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Liber Arachnid

Between, beyond, this is the roaring voice of thunder. There is no difference. A cataclysmic break in the veil of Nuit. The shatered turbulence rips fierce revealing an ear shattering cry of undulated violet.

Look above. Look Below. Quit looking !! The focus of the discriminating vision is another joke; stab out the eye of the accuser!! he has not looked deep enough to forget his eyes; the rattle of his tongue is his blasphemy of thought. Experience is beyond thought; yet who experiences? The animal? The insect? "Do the Gods think and become? Neh ! They are the true Gods !? Neh!! These Gods are sheer becoming. Negligence of thought, for this is the twilight undertaking: The reaper on his throne. This is the cry of Maat! The shrieking high of carrion rattling through the nerves till the nerves know nerves and what is thus is thus. Thy voice of the prophet swoops down to delight in his meal of flesh. Everything equals everything complete through its opposite; again the folly of numbers. The jewel is the spider is the web. For the brandish seals pour forth their venom. You are my food, my cherished. My pretty poisoned angels. You are my flesh which feeds me."

Morpheus the Gallant

Morpheus the Gallant (Commentary)

Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Sometime during a series of extremely Satanic sex magical operations of what later was to be known as the Kabaal of M.A.A.T., combining the virtues of indulgence of the flesh and extreme Gnostic triggers, our Kabbal became furiously inspired to write the Gematria of Nothing. Not being raised a Thelemite knowing all the ins and outs of the Book of the Law but rather a Chaos mage, I intuitively knew that an energy of enormous importance was being channeled through my fellow sorcerors inspiring the Germatria of nothing, but I could not gather exactly what the fantastic numerological implications it contained were...

Therefore I feel Liber Arachnid more or less found me and was channeled through my nervous system precisely for this reason. An occult intelligence communicated this to me not in words but in emotive feeling —— Liber Arachnid was meant to be the flip side of the Gematria of Nothing, Communication of the same thing through a different vessel. The right brain to the left. When it communicated I was more or less doing absolutely nothing at the time when suddenly I had a tremendous urge to grab a paper and pen. My friend somehow had left the room, but I'm not sure where he went at the time. I just remember him handing me the paper and pen. I wrote Liber Arachnid from start to finish without pause. It was truly inspired. I don't remember writing the words but I remember communicating vision through the pen more or less describing what I saw. The trance broke suddenly and the visions with the accompanying words ended. I woke as from a dream and quit what I was doing....Later the same entity got even closer to home through another working.....the scariest thing I have ever experienced.....but maybe that should be explained later.

Morpheus the Gallant

Gematria of Nothing

What is the Gematria of Nothing (GoN)?

A method of enumerating the letters of the English Alphabet which utilizes both negative and positive numbers forming a unique system of binary correspondences. By utilizing the GoN the perception of duality is simultaneously denied and confirmed, merging diferent polarities into holistic cognition, creating a doorway between equality and difference. The GoN seeks to allow us to transcend the boundaries of dualistic perception by embracing the polarity of correspondences.

What differentiates the GoN from other forms of English Qabalah?

Although many offshoots of the GoN are now being explored, the GoN was the first gematria on record to utilize both negative and positive numbers to create correspondences that equaled 0, as well as values both lesser and greater than zero.

How did the GoN originate?

The GoN was discovered by —— in 1995 following a group ritual and bibliomantic reading of Liber A.L. by a group which later became known as the Kabaal of M.A.A.T.


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