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Min, Menes, Amsu, Khnum & the Scorpion King

egyptian god MIN (god of the Eastern Desert) also known as AMSU. see The Ritual of the Banner of the East.

 • The Book of Amsu
 • The Book of Amsu
 • deanOnAMSU
 • On the Flames
 • The Book of the Seniors
 • AMSU formula and essensial tranlations
 • Runar's Transmission
 • The Soma Code: part i & part ii (amsu = stalk)
 • Liber 777 Revised (PDF) Col. XIX Kehm (Set) — Note 26: Khem is identified by Budge (op. cit., I, 197) with the phallic god Min or Amsu, and was identified by the Greeks with Pan.
 • The Old Battle-Axe
 • Liber Samekh
 • MMR
 • Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University
 • The Ritual of the Banner of the East
 • Tour Egypt Archives
 • Gods of Ancient Egypt
 • Min, God of Fertility, Power and the Eastern Desert
 • Khnum, Potter God of the Inundation Silt and Creation
 • Chnum
 • Hidden Life in Freemasonry
 • Book of Overthrowing of Apepi
 • Min, Menew, Amsu
 • Aha! Or is it King Menes?
 • King Scorpion
 • Dawn of Egyptian Culture
 • Scorpion
 • flower moon occults antares
 • aquarius gateway triggered
 • moon crosses antares again
 • Juno Moneta
 • flora (part one)
 • flora (part two)
 • flora (part three)
 • flora & sylvia
 • Scorpius with closed Mars
 • Red rivals square off in morning sky
 • Closer than Ever in Recorded History
 • Mars @ Hubble
 • Mars Cycles & Close Encounter


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