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Astroschyzy Cycle #12 (draft)

08-Jan-2006 to 19-Jan-2006

Asteroids #7121-Busch & #2102-Tantalus :: asteroid BUSCH leaves "power position" of 21° Declination on 11-Jan-2006 @ 16:11:407416 UT.

ORCHIS enters new EON phase, DRUJ returns to normal, POCAHONTAS remains forerunner, SHERLOCK slaps on his deerstalker, SHENZHEN makes an appearance, CHLOE end-point & things appear more miasmic.

Forerunners & Fields

the 827 Chart is a snapshot of what was going on in the cosmos on 27-Aug-2005. asteroids & planets (ie, "agents") with EON-1 as their natal phase defines ZERO POINT's morphogenetic field (see also: Force & Midi-chlorians) governing Chart 827's ultimate "form/pattern" actualized during the final phase, EON-36.

forerunner represents the EON-1 agent further progressed on the chart most likely to reach EON-36 first — a significant event in the chart's development. agents in EON phases 2-35 progress through the Zodiac & their qualities become "actualized" in EON-36. they have not entered the chart's morphogenetic field yet; however, they may be influenced by EON-1 agents via conjunctions & phasework, etc. EON-36 agents are all "actualized". look at the natal phase to determine the predominate quality each agent represents. when actualized agents enter EON-1 they {a} pick up the Kairos energy established by EON-1 phase agents & {b} embue, influence & inform EON-1 with their actualized energies.

Cycle #12 forerunner POCAHONTAS {14PI16} @ EON-11; the Kairos field reaches the stage of Intercession, Mysterious Agencies, Creative Will, Internalizing & the ability to differentiate EON-1 qualities becomes more apparent. [POCAHONTAS-HOPI-DOCTORWATSON connection]

GUATEMALA's natal phase EON-29 advanced to Emergent Paradigm phase. during Cycle #11, GUATEMALA "blossoms" as the end-point of the cycle & represents the closing year transferring its energies to the new year. on Cycle #12, GUATEMALA enters EON-1 & establishes its morphic resonance, which is picked up by the forerunner.

GUATEMALA {03SG22} conjunt PHOLUS {03SG19} & TONGIL {03SG23}. TONGIL is Korean for "Unification" emphasizing VIETE's reunification theme from Cycle #11. PHOLUS described as aggressive centaur of high eccentricity, vulture, linking Saturn & Neptune & represents viruses, toxins & scientific discovery. prior to PHOLUS' 09-Jan-1992 discovery, the term Apoptosis ("a form of programmed cell death") did not appear in textbooks, but doubled in usage afterwards. PHOLUS died from a poisoned arrow. prior to 1992, Nitric oxide primarily viewed as a toxin; however, by 1992 it was discovered to be an essential neurotransmitter. Zane Stein's PHOLUS glyph includes a six-sided figure similar to the benzene symbol that looks very similar to the T-4 Bacteriophage virus (see: Enterobacteria phage T4) poking a hole in its host to insert its own DNA. (see: Francis Bacon; "liquid quality"; more keywords: orphanhood, outcast, untamed... Dispossessed, homeless, waste... Incongruity, drunkenness, un-conditioning, looseness).

benzene :: {february 20th, benzene, OLUN, Nemat Space, White Powder Gold}

at the time i wrote Cycle #11 notes i was unaware of the West Virginia mining disaster at Sago Mine. high carbon monoxide (a toxic gas) levels reportedly delayed rescue attempts for 12 hours & the level of carbon monoxide found near the miners was three times the safe level (see: Jordan Barab via Harry's Place & Almost heaven, West Virginia; Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River ... All my mem'ries gather 'round her; Miner's lady, stranger to blue water).

with Cycle #11, the muddy waters where lotuses thrive morphed into toxic sludge. i was thinking of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina & standing water mixing with oil & sewage creating a toxic marsh with several people dying from bacterial infections. additionally, many Central American countries must submit to a variety of spraying methods to erradicate coca & poppy fields (see: The Vicious Circle & DDT). stopping these spraying programs creates a "devasting impact" to limit the drug trade; however, effected countries must also deal with cultural, environmental & economic impacts. therefore, i think of NOLA, Sago Mines, Bolivia's Coca leaf, Haiti, Sudan, etc., as symbols of toxins & toxic situations.

Hendoku-Iyaku (Changing Poison into Medicine) means the poison is equal to the medicine. or ... to the extent there is poison, there is medicine & vice versa. someone explained this to me using a number line with negative & positive numbers. if the situation is negative 50 then Hendoku-Iyaku transforms the situation not just to zero, but to positive 50 because the situation contains that much energy. Paracelsus stated, All substances are poisons; there is none that is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy. it's just finding the right balance. i'll be exploring the astroschyzy cycles to discover the Hendoku-Iyaku of the 827 Chart.

Cycle #11: ORCHIS conjunct CHLORIS (CHLOE end-point)

Elementary, my dear Watson

Mysterious Agencies: DOCTORWATSON {08PI56} conjunct ENTERPRISE {08PI09}, URANUS {08PI10}, ISLANDICA {08PI46}, ESTONIA {08PI50} & AETHRA {08PI57} & POCAHONTAS {14PI16} @ EON-11 Intercession, Mysterious Agencies, Creative Will, Internalizing.

Shenzhou, Shenzhen & Shinzon

SHENZHOU {27SC45} conjunct ZERO POINT reminds me of asteroid #2425-SHENZHEN, currently not on the 827 List. both asteroids discovered at Purple Mountain Observatory (see Cycle #12: asteroid PURPLE MOUNTAIN). SHENZHEN probably named for a city in China, Shenzhen; however, for me, SHENZHEN represents Praetor Shinzon, Picard's doppelgänger, a clone created from his DNA, in Star Trek: Nemesis. Shinzon & Picard suffered from the same disease, Shalaft's Syndrome. disease occurs in early childhood, only appears in human males, with an acute hypersensitivity to sound.

in Chinese, Shenzhou means "Divine Craft" — name for China's Shenzhou spacecraft; Shenzhen means "Deep Drains" — According to the Chinglish info I've gleaned on the Internet "the name "Shenzhen" means "deep drains" because this is a sub-tropical area crisscrossed with rivers and rivulets and there are deep drains in paddy & Shinzon comes from Shen (Warrior) + Zhan (Moon) meaning "Warrior of the Moon" (other Star Trek sources indicate Shinzon is Reman for "liberator" or "twilight").

on the 827 List, #2425-SHENZHEN {05LE52} conjunct SATURN, STEPHANIA {05LE55} & TRUE_APOGEE {03LE51} in Leo, the 9th House of Druj; on Cycle #12, SHENZHEN {29LE30Rx} conjunct REGULUS {29LE54}. interestingly, CR46 {00VI55Rx} is one of Revilla's Demon Steeds & it's conjunct ALASTOR {03VI01Rx}, the name of one of Pluto's steeds. see PHOLUS above: Saturn-crosser.


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