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chi·me·ra :: 1a. An organism, organ, or part consisting of two or more tissues of different genetic composition, produced as a result of organ transplant, grafting, or genetic engineering. 1b. A substance, such as an antibody, created from the proteins or genes or two different species. 2. An individual who has received a transplant of genetically and immunologically different tissue. 3. A fanciful mental illusion or fabrication. Etymology :: Middle English chimere, Chimera, from Old French, from Latin chimaera, from Greek khimaira, chimera, she-goat. Chimera @wikipedia.

aka, Greek Khimaira: Cold or Frosty-Air (kheima, aer); Roman Trikephalos, Trisômatos: (Three-headed, Three-bodied). KHIMAIRA was a monstrous, three-headed beast shaped like a lion with a goat's head rising from its back, and a serpent-headed tail. Khimaira was slain by the hero Bellerophon (Bearing Darts; @wiki) and his winged-horse Pegasos. Khimaira may have then placed amongst the stars as the winter Constellation Capricorn (the serpent-tailed goat), along with Pegasos, who appears to chase her across the heavens.

She [Ekhidna (Serpent, Viper)] bore the Khimaira, who snorted raging fire, a beast great and terrible, and strong and swift-footed. Her heads were three: one was that of a glare-eyed lion, one of a goat, and the third of a snake, a powerful drakon. But Khimaira (Icy-Air) was killed by Pegasos (Spring)and gallant Bellerophon. But she also, in love with Orthos (Morning Twilight), mothered the deadly Sphinx ... and the Nemeian Lion. —Hesiod, Theogony 319

I Am My Own Twin @ 26-Dec at 10:34pm); repeats 22-Jan & 29-Jan. pregnant woman (Lydia Fairchild) with two children (same father, unmarried) undergoes mandatory DNA testing to get welfare. tests indicate her two children are not hers. another woman (Karen Keegan), different state, needs a kidney transplant & her entire family is tested; they also discover her two oldest children do not share her DNA (youngest son isn't tested until later; however, he does share his mother's DNA). normally, each parent contributes 50% of their DNA. tv program goes back & forth between these two stories. if i remember correctly, Fairchild's lawyer learned about the Keegan case from the NEJM report.

first wrote this post on 26-Dec & saved it as private. checked wikipedia again today & noticed some additions & changes. decided to do more checking on the NEJM report mentioned in the tv program & did find the report (free registration) via internet infidels: Disputed Maternity Leading to Identification of Tetragametic Chimerism. see also: Weird: Kids' DNA Tested, Parent Informed The DNA Is Not A Match & Questions Raised.

tv program showed closeup of a baby that was (literally) half-black, half-white. couldn't quite parse that the first time they showed it. you could see the vertical line down the body — on the left was a black male, on the right a white female. 8^O!

my first serious wikipedia input: Talk:Lydia Fairchild.

Asteroids :: #1808-BELLEROPHON & #623-CHIMAERA.

Origins of the Cthulhu Club

Dear Doctor Stillwell, I have been fortunate enough to encounter your ethnographic work on the Nma, which I have studied with very great interest. May I trouble you with an account of my own, which might be of relevance to your researches. During the recent Pacific conflict - (a peculiar oxymoron!) - I was deployed covertly into the Dibboma area of Eastern Sumatra. My mission - which was categorized under psychological operations - consisted basically of attempted cultural manipulation, with the aim of triggering a local insurgency against the Japanese occupation. I hope it will not distress you unduly if I confess that your work was a crucial resource in this undertaking, which involved intense - if patently exploitative - communication with dibboma witchcraft. My only excuse is that hard times require moral hardness, and even obvious cruelties, I was obeying orders, and accepted them as necessary. Beyond confirming your own conclusions, these activities brought me into proximity with phenomena for which I was cognitively ill-prepared.

Dear Captain Vysparov, It is with some trepidation that I congratulate you on the inauguration of your Cthulhu Club, if I may call it such. Whilst not in any way accusing you of frivolity, I feel bound to state the obvious warning: Cthulhu is not to be approached lightly ... Hyperstition strikes me as a most intriguing coinage. We thought we were making it up, but all the time the Nma were telling us what to write - and through them ...

