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should note two sites acting up :: click htdocs link to see web pages. looks like everything's still there; however, old links don't work.

Daily Kos :: haven't been able to view it for several hours. could be me, but apparently nothing new.

both sites whois REGISTRAR-LOCK; it's a good thing.


dkos = internal server error. (well, at least it's something)


Lazarus Open Thread :: How'd you like the "shock therapy" for your Internet addiction? Nothing sinister happened. Kos will explain. Open thread for all those thoughts you kept to yourself for the last 10 hours or so.


what i did on my dkos vacation. before it went down, decided to do some maintenance on the excel Grid file. this lists the zodiac houses, date, bonorum, etc. use this file to generate these reports. Grid also tracks major planet transits & quinary asteroids. never plugged in new formulas & didn't update glyph column transferring from 220 chart to 827 chart. each house lists 3 to 6 glyphs so, when i update the grid, i get a visual reminder of what's in each house. found Woolbats font & liked the double-axe — used that for MJØLNIR.

finished the glyphs. finished plugging in major planet formulas. up to fourth house for asteroids (also includes adding ephemerides generated earlier to grid file). goal: finish asteroid formulas & biorhythyms (27-Aug-2005 to 27-Aug-2006). need to update quite a bit of stuff to create astroschyzy #11, etc.

todo list:

  1. VOCs
  2. Kalachakra
  3. Moon Phases
  4. Sunrise
  5. Holidays

death&hell looks like it's a-ok now. old links are working again.


looks like death&hell is gone for good, bitten the dust, kicked the bucket, etc. goodnight sweet prince, yadda yadda.


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