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some vision!

clicking around COIL stuff noticed the industrial use of semen will revolutionize human society. searching, discovered Crowley wrote itdiary entry 8 August 1923.

2002-3? bought Magical Diaries of Aleister Crowley, Tunisia 1923 at Insomnia bookstore in Whittier, CA. one of those funky we've got nag champa places. at the time i knew enough about Crowley to think buying the book might be a good idea. never actually got into reading it though.

found the book (behind my suitcase) & looked up August 8th & there it was. Crowley's at the Tunisia Palace Hotel. August 8th is about five pages, which i might type out this weekend. this entry mentions chess, has a yi divination reading (should Frank Bennett be summoned to Cefalu to be Abbot Coadjutor) & a Lyric of Love to Leah. here's what he wrote...

{page 125} 4. p.m. Michelet's remarks on the Steam Engine & the Spinning Jenny enable me to trace in imagination the process by which the Law of Thelema & the industrial use of Semen will revolutionize human Society. (Some vision!)

however, he can be kinda funny ... so here's the last bit & then it ends with the divination...

5.55 p.m. This afternoon I caught myself thinking 'when I was Cromwell'. I analysed at once: it had nothing to do with any reincarnation speculations. It was simply that Aleister Crowley's mind was spontaneously acting as the Instrument of the Spirit of Mankind. I regard this apparently trifling incident as one of the whitest landmarks of my spiritual wandering through the wilderness. This is the true [Beast?] whose number is the number of man! 666.

{COIL Discography} {Queens of the Circulating Library} {Lyrics}

also came across this earlier referencing Deleuze & Guattari.


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