The Zones

Ccru is committed to an ongoing research program into the numeracy of the 'lost lemurian polyculture' apparently terminated by the KT missile of BCE 65,000,000. During the last century, various aspects of this primordially ancient 'digital hyperstition,' 'mechanomics,' 'schizonumerics,' or 'numbo-jumbo' have been painstakingly re-assembled through certain cryptic investigations, pre-eminently those associated with the names Echidna Stillwell, Chaim Horovitz, and Daniel Barker.

Qabbala Unshelled

The Tree of Life is Essentially Qliphothic. Professor Echidna Stillwell’s (literally) path-breaking researches have opened the way to a rigorous Lemurian apprehension of the Hebrew Tree of Life as a degenerated hyperstitional structure. Her numogrammatic perspective decisively reveals that there are no immanent principles supporting the arrangement of the Tree, but only a dead tradition of acceptation, authority without demonstration, order without coherence or consequence.

Barker Speaks

Geotraumatics. I came to Freud relatively late, associating it with oedipal reductionism, and more generally with a psychologistic stance that was simply irrelevant to cryptographic work. It's important to remark here - no doubt we'll get back to this - that everything productive in signals analysis stems from stripping out superfluous prejudices about the source and meaning of complex functional patterns. I took - and still take - the vigorous repudiation of hermeneutics to be the key to theoretical advance in processing sign-systems. It was Echidna Stillwell who helped me to see Freud from the other side. It was a difficult period for me. There had been a lot of painful fall-out from the Nasa work. Psychotherapists were involved, in part attempting to pathologize and discredit my research, and in part responding to real stress-related symptoms. Between the two was a grey zone of traumatic dysfunction and paranoia involving difficult feedback effects. Stillwell persuaded me that the only way to get through this was to try and make sense of it, and that this was not the same as submitting to the interpretative mode. On the contrary. In Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Freud takes a number of crucial initial steps towards mapping the Geocosmic Unconscious as a traumatic megasystem, with life and thought dynamically quantized in terms of anorganic tension, elasticity, or machinic plexion. This requires the anorganizational-materialist retuning of an entire vocabulary: trauma, unconscious, drive, association, (screen-) memory, condensation, regression, displacement, complex, repression, disavowal (e.g. the un- prefix), identity, and person.

Deleuze and Guattari ask: Who does the Earth think it is? It's a matter of consistency. Start with the scientific story, which goes like this: between four point five and four billion years ago - during the Hadean epoch - the earth was kept in a state of superheated molten slag, through the conversion of planetesimal and meteoritic impacts into temperature increase (kinetic to thermic energy). As the solar-system condensed the rate and magnitude of collisions steadily declined, and the terrestrial surface cooled, due to the radiation of heat into space, reinforced by the beginnings of the hydrocycle. During the ensuing - Archaen - epoch the molten core was buried within a crustal shell, producing an insulated reservoir of primal exogeneous trauma, the geocosmic motor of terrestrial transmutation. And that's it. That's plutonics, or neoplutonism. It's all there: anorganic memory, plutonic looping of external collisions into interior content, impersonal trauma as drive-mechanism. The descent into the body of the earth corresponds to a regression through geocosmic time.

The Vault of Murmurs

A female voice spoke. "Echidna, Echidna, wake up." I had assumed - "previously", if such a time-designation makes any sense - that this was the voice of my mother. Now I knew it was the voice of the Nago, speaking to in my own tongue. But I was no longer sure to whom - or what - it was addressed. I was entirely carried away. My body felt impossible. Touching my face, I encountered only the features and limbs of a little girl. Below the waist, however, all was confusion, snaking endlessly into itself, or rather, into depths beyond sense, traversed by languid spinal waves that culminated in a distant hint of a tail.

My dream body floated in what appeared to be an undersea cavern. As I lay there, I beheld, moving toward me with grim purpose, a raft carrying a solemn, spectral party. I recognised, from the many books recounting the Curtis legend, the crimson markings and ceremonial masks of the Tak N'Ma. And on the raft with them - reclining in a malarial swoon, dressed in Tak ritual garb - was the unmistakable figure of Cecil Curtis. They were bringing him to me.

