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Enochian Tablets (B.Rowe)

{Zodiacal Round} {Godzilla Meets E.T., Part II} {Enochian Dictionary} {Comselha: An Enochian Macrocosmic Ritual} {Enochian Hexagram Ritual} {Consecration of the Temple of the Fire Tablet}

variety of methods assigning Enochian Great Table to the Zodiac. in Godzilla Meets E.T. (part two), Benjamin Rowe outlines the spherical cosmology of the Enochian system & presents a spherical structure of the Enochian elemental tablets. however, he doesn't provide explicit instructions for each tablet. using the Zodiac Outer Attributes mentioned here & here able to map out all the Elemental King, Names of God, Seniors, Kerubic Angels & Servient Angels using Rowe's fire temple ritual (see tables below).

need to check: did Dee assign the Keys to the tablets?; however. Golden Dawn system Enochian Key (PDF) assignments (keys 3, 4, 5, 6 call the elemental tablets: air, water, fire, earth): {1} Tablet of Union; {2} EHNB; {3} EXARP (X-AIR) & {A-7}{R-8}{P-9}; {4} HCOMA (O-WATER) & {C-10}{M-11}{A-12}; {5} NANTA (T-EARTH) & {A-13}{N-14}{A-15}; {6} BITOM (M-FIRE) & {I-16}{T-17}{O-18}. B.Rowe's recommendations (Table 2) present slightly different approach; see also: Beginning Enochian work. note: Rowe used Golden Dawn color attributes; see Table 4. Color attributes of the elements, planets and signs in Godzilla Meets E.T. (2).

basically, the problem is fitting a square (Enochian Great Table) into a circle (Zodiacal Sphere). once defined these can work with the Bonorum Time Segments. eg, when time is 9:21UT & date is 05-Jan (note: each Bonorum table starts at 23:43:41UT based on Cape Canaveral time):

[1] Locate 9:21UT on 05-Jan Cycle #11 Bonorum table.
[2] 9:21UT appears in 3rd Quinary (VIR 05°), 3rd Time Segment (08:52:15UT); Virgo 6°25'43".
[3] Bonorum Minister: ALPAEBB; Enochian Gate: 478; ABJAD Gate: 277.
[4] Locate Virgo 05° Quinary on Astroschyzy report.
[5] Virgo 05° is the 57th Quinary: [57] 07:44UT ~ BBALPAE : #476 : HAGONÆL {CQBPBO AQ=114} : {PÆN-MED} : RUSSIA : [0777/02]-AAUBL.
[6] Virgo 6°25'43" is one of the Time Segments for the 57th Quinary on Cycle #11.
[7] Locate Virgo 6°25'43" below.
[8] Enochian Key #6 used when Time Seg points to Virgo 0° to Virgo 22.5°.
Remember, Enochian Sixth Key opens the entire FIRE Tablet & FIRE of FIRE sub-element.
[9] If the Time Seg pointed to Virgo 28° use Key #16; when using the GD system it's Key #1, Key #2, Key #6 (FIRE tablet) & Key #16 (AIR of FIRE sub-element).

note: {a} Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini & Virgo split at 5th Quinary (25°) - Keys #3, #10, #13 & #16 begin @ 22.5°; {b} Capricorn, Libra, Aries & Cancer split at 2nd Quinary (05°) - Keys #8, #11, #5 & #18 begin @ 7.5°.

worked out different Enochian-Zodiac versions; however, going to try this one out for awhile to see how things work out.

Air Tablet

{Old Version}

Water Tablet

{Old Version}

Earth Tablet

{Old Version}

Fire Tablet

{Old Version}

Fire Temple Directions

UPDATE :: [10-Feb|13:36]

changed Zodiac assignments to match Benjamin Rowe's Enochian Dictionary; (also had ZARZILG for both Sagittarius & Capricorn on old versions):

LAVAVOTH — Zodiacal King ARIES
ARFAOLG — Zodiacal King TAURUS
ZARNAAH — Zodiacal King GEMINI
ALPUDUS — Zodiacal King CANCER
HONONOL — Zodiacal King LEO
ZARZILG — Zodiacal King VIRGO
GEBABAL — Zodiacal King LIBRA
ZURCHOL — Zodiacal King PISCES

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