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The Greater Ritual Of The Heptangle

 1. Face East and say:

K. A. O. S.
Koph. Ayin. Vau. Samekh.
B. A. B. A. L. O. N.
Beth. Aleph. Beth. Aleph. Lamed. Ayin. Nun.
Sigillum Dei Æmeth - Sigil of God's Truth
A U M G N. A L. A M E N. S U. A G L A. I A O. H R I L I U. A B R A H A D A B R A.
(The Spirit of the Master)

 2. Extend the arms in the form of a cross, saying:

Gnarled Oak of God! Thou art tossed about in the grip of the storm for an aeon and an aeon and an aeon. But thou givest not thy sap; thou fallest not. Only in the end shalt thou give up thy sap when the great God F.I.A.T. (Let it be done) is enthroned on the day of Be-With-Us.

 3. Raise the right arm to point upwards, keeping the elbow square, and lower the left arm to point downwards, keeping the elbow square, while turning the head over the left shoulder looking down so that the eyes follow the left forearm:

For two things are done and a third thing is begun. Isis and Osiris are given over to incest and adultery. Horus leaps up thrice armed from the womb of his mother. Harpocrates his twin is hidden within him. SET is his holy covenant, that he shall display in the great day of M.A.A.T., that is being interpreted the Master of the Temple whose name is Æmeth.

 4. Raise the arms at 60° angle to each other above the head, which is thrown back:

This is the secret of the Holy Graal, that is the sacred vessel of our Lady the Scarlet Woman, Babalon the Mother of Abominations, the bride of Chaos, that rideth upon our Lord the Beast. Thou shalt drain out thy blood that is thy life into the golden cup of her fornication. Thou shalt mingle thy life with the universal life. Thou shalt keep not back one drop. Do thy Will; for this Work was thou begotten in a Magick Bed.

 5. Cross the arms on the breast, and bow the head:

 • Lion with Honey says: The Wrath of the Master is the Energy of Love.
 • Cow with Milk says: The Work of the Master is the Nourishment of Life.
 • Babe with Blood says: The Way of the Master is the Innocence of Liberty.
 • Eagle with Wine says: The Woe of the Master is the Rapture of Light.
 • Whirring Wheel says: The Wisdom of the Master is the Justice of Time.

Attend to the Will of the Master!

At this there cometh forth from the heart of the Wheel Choronzon, and kisses the mouth of the Master, so that His voice breaks into Song: JUBALCAIN!

 6. Extend the arms again as in #3 and cross them again as in #6:

I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these - Isaiah 45:7.

 7. With the magical weapon trace the Heptangle of Air in the East:

KAOS-BABALON (באבאלען-כעוס). "Chaos, the four-fold word that is equal to Babalon, the seven-fold word."

 8. Trace the Heptangle of Water in the West:

KAOS-BABALON. BABALON is thy fortress against the iniquity of the Abyss.

 9. Trace the Heptangle of Fire in the South:

KAOS-BABALON. Thou art made one with CHAOS. Behold! There shall be revealed unto thee the Great Terror, the thing of awe that hath no name.

10. Trace the Heptangle of Earth in the North:

KAOS-BABALON. Omnia in Duos: Duo in Unum: Unus in Nihil: Haec nec Quatuor nec Omnia nec Duo nec Unus nec Nihil Sunt. Gloria Patri et Matri et Filio et Filiae et Spiritui Sancto externo et Spiritui Sancto interno ut erat est erit in saecula Saeculorum sex in uno per nomen Septem in uno Ararita. In Nomine Babalon. Amen.

11. Repeat (1-7).

To invoke-banish planets or zodiacal signs, draw the heptangle beginning from the point attributed to the planet. Trace the astrological sigil of the planet in the center. For the zodiac, use the heptangle of the planet that rules the sign but draw its astrological sigil. Elements & Directions (hopefully) in Golden Dawn format; change to suit your taste.


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