Except I was dissolving, becoming indistinguishable from the water which held me. And when I turned again to where Curtis had been but a moment ago, I heard only anguished gargles: the growls and snarls of some creature that seemed to be part dog, part cat, barely human. I felt claws in what should have been my side. Then there was a plume of blood which I at first thought was mine, but when I looked again, I saw it gouting from the other creature's flesh, which, I was suddenly aware, was becoming absorbed into me - even as my body was losing any sense of its limits.

Zoroastrian Osseotherapy of Anthropomorphism

The ceremony was prepared by initiates trained for corpse handling and management (Nasa-salars); Borrowed from the ancient cultures (those cryptogenic lands of unknown customs and artifacts plotted by nameless Things), disposing of the body was the initial step. In early times, this process was managed by trained people known as corpse-takers or corpse-cutters (Nasu-kasha or Nasu-keret); they stripped the body of its meat, skin and tissues — toward the mere inclusion of bones — then, they dumped bones and flesh at two different places prepared for this purpose before the eyes of the deceased person's family and friends who were watching this expressionless and silent (also quick) ceremony from a safe distance since Nasu or Nasa — corpse or black matter — is an attractor of its Druj- [1] (Abomination) to form Druj-Nasu, a cross-contaminating epidemic which radically corrupts the ‘Rotation of the Elements’ panorama (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and its economically mixed compositions (Mud, etc.); according to ancient Persian culture, corpse looks forward to return to its epidemic mother, Druj- (The Mother of Abominations). The collected flesh was fed to carrion-eaters (trained dogs or birds of prey). Bones were kept for an accurately ordered set of systematic procedures... [missing images from Ossuary of Denfert-Rochereaux (Catacombs of Paris)]


The Daevas were a class of demons in Zoroastrianism. They were the spirits that chose to follow Angra Mainya. The Gathas mentions three daevas, Aka Manah, Druj, and Aeshma.

Druj ('liar' or 'deceiver') is the female incarnation of wickedness, and a chief rival of Asha. She appears in both the Gathic and in the later period. In the later period, the idea is pluralized, and the Druj becomes the embodiment of the Evil Spirit through whom Ahriman works. In later Avestan texts, the term refers to a class of female demons, and the name is also applied to later demons or even wicked people. The demon Buiti is called a Druj. In the Vendidad, uncleanness of body is also personified as Druj Nasu and is said to spread corruption in the world. Druj Nasu dwells in the mountain, Aresura, in the northern region. As soon as a soul leaves a body, she flies down from the mountain in the shape of a fly, and seizes the corpse. This demon can be driven away by specific holy spells, or the gaze of 'a yellow dog with four eyes, or the white dog with yellow ears.' (Vend. viii.16-18)

FARGARD 8:10. 'And when the birds begin to fly, the plants to grow, the hidden floods to flow, and the wind to dry up the earth, then the worshippers of Mazda shall make a breach in the wall of the house, and two men, strong and skillful13, having stripped their clothes off, shall take up the body from the clay or the stones, or from the plastered house, and they shall lay it down on a place where they know there are always corpse-eating dogs and corpse-eating birds. Note #13: The corpse-bearers or nasu-kasha (Khândyas). 'The corpse must be carried by two persons (see Vd3.13 seq.), no matter who they are; they may he a man and a woman, or two women' (Comm.)

FARGARD 9:42. 'That man delights them, O Spitama Zarathushtra! who cleanses from the Nasu the man defiled by the dead; he delights the fire, he delights the water, he delights the earth, he delights the cow, he delights the trees, he delights the faithful, both men and women.' 43. Zarathushtra asked Ahura Mazda: 'O Maker of the material world, thou Holy One! What shall be his reward, after his soul has parted from his body, who has cleansed from the Nasu the man defiled by the dead?' 44. Ahura Mazda answered: 'The welfare24 of Paradise thou canst promise to that man, for his reward in the other world.' 45. Zarathushtra asked Ahura Mazda: 'O Maker of the material world, thou Holy One! How shall I fight against that Druj who from the dead rushes upon the living? How shall I fight against that Nasu who from the dead defiles the living?' 46. Ahura Mazda answered: 'Say aloud those words in the Gathas that are to be said twice. Note #24: Literally, 'the grease.'


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