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Astroschyzy Cycle #11

Cycle #11 :: 27-Dec-2005 to 07-Jan-2006

POCAHONTAS remains forerunner.


Zero Point represents the original position of asteroid ORCHIS {27SC17} on the 827 Chart. Scorpio 27° corresponds to the Anus. while the 827 Chart displays houses in the Placidus house system, astroschyzy redefines the chart's houses by placing the Ascendant at Scorpio 27°. some ideas :: {1} To cease being human is to cease interacting with this world and no longer have a place in it. (Mr Six) {2} flowers like the blue lotus, the red lotus, the white lotus, the water lily, and the moon lily do not grow on the dry ground in the wilderness, but do grow in the swamps and mud banks. (Lotus) {3} A single mind, the entity of Myoho-renge, simultaneously brings to maturity both the blossom of cause and the calyx of effect ... The lotus plant resembles the principle of Myoho-renge in that it simultaneously contains both cause [blossom] and effect [seed] ... Renge, the lotus flower, symbolizes the wonder of this Law. Once you realize that your own life is the Mystic Law, you will realize that so are the lives of all others. (Nichiren)

astroschyzy year begins on 827 Chart date (27-August-2005) & uses a 364-day calendar described in the Book of Enoch (omitting equinoxes & solstices). an astroschyzy year consists of thirty 12-day cycles following the twelve Zodiac Houses. the final cycle of the first year is Cycle #30 :: 14-Aug-2006 to 25-Aug-2006. the eleventh cycle ends 2005 & begins 2006; asteroid #2005-HENCKE represents Year 2005 currently transiting at Zero Point. asteroid #2006-POLONSKAYA represents the new year.

on the 827 Chart, HENCKE @ EON-32 (Embodiment, Agent of Transformation, Unique Aspect, Modulating), completing EON phases 33-36 ending the year at EON-1 Unrealized Potential. PASASYMPHONIA, BOUILLABAISSE, HENCKE, SAINT_MICHEL & VIETE can be viewed as the starter for 2006. eg, sourdough bread begins with a starter, a batter of flour and water & living yeast and bacteria. the yeast & the bacteria form a symbiotic relationship; "Sourdough cultures contain wild yeasts and certain friendly, i.e., symbiotic, lactobacilli. The symbiosis is manifold and complicated: the bacilli produce lactic acid (a 3.5-4.2 pH environment) that its companion yeast can thrive in, but in which commercial yeast dies; produce antibiotic agents that are hostile to other organisms; and metabolize maltose, which wild yeast cannot. The biochemistry is quite complicated and a far cry from the oversimplified picture of yeast as a mere belcher of gases."

#2005-HENCKE represents 2005; named for German astronomer Karl Ludwig Hencke. asteroids #1-CERES, #2-PALLAS, #3-JUNO & #4-VESTA discovered in 1801, 1802, 1804 & 1807; Henke discovered the 5th (#5-ASTRAEA, 1845) & 6th (#6-HEBE, 1847) asteroids after other astronomers abandoned the search for more asteroids convinced only four existed (HENCKE only discovers these two asteroids). there's almost a 40-year gap between VESTA & ASTRAEA's discoveries, underscoring the theme of discovery represented in the 827 Chart.

#3855-PASASYMPHONIA discovered 04-July-1986 by Eleanor F. Helin, principal investigator of the Near Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT) program of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. cannot determine the meaning of the name; however, in Spanish Paso means "fine" & symphony means "harmony" giving the idea Fine Harmony. a symphony is a piece of music played by orchestra with different movements (fast, slow). Greek syn (together) + phone (sounding); the general conception of concord, both between successive sounds and in the unison of simultaneous sounds; secondly, in the special sense of concordant pairs of successive sounds (i.e. the "perfect intervals" of modern music; the 4th, 5th and octave); and thirdly as dealing with the concord of the octave, thus meaning the art of singing in octaves, as opposed to singing and playing in unison. In Roman times the word appears in the general sense which still survives in poetry, that is, as harmonious concourse of voices and instruments.

#8523-BOUILLABAISSE represents a famous Mediterranean fish stew; French, from Provençal bouiabaisso, Boui (to boil) + abaisso (to lower, or reduce). some think Bouillabaisse invented in Marseille; in mythology, Venus fed some to her husband Vulcan to put him to sleep so she could see Mars. The most distinguishing characteristic of a bouillabaisse is not the fish, because all fish stews and soups have fish, but the unique flavoring derived from saffron, fennel seeds, and orange zest. A famous Provençal food writer, Jean-Noël Escudier, called bouillabaisse the "magical synthesis." Another famous French epicure, Curnonsky, called it soupe d'or, soup of gold. The origin of the word bouillabaisse has been attributed to the abbess of a Marseilles convent (a pun on bouille-abbesse, the abbess' boil?) and, most credibly, to bouillon abaissé "to reduce by evaporation" ... I agree with his estimation that in 'bouillabaisse'..., "it is essential to retain all the delicacy of the fish and never to debase through too much zeal a symphony of tastes which is so hard to achieve."

