comfort them whom he accounted his friends, he espied the child apparalled strangely, and in company with strangers: and he opened his mouth, and began to prophesie, saying.

The King hath risen up against himself, for he hath CHOSEN THE CHOSEN, and hath opened the secrets of his own Kingdom to his destruction, and he stretched forth his hand, and said unto the child, Come with me: and he was unwilling, for his pleasures were great. And he lifted up his voyce and said: and he SWARE, And lo, he came with him even unto the mountain: and the Prophet said unto him, When thou wast a child, I led thee, but now thou art become a man. Stretch forth thy leggs, and labour, and he was unwilling.

Thus, whilst they were talking, they that waited upon him were at his feet armed, saying, come with us, for we are strong enough to deliver thee.

But the Prophet said unto them, GOE back and tell your King, that I found him on the way, and a stranger, and I had pity on him, and I took him for my own. Therefore strive not, for justice must prevail. And they began to stagger as drunkards, for they knew it was true. And the Prophet said, Now come with me, I will yet lead thee: and they ascended. The Prophet held up his hands, and SAID, I SEE, and behold, he that was naked arose: and said, I SEE ALSO.

{Maris inundutio cum tempestate. Venius.} And the Seas arose, and a great tempest, and broke down the banks: and entred on the earth, doing much harm to the people of that Kingdom: And, lo, there arose a wind the SECOND: and there were four beasts, such as are in the world, and were never known. And they came swimming, and so landed on the Hill. And the Propeht said, Arise, draw out your swords and kill them, and so they did.

{Venius 2. / Pater vita.} Behold, the blood of them vanished into aire, and the flesh became earth: The entrals of them wasted away with the waters: and their bones burned with a mighty fire. The second wind arose, and there were five Crowns: in the midst of them sate the Father of life, with a golden head: whose Feet bathed themselves in due and sweet Manna: and the Prophet said, Put forth your hands: and they did so: But lo they were afraid, for he that stood in the midst of the Crowns, was full of beauty.

{Mysteria ? Coronarum.} And the Prophet said, Fear not, come with me; and he opened unto them the secrets of the Crown, for in every one of them was a golden sentence. And the secrets of the Hill began to shake, and there was a great Earthquake.

{Ventus 3.} The third wind arose: and the twelve Cedar trees that were never corrupted, came and planted themselves in twelve places of the Hill, and they brought forth strange fruits, not as Cedar trees do.

{Ventus 4. / 5. Terra motus} The Prophet said, Gather, for I know you hunger, that you may be refreshed. While they thus talked, the fourth wind arose, and, behold, all the mountain was a flaming fire, and there were five Earthquakes, such as were not since the beginning of the world.

{The Whale came.} The Prophet took them up, for they were become as dead. And suddenly The Firmament and the waters were joyned together, and the Whale CAME, like unto a legion of stormes: or as the bottomless Cave of the North when it is opened: and she was full of eyes of every side.

{The Whale's mouth} The Prophet said, Stand still, but they trembled. The waters sank, and fell suddenly away, so that the Whale lay upon the Hill, roaring like a Cave of Lions, and the Prophet took them by the hands, and led them to the Whale's mouth, saying, Go in, but they trembled vehemently; He said unto them the second time, Go in: and they durst not. And he sware unto them and they entred in, and he lifted up his voyce, and cried mightily, Come away, and, lo, they stood before him richer then an Emperour's Throne, for unto him that was naked, were clothes given: unto him that was a child and a man, were 12 gates opened. And the Prophet cried mightily, and said, This Whale cannot die; and lifted up his voyce again and said: Within this Whale are many Chambers, and secret dwelling places, which I will divide betwixt you on the right side (unto the which was a child, and * now a man) there were twelve opened, but unto thee that hast provided strange Garments for thy self, and not such as men use to wear, I will give thee head, hart, and left side, whose places are 46. You shall enter, and be possessed this day together: And behold, the son shall return again 21 times, and in one year, but not all at one time. You shalt depart hence into a dwelling that shall be all one: where there is no end, the place of comfort and inspeakable glorie.

* note:
Fortè 36
A Miracle.

I have said.

Δ. As you have delivered us a parable, enigma, or prophesie, so I beseech you, for the setting forth of God his honour and glory, to expound what is meant by the Whale, the naked man, the Childe, &c.

Gab. ... Nal. .... The Prophet is in his name.
The naked man is Dee,
The Childe is Kelly,
The Prince is the Devil,
The Hill is the World,
The waters are the bosome of God,
The 4 beasts are the 4 Elements,
The 12 Trees are the 12 parts of the Heavens,
The Whale is the Spirit of God,
The Chambers are the degrees of wisdome,
The thunders and windes are the ends of God his Will and Judgements.
The rest are not to be spoken:

This I take to notifie to us the judgement and arbitrement of God between us, in respect of our Petition to his Divine majesty now made, whereby we may be assured what to judge of the Creatures which do deal with us in this action and of the impugners, or diswaders of the credit of it. This I take to be sent and delivered unto us, of the meer mercy and providence Divine regarding his own glory, and the sincerity of my hope and confidence, which I put wholly in him, and alwayes will.

Gab Nal. ...... You are happy, for you believe, E.K. what am I. Δ. as happy if you believe likewise.
Δ. Are you not to deliver us our lessons orderly, as we have begun to recieve?
Gab Nal. ...... Understand that, by the Prophet delivering Pen, Ink, and Paper.
Δ. As concerning the book writing by the highest, what shall I expect thereof?
Gab Nal. ...... There is no point of faith.
Δ. I believe verily that it shall be written by the power of the highest.
Nal. ..... The power of the highest confirmeth me, but not my power, the highest.
Δ. Be it as the will of God is,
E.K. The white Curtain is drawn.
Δ. Glorai Patri, & Filio, & Spiritui sancto; ficut erat in principio, & nunc, & semper, & in secula seculorum.
E.K. Amen.


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