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i was thinking. do i reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllly wanna post something tonight? checked GON: ZOLOFT = -10. hahahaha! this is my 6th day. my doctor is this former navy guy from oberlin. he's so cute, shuffling around always looking for his pen. he's not a spring chicken anymore, but he's got an awesome bedside manner. he's convinced ("i'll betcha") i'm not diabetic.

starter kit puts you on seven 25mg tab, then fourteen 50mg tabs. sensation? NOW I KNOW HOW DEPRESSED I REALLY AM {sobbing hysterically}. seriously, now i know. it takes two weeks for this stuff to kick in & before it does, you're gonna feel every inch of your pain.

it is not a good idea, in this medically induced frame of mind, jumping back into the Enochian tablet maelstrom. surely, the puzzlement of the universe & its final mystery. figuring out this Enochian Rubik's cube IS the great work. (ironically, started tearing into this again on 08-Jan, that's sherlock's deerstalker for ya. forgot how i got that deerstalker cap, brown plaid. wore it all the time when i was youngish stupid).

someone clued me in on The Keys and the 4 Directions (pdf); see also: Pondering Enochian, Magickal Review: Enochian, Center for Enochian Studies & John Dee Publication Project.

warning: about to lose images again because i can't remain a paid LJ account.

interesting: Gary Berntsen's Jawbreaker ("we coulda shoulda caught him," from the CIA field commander at Tora Bora, Afghanistan) via Lou Dobbs (scroll down).

for the starry-eyed: Stardust spacecraft lands in Utah after streaking across the sky like a brilliant fireball, Sunday morning, 15-Jan, between 1:56 & 1:59 a.m. PST (0956 - 0959 UT); visible from Oregon, Idaho, Utah, California & Nevada — Project Hopes to Find Star Dust on Earth by giving folks virtual microscope.


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