#9395-SAINT_MICHEL named for Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France (aka Mont Saint Michel). According to legend, the archangel Michael appeared to St. Aubert, bishop of Avranches, in 708 and instructed him to build a church on the rocky islet. Aubert repeatedly ignored the angel's instruction, until Michael burned a hole in the bishop's skull with his finger. the archangels are mentioned in a variety of traditions: Jewish, Christian, Islam, Kabbalah. they are the four Guardians of Heaven assigned to the four royal stars of Persia: Aldebaran (East, Michael), Fomalhaut (South, Gabriel), Regulus (North, Raphael) & Antares (West, Uriel). in the Book of Enoch (with Raguel & Sarakiel) they are described as angels who watch. the astronomical portion of the Book of Enoch begins the book of the revolutions of the luminaries of heaven & later the conductors of the stars & four conductors "who separate the four quarters of the year" giving the idea of a complex symphonia of the luminaries.

#31823-VIETE named for Franciscus Vieta, French lawyer & mathematician; Huguenot sympathizer; Sometimes called the father of modern algebra; Systemized algebraic notation by making clear distinctions between unknown (vowels) & known values (consonants); Broke Spanish cipher: A letter to Philip [Philip II of Spain] dated 28 October 1589 written in code fell into the hands of Henry of Navarre who was to become the next king, Henry IV ... [who gave the message to Viète to decode] At first he was only able to decode parts of the message and forwarded parts to Henry IV, but eventually Viète sent him the fully decoded message on 15 March 1590. However - "... when Philip, assuming that the cipher could not be broken, discovered that the French were aware of his military plans, he complained to the Pope that black magic was being employed against his country." ++ asteroid VIETE represents Vietnam on the 827 Chart; See also: Viète formula & Rossignols, family of French cryptographers and cryptanalysts.

note: unfortunately, cannot find link to a post where someone compared Vietnam with another country; 2nd country was supported by the U.S. & the post compared the results & Vietnam seemed to do better. if you say "Vietnam" to most americans we'd probably think "Vietnam War" — however, the stress here is on reunification & sovereignty. the Geneva Accords divided the country into North Vietnam (supported by China & Russia) & South Vietnam (supported by U.S.), separated by a demilitarized zone; Vietnam was officially unified under the North Vietnamese government as The Socialist Republic of Vietnam. a nation becomes fractured in a variety of ways, whether it's Taiwan, Hong Kong, Panama Canal, Berlin Wall or red & blue states. asteroid VIETE represents the causes & effects, obstacles & benefits of reunification. one aspect of sovereignty refers to a nation's ability to exercise its will (usually smaller nations use judo strategy for leverage with larger, more powerful nations). combining this with Franciscus Vieta means using simple structures (specifically, hyperstitional structures) decoding / decyphering complex tangles morphing into crystal clarity. (think tangles = hyperstitional chaos + crystal = stabilizing/solidifying reality).

ORCHIS 40º21'53" from ZERO POINT @ EON-4. EON phases have different durations: EON-1 = 30°, EON-2 = 6°, EON-3 = 4° & EON-4 = 5°. ORCHIS skips EON-3 & goes to EON-4 on Cycle #11. one aspect of EON-3 involves the pull of the past: Yet during this phase the pull of the past and its memories of sorrow, happiness, success and failure may provoke inner turmoil and may even impair the capacity to recognize and face a creative future. EON-4 focuses on nuturing nascent qualities & here it neutralizes EON-3's past-pull vortex. supporting the starter theme i see with the Zero Point asteroids.

during Cycle #11, ORCHIS {07CP40} conjunct WILHELMINA {07CP05}, LATVIA {07CP41}, POESIA {07CP47}, KUAN {07CP49} & CHLORIS {07CP52}. WILHELMINA represents Hurricane Wilma (most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in Atlantic basin); LATVIA related to asteroid CATRIONA via Litvinov Pact; CHLORIS refers to "chloe" & "chloros" here (Revelation 6: And I looked, and behold a pale horse).

DRUJ {00LE27Rx} 356º35'37" from Natal Position @ EON-36. DRUJ (Moon's Apogee) transits can be erratic with constant retrogrades; DRUJ at EON-1 the past three cycles & currently retrograde. DRUJ's natal position is 03LE51 — it's behind the eight ball during Cycle #11. normally, DRUJ would progress through the chart & eventually end up at EON-36 (330°-360°) give or take 30 degrees from EON-1 (0°-30°). however, DRUJ does a huge swing to EON-36 during this critical cycle. DRUJ never retrogrades pass its natal position again during 2006. think DRUJ @ EON-36 coupled with PLUTO going direct. PLUTO completes its retrograde cycle & now powers up for what's next. Juan Revilla talks about plutonian dynamics here & Gerry Goddard has some ideas here.

retrograde cycle includes the moment a planet goes retrograde (seemingly moving backward), time spent in retrograde, when the planet "stops" & goes direct (moving forward), & returns to its original pre-retrograde position. PLUTO's retrograde cycle. astroschyzy transits provide a "holographic" snapshot for a 12-day cycle. 827 Chart defines planetary house locations. ephemeris dates are staggered; ie, during Cycle #11 the ephemeris for planets & asteroids in the first house is 27-Dec, 2nd house is 28-Dec, etc. therefore, astroschyzy planetary positions & relationships do not truly exist, they're hyperstitional.

21-Dec falls on Cycle #10 (14-Dec-2005 to 26-Dec-2005). however, due to PLUTO's first house position its ephemeris date during this cycle was 14-Dec. during Cycle #11 PLUTO's ephemeris date falls on 27-Dec, six days after its return. normally, when this situation occurs, i observe both events — the actual & astroschyzy dates/cycles. what makes the PLUTO Return interesting, however, is the Winter Solstice of 21-Dec-2005. the 364-day Enochian Calendar factors in but omits counting equinoxes & solstices (calendar is actually 360 days). this event can only be hyperstitionally observed in astroschyzy.

DRUJ & PLUTO really have nothing to do with one another. however, i'm juxtaposing DRUJ's weird behavior during this cycle with PLUTO's apparent "invisibility". PLUTO becomes DRUJ's fylgia (doppelgänger or shadow). several themes: {1} behind the eight ball (DRUJ), {2} starter dough (ZERO POINT) & {3} fylgia (PLUTO). behind the eight ball is slang for being in a dangerous position & comes from the game of billiards. almost every way to lose a game of 8-Ball involves pocketing, jumping or any illegal move of the 8-ball. i think behind the eight ball refers to something similar to zugzwang in Chess where the current placement of the balls forces an illegal move. the challenge involves playing the shot without losing the game. ironically, Pluto is often behind the eight ball because of its small size & recent discoveries of larger objects beyond Pluto (Pluto behind the eight ball & Newfound 'Tenth Planet' Puts Pluto Behind the Eight Ball).

two additional themes: {4} DRUJ's ephemeris date falls on 04-Jan-2006 during Cycle #11. the symbol for a new year is a newborn. nornegrød (norngroats, nornagretur, nornagreytur, nornagrautur) or Norne porridge (Nornir's-porridge, Sarahkka porridge) usually served as the first meal to women after childbirth. porridge also served during the Festival of Lights of Lucia, or Lucy, the Queen of Light (associated with Lucifer); described as a favorite food of Dagda; offered to the Julenissen on Christmas Eve. ZERO POINT asteroids suggest using magical synthesis to create a Soup of Gold from 2005; the recipe needs to be "deciphered", etc. {5} ZERO POINT = ORCHIS = ANUS suggests the nature of this strange concoction describing the quality of the final manifestation: GUATEMALA — the Orchid is the national flower of Guatemala.

{The Power Of Plants} {Yaxhá Orchids} {The Sweet Breathing of Plants} {Human Flower Project}

Year 2006.

No 2006 retrogrades for MARS. during Cycle #11, MARS {11TA19} conjunct BURROUGHS {11TA21}, POLONSKAYA {11TA43} & WERDANDI {12TA25}. "Planets either move forward, in which case they orbit in Direct Motion, or move backward, in which case they orbit in Retrograde Motion. Planets in Direct Motion seek to make progress, while Planets in Retrograde Motion seek to redress past imbalances." next MARS retrograde 16-Nov-2007 @ 08:24:273499 UT. ie, during 2006 & most of 2007 MARS operates in a progressive, future-forward function. during this cycle MARS is 4° from its natal position.

MARS retrograde cycle maintains its natal phase (EON-18) during the first 14 astroschyzy cycles. MARS-ORCHIS opposition occurs on Cycle #15 (13-Feb-2006 to 24-Feb-2006); MARS {00GE31} 183º13'3" from ZERO POINT. the opposition (180°) is the widest aspect described as disharmonious, dynamic, energizing, hard energy, opposing forces & frictional. it's been called the poster child for conflict resolution. keep in mind ZERO POINT is the natal position of ORCHIS (need to triangulate ORCHIS' position) & that the opposition triggers MARS floral attributes as a fertility god with a Taurus-Scorpio polarity (Earth<>Water). MARS applying during Cycle #14, 177º27'1" from ZERO POINT (see: Planetary Aspects & Terrestrial Earthquakes).

MARS is the personification of War, he's also a fertility god. MARS is conceived when FLORA, the goddess of flowers & spring, gives JUNO a flower from the fields of Olenus — touching the flower causes instant conception (Florigen is a hypothetical chemical substance causing floral initiation). Benjamin Rowe's Enochian Temples (Lower Temple, Lotus of the Temple) describes the power in the temple as a perpetually-unfolding lotus, or a peacock's tail, brilliant with light and color. one of JUNO's sacred animals is the Peacock (Hera & the Peacock's Tail). astroschyzy uses the Enochian Calendar to generate two flower-structures using the Enochian & ABJAD alphabets: Enochian Gates (evoking; 93-Current) & ABJAD Shields (invoking; 220-Current). alphabets refers to BURROUGHS & his understanding of "the 'hyperstitional' relations between writing, signs and reality" & the metaphysics of Burroughs fiction. WERDANDI is one of the three norns; her name means in the making or that which is happening/becoming. asteroid #2006-POLONSKAYA represents 2006, discovered 22-Sep-1973 by Russian astronomer Nikolai Stepanovich Chernykh named for Elene Ivanovna Kazimirchak-Polonskaya, another Russian astronomer. Kazimirchak-Polonskaya one of the authors of The Motion, Evolution of Orbits, and Origin of Comets; alternate comet theory mentioned here & cited in this creationist text. comets are icy bodies & no one knows where they come from (see: Oort cloud & Kuiper belt). if comets pass too close to the sun they melt. if the universe is old, so the creationist argument goes, then comets would be long gone. maybe the idea POLONSKAYA presents is the balance between fact & fiction.

Manifestation: GUATEMALA.

new year gematria :: 2006 = 2 + 6 = 8.

someone actually gave me a Magic 8-Ball several years ago. currently sitting on my kitchen window sill. when it was floating around my car my nieces would shake it real hard, ask silly questions & we'd laugh at the answers. my one word 2005 experience: discovery. for me, 2005 meant experiencing Way Up There, running from The Mother of Abominations down here & shaking that Magic 8-Ball as often & as hard as i could. (Doom Funnel Chasers! via piet).

being one of those winter depressive types, couldn't manage to get excited about working on Cycle #11. maybe, i thought, this was a good time to stop. also didn't look forward generating 1134 ephemerides. real whiny about that. however, after finishing two components (Cycle #01/11 :: Bonorum) finally noticed i already had ephemerides up to 01-Apr-2006 & cranked out the transit report. doh.

the final point during astroschyzy transits encapsulates the entire 12-day cycle. from Unrealized Potential to New Seed Released, etc. personally, GUATEMALA's a bit of a challenge. florally ending up where i started, holding the sicle representing the hurricane with the greatest impact on the country of Guatemala. top it off, on Cycle #11 asteroid STANA {07SG36} conjunct CALIFORNIA {07SG36}.

toxicity is the word when i think of GUATEMALA. when using astroschyzy starter dough remember to wear a HAZMAT suit & slap one of these on the fridge. hendoku-iyaku balances on the web of ichinen sanzen.

The peacock has a sweet note, but for food it eats powerful poison. {Nagarjuna}

All substances are poisons; there is none that is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy. {Paracelsus}

The poison applied to the tips of arrows having been called toxicum (τοξικον), on account of its connection with the use of the bow ... the signification of this term was afterwards extended to poisons in general. {Sagitta}

toxic :: 1664, from Fr. toxique, from L.L. toxicus "poisoned," from L. toxicum "poison," from Gk. toxikon (pharmakon) "(poison) for use on arrows," from toxikon, neut. of toxikos "pertaining to arrows or archery," and thus to a bow, from toxon "bow," probably from a Scythain word that also was borrowed into L. as taxus "yew." {toxic}

When the Rime-hunter, rune-wise Ullr, Bender of Wyrd and bow of stave-wood, Notches the dart that need fletched: He eyes an elk, ends its life, on the branches it killed, the buck roasts, singeing. {Eihwaz}


HAPPY NEW YEAR, may you find your flower.

The New Aeon: A Consideration of the Astrological Symbolism

 • PLUTO RETURN: 21-Dec-05 in Sagittarius 24°30'53.1590" @ 20:51:570922UT